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A Recycled Scout Memory Quilt

September 21, 2010

My Recycled Scout Memory Quilt

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We had our 1st den meeting of the year and there are 7 new boys signed up and possibly another 7 more to join! I am so excited. We met with the new families at the scout store and got them into uniforms. The 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month you can get slightly used uniforms at a fraction of the cost. I was able to get my son out of his small and into a large cub scout uniform for only $6.00! Yes! We will be looking in the future to making a quilt like this. This was made by another flickr mom and it is really wonderful and looks like it was fun to make.


This is what happens to thrifters…multiples!

September 14, 2010

This is what happens to thrifters…multiples!

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I have been cleaning through bags and boxes of things….accumulated and set aside. Here are a few new acquisitions.

The Kiss @ 2001 paperback reg price $7.99 purchased at the VV thrift 69 cents
The hardcover probably came from my mother although it has the initials AK 7/02 in pencil in the upper right corner of the first page.
That usually means an antique store or 2nd hand shop.

ROGUE @July 2008 reg price $27.00 has a sticker on front Bargain Priced $6.98
I don’t remember purchasing this one either but it is probably the newest of her books that I have.

The red book is SPECIAL DELIVERY @1997 $6.50
has initials CP/DP in the front cover

Zoya @1988 $19.95 Hardcover

THE HOUSE @2006 Hardcover $27.00

Bungalow 2 @2007 3/4 size hardcover $1.99 Bibles for Missions Thrift store. (This one I did purchase.)

and I just realized I have another duplicate… SAFE HARBOUR in hardcover and paperback!

SAFE HARBOUR @2003 Harcover above $26.95 has a garage sale sticker on it $1.00 This book is her 59th best selling novel!

The paperback below $7.99 has a  Costco sticker$4.49 . I know I didn’t buy it there but….someone did!

I haven’t had a chance to read in quite a while. This is my winter treasury!

I hope things quiet down enough eventually to have enough time to sit and read.

It won’t happen for a while though. We have 13 weekends of Saturday football!

Maybe during a roadtrip I can get a little reading in. Although most times I do get car sick when I read in the car. If anyone has any home remedies to cure car sickness let me know!

Honor Thyself @2008 $7.99 has a sticker $4.88 on the front…looks like from a used book store. Again not one of my purchases….must be mom!

THE LONG ROAD HOME @1998 paperback $7.99 has a 25 cent garage sale sticker.

Sunset in St Tropez @2002 Hardcover thrift store sticker 99 cents

JOURNEY @2000 $26.95

VANISHED @1993 $23.95

THE COTTAGE @2002 $26.95

Guess What?

I haven’t read any of these…………………..yet!

Any recommendations???

Here is the log of the books I have

I really like this Pyrex pattern!

September 4, 2010

I really like this Pyrex pattern!

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I have started another collection….Pyrex! They remind me of my childhood and of the times I would go over to my Grandma’s and she would be making molasses cookies.

This weeks thrifting has been quite a success. I scored yesterday on the way home from work by stopping at one shop and snatching up the Pyrex bowl and a video  “chick flick”.  The cashier gave my little one the tiger stuffed animal for free. We then had the fever and ran over to another thrift store. There was a tied quilt there for $5.99 that I did not purchase but I did take a photo of it with my cell phone. I just have to take some time to figure out the whole download process for my cellphone. I was looking for some thread but there was not even one little spool! Sometimes you win sometimes you don’t. I did find a little stand with flags that I think will be good for a history lesson in cub scouts. It has examples of the early US flags. Earlier this week I picked up two bins and a US flag. The flag was only 2.00 – love it!

I picked up a small tin with a sewing machine on it for only 39cents. I thought it would be nice for my quilt group Christmas present.

I then went over to the children’s section and there was a cute folk doll – again I did not buy it but I saw the marrionette and I could notpass her up. She has a Scandinavian sweather and hat.

I purchased 3 more videos. A Wyatt Earp set of two for my dad. He is not getting up out of his chair much any more. I thought it would be good for him to have something fun to watch. Earlier this week we stopped at a new thrift shop in the area and they had a bunch of John Wayne VCR tapes. I didn’t get them but I think I will go back and see if they are still there after payday on Thursday. The other video was “Little Women” which my son and I watched last night. It was a great lay in bed a cuddle and watch TV movie. It kept his attention which I wasn’t certain it would. He wanted to watch “Back to the Future” which we picked up last week for 99 cents. I didn’t get that video in the photo. The video was got yesterday was “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II”. That was a movie our older son watched all the time. Somewhere we have #1????

I picked up two blue stemware glasses for 69 cents each.

I have an entire curio cabinet of blue glassware.

I now have 9 of the same kind of glasses! I’m getting there.

I really enjoy blue glass of all kinds.