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Kawandi Life

October 28, 2021

I find myself stitching in the early mornings while drinking a heated mug of water.

I was gifted a bag of scrap fabrics from Barb B in my Tuesday quilt group.

Sorting gifted fabric scraps

This is the table that I have been hand sewing on. I sorted the scraps by color and by style. There are plenty of batiks which I just love and are already showing up in the pic above with the 4 squares. There is also a nice size pile of earth tones.

I wanted the feel of water in the quilt and was happy to discover butterfly and dragonfly fabric in the gifted fabric.

Kawandi LUV

To be continued…


Kawandi LUV!

October 27, 2021

3rd post showing progress shots of my first Kawandi quilt. Please join in the fun.

I now have pieces from 4 shirts in this Kawandi
8th rotation around the quilt using rust embroidery floss

The 12th rotation I am using a shade of green that captures the green fabrics I have added and the green in my venter focal fabric.

One of my walks
Turning a corner

I do not have to stitch down both sides but I do need to calculate distance. Depending on the distance between rows of stitches it will take 3 or 4 more rotations to reach the other corner.

The addition of a small square

I am trying to use as many different fabrics. This small square though is a fabric that shows up on the other side of the quilt. It now tied the two together.

The green polka dot on the other side
I am seriously in love with this!
The second needle break

I made it another 8 rotations and decided to add the rust embroidery floss again.

I have taken you from the beginning on this Kawandi in August and now into September.

To be continued…

Progress on my Kawandi

October 27, 2021

This is a continuation from my previous post

Multiple needles going at one time
Multiples colors of 3 strands of embroidery floss used
Developing a color scheme
A view of the stitches from the back

With a Kawandi quilt I am stitching from the outside toward the center. The design of the quilt evolves as new pieces are chosen and added to the next row.

The beauty is getting to touch and feel that texture from all of these stitches.
I cut 4 spirals from the shirt used as the center panel and I am working them into the corners.
I broke two needles while making this quilt
I cut the tips of some surgical gloves to help protect my raw fingers. It helped.
A thrifted shirt purchased specifically to add into a quilt some day – today is the day!

To be continued!