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Greatgrandma’s Double Wedding Ring Quilt

March 15, 2013

Look at this!

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The pieces to this quilt were under my Grandma Lulu’s bed in a box along with the pieces to a second quilt. I was given them and today opened the box I had put everything in to photograph the contents and realized these cardboard patterns may have been meant for this quilt.

They fit perfectly!
One of the reasons I never finished the quilt was because I didn’t know what quilt design to use in the center piece. I don’t know if Great Grandma was auditioning different patterns to choose the one she liked the best or if she planned to put different patterns in each center. There is one more I just found – see next picture.

Here is the fourth pattern

It would make more sense than the star pattern.

Vintage Pattern with 72 X 90  written on it

Vintage Pattern with 72 X 90  written on it

February 1930

My mom was 20 months old  …not even two yet. My Grandma Lulu was a school teacher in rural Minnesota at the time.

1930 magazine clipping and Yarn

I don’t ever remember my Grandma Lulu doing lace work at all but her mother must have.

1930 magazine clipping and yarn.

All of these patterns were in the box that was under my Grandma Lulu’s bed back in 1984.  It was given to me after she died. It contained quilt blocks for two quilts. The Double Wedding Ring you see here and a Tulip quilt.

I put the DWR together back in 1987 while studying in Germany.


I studied in Ingolstadt from January until June and then stayed until the end of August.

IMG_0778I didn’t take care of Grandma’s box like I should have but I did put everything into a new box. My best friend used to work at this store back in the 80s. Even the box has memories for me!


The pattern on the left is the one I drafted and used to put the pieces together. If you look at the quilt closely you will see the backing fabric from the 30s has yellowed just a bit compared to the fabric I used in the 80s. The pattern pieces on the right are from my Grandma Lulu’s mother.


1930 Stick Pin

Look at that needle it screams 1930s or even older!


     My Grandmother’s cousins lived in Walla Walla.


It is a part of my family history just looking at this old envelope that was used for the pattern.


My Grandfather was a Postmaster General and I was given part of his stamp collection. I am going to go through the stamps and see which one this was.    It will give me more information about the age of the pattern.


There is an entire box full of patterns that I will share in the next post.

My Grandma Lulu's mother's quilt blocks

If I put a different pattern in the centers I will need to have 12 of them. So far I have 4 of them that work from the box.

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