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I love jumping in the car and going for a ride

July 25, 2014

We came upon this structure…

Taking a Friday car ride
at first we were not going to get out of the car but we really had to.
It is an amazing piece of art.
In a two year time period it is supposed to be taken down. Noooooooo!  Check out the website listed in this pic for a fantastic blog on the building process of the structure.
I tell you if he gets any bigger he is not going to fit through doorways!
Looking out over the fields
and farmland.
Looking up
It is really an amazing structure. How fun it would have been to see it being built.
Taking a look at the base of the structure
The structure is embedded in the ground. It is fascinating to take a real close up look.


Mom’s Garden

July 20, 2014

I was so happy to see tomatoes and peppers when we returned from vacation.

My first mission once we returned was to go check on mom. She has a stye by her eye that had to be removed surgically. She now has a black eye. Mommy!
I am so amazed by Mom and Kay’s garden.

Mom doesn’t get out to the garden much but on her good days she does like to walk out and take a look.

Kay says every year she is not going to have a garden and look! Look what she has grown this year!!!!!

IMG_6238The cabbage is bigger than ever before. I think those onions look more like leeks! I love cabbage and can not wait to bring one home with me! If anyone has a favorite cabbage recipe please link to it in the comment section!!!!!

IMG_6239  IMG_6240

The cucumber are slowly coming along. This is the first year they have had to put a fence around the garden to keep the deer and the rabbits away. It is a mesh fence that my sister put up.


I took photos from the East side of the garden to the West.

IMG_6243  IMG_6244In these photos you can see the hose from the irrigation system and the mesh netting.

IMG_6247  IMG_6248

The water is pumped up an embankment from the Mississippi river.

IMG_6245  IMG_6246

The last little area at the end is where my big brother dumps the grass clippings. He owns apartment complexes and does all the mowing himself. They used to take the kitchen scraps out to this area but do not do it anymore. It is too hard for Kay to do and I would imagine it would just encourage more critters.

IMG_6249  IMG_6235

As I walk along the path out to the garden I always see pieces of ceramic tile embedded in the ground. My dad loved to use tile on the floors in the house. When he reworked the breezeway 45 plus years ago he dumped the scraps along this path. Now many years later the tile pieces are slowly making their way to the surface.

If you know me at all I can not leave them laying there. I collect a large handful and they came home with me. Maybe a mosaic some day!


In memory of my daddy. In memory of the years my parents were together. In memory of gardens passed and my childhood growing up in the country along the Mississippi river. I think these tile would be great in a stepping stone out in my garden.

California Dreaming!

July 20, 2014


Loving the ocean!

IMG_6009This one came home with us.

IMG_6005This did not come home with us!!!

IMG_6019  IMG_6020

Taking a closer look….so beautiful.