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Bushfire quilt with one of my blocks

August 3, 2009

more bushfire quilts

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I just had to blog about an update I just read on the quilt project.

It is so exciting to know the quilts are going out to people in need of them.

I still need to go through the photos and look what quilt has my second block and to look for the blocks of friends that donated.


Bush Fire Quilt Project

May 16, 2009

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I am so excited to see one of my blocks in a completed top. It has been fun to see the beautiful job Tia has done on those she has quilted herself. What a huge project this is. I did a second block and Barb did 14 others. In fact that is one of Barb’s in the upper left corner. Here is the original photo I took before I mailed them in.


I wish this picture was clearer but sometimes it’s blurry sometimes it’s not. I photograph with an old camrecorder that also takes photos. It’s better than nothing.

Here is a link to the original post back on February 11th 2009.

Where does the time go. I have really enjoyed following Tia’s blog on the progress of this project.  Camp Follower Bags and Quilts.

I made a miniature block back in February and haven’t made another since. I hope to get motivated soon. Now that the weather is getting better I want to do some sewing outside on the back deck over the weekends.

Star for Australia/Studio Bookshelves/Sunflower/Seasons

February 11, 2009

Star for Australia

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I had a request today to get involved in a group Bush Fire Quilt Project that is making blocks for quilts for the survivors of the horrible fire in Australia. My son and I quickly made 2 blocks and will put them in the mail tomorrow.

more about the details of the quilt block can be found on this site by campfollowerbags.

Bush Fire Quilt Project

Miniature for me

My studio

I am slowly doing some organizing. On Sunday I started with the bookshelves and sorted them by color. I have the books to the left and then accessories in that color to the right. It is my way of having organized chaos!

orange shelf green shelf

yellow shelf red shelf

purple shelf blue shelf

Having the bookshelves coordinated by color is just fun. It makes it more enjoyable to be in the studio. I even have a pink shelf started. It’s below

the yellow one but ends up behind the table.


The sunflower quilt is slowly coming along. I finished a 4th 49 patch this morning. I haven’t sewn it in yet. Everything is a process you know!

I am setting the fabrics aside for the 5th 49 patch. I may have to start asking the ladies in my quilt group for donations…I want each 49 patch to

have a different white/cream tone on tone and a different yellow/golden tone. So far I haven’t had a duplicate.

I did purchase some sunflower fabric last week. I added it to the group Stash Sunday.



I have to use every bit of space I have. The sunflower quilt project hangs on the front of the door. This is what has been behind the door for years.

It is called “Seasons” I wanted to call it “Seasons in the Sun” but every time I say the title I think of the song.  I then get the song stuck in my brain………….

….we had joy we had fun we had seasons in the sun….

This quilt has quite a story. It was a group project with my Tuesday quilt group. One year we could ask the other ladies to make us a block. I asked that they each choose whatever block they wanted but to make it 4″ . They could make from 2 up to 16 blocks. I gave them inspiration fabric.  My intention is to have these 16 sets around the perimeter of the quilt and then to have a garden of wildflowers in the center.  We’ll see!