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A Spider Bee

November 26, 2010

A Spider Bee

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Here is Becca’s finished quilt from her month. We made the liberated spider webs and each one has a black corner fabric. My blocks are the top row center block in green. This one has corner fabrics from my stash – a black polka dot pattern. My second block is the thrid row down 1st one on the left with the flowers in the black corner fabric.
I really really really like how this turned out. The back of this quilt is scrappy and just amazingly spontaneous – which I love in quilts.
Harray to Becca for being the first one to completely finish her quilt. It is spectacular!

Happy Thanksgiving

November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

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My dad took spill a week ago Tuesday while getting out of the car. Thankfully someone was with him and spent the night. Thankfully that person realized in the morning he needed to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. Dad’s fall was bad but miraculously and thankfully he did not break his hip or pelvic bone. He has Paget’s disease and received an injection of Zoledronic Acid that Monday. I have read the side affects of this drug and my father has all of them. His heart has gone bezerk. It has been racing up to 160 at times often 130 to 140 with medication the first 4 days they finally got it down to 90. When his heart raced his blood pressure would drop to dangerous levels.
After 4 days he now has fluid raspiness in his breathing. They tested him for pneumonia and thankfully they do not believe it to be pneumonia.

He is now stabilized but has been laying in a bed for 8 days. Two days ago we used a chair lift and strapped him and raised him into a standing position and were able to lower him into a wheelchair. He is so weak he can not even raise his legs on his own while laying in the bed. This chair lift is the most amazing thing ever and thankfully we were able to wheel him around the floor and then take him to physical therapy. They strapped him again and took him to parallel bars and with two therapist they were able to hoist him up into a standing position and get his legs to straighten out some. When we got him back to the room they loaded him with pain meds. This movement for his was excruciatingly painful. The Pagets disease makes the bone and body ache.

Last night I got to the hospital and heard that Mark his friend who was with him at the time of the fall had come in for two hours and was there for his physical therapy. I called him last night to thank him. I fed my dad last night. He is starving by the time I get there because he barely can get three spoon fulls of food to his mouth by himself. There is no one there to feel him so he says he is not hungry. He doesn’t want to impose on anyone. Last night he ran a fever. The nurse said it was mild 100.4. Of course I knew he was feverish the second I laid eyes on him and my hand instinctively went to his forehead. I had to beg him to eat. I got home at 7p and nmy brother called from out of town and said he tried talking to dad on the phone. Dad can hardly hold the phone up to his ear. My brother was so frustrated after the call and dad had yelled out a few times to him “get me out of here”. I settled him down and told him about the fever.

The doctor had said on Tuesday to my brother and I that if they can find a nursing home that specialized in physical therapy they would transfer him on Friday. As of yesterday the social worker had left voice mails at a number of nursing homes and I was reported that they did not get any replies.

So today is Thanksgiving and I do not know how I will be at two places at one time. I am heading for the hospital in moments to see how dad’s night was. If the roads are good after our 2nd or 3rd major snow fall last night we will head 1 1/2 hrs out of town for Thanksgiving at my brother’s house.

I wish I could get my dad in a wheelchair and take him there. I really do. We would need a handicap vehicle and the chair that hoists him up. I have a cousin that is in a wheelchair and I intend on talking to him today. I hope he will come with me to see my dad in the next few days and try to motivate him. The rest of my dad’s life will be pain management. He lives with pain every second of his existance. One slight movement sends shooting pain through his body. That is why he took the injection that has almost killed him.

I am thankful today that my dad is still alive. I am thankful that there are physical therapist that know how to rehabilitate his muscles. I am thankful there are nursing homes that have rehabilitation centers. I am thankful I have a family that loves each other very much.

My parents have been divorced since the late 60s and when my mom and sister came to visit dad two days ago my dad cried in my mom’s arms. I should say they cried together. My brother died 20 years ago and since that time dad has spent holiday and special occasions with my entire family at my mother’s house. The house my dad built. I am so blessed to have parents that can do this. That are civil with each other and even though they can no longer live together there is emotion.  Dad had not expressed any emotion until that moment when he saw my mother. He doesn’t even show his anger. I see him grit his teeth and I know he want to cuss out in pain but he doesn’t. Maybe he need to.

I am thankful for so much. Even when it is not easy.