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Happy May Day every day of May

May 30, 2017


May has been a special month for me since I met my good friend Carol May.

Carol May

Carol’s birthday is in May and one year she was so bugged that her husband did not celebrate  her birthday that she vowed to make every day in May a Carol May day.


Carol is going to be putting her house up for sale. It is that time in her life.



This is her back yard. It looks like a park.

We sit up on her deck on the 2nd floor drinking coffee and watching the birds at the feeder. Carol loves her coffee just about as much as a nice glass of wine in the evening.

Happy 29th day of May miss May.


Last summer we had to take the boat in 4 times to finally get it working properly after 8 years in the garage with engine trouble.


I was born to be on the water.

IMG_0720When I  have both of my sons with me I feel pure happiness. Look how they both have that left eye squint. They are as different as night and day but brothers thru and thru.


The end of a wonderful evening.


Our crabapple tree brought so much joy this month and walking under it to the front door was a sensory delight.



the May Day Parade was a highlight for me but I will do a separate post but I do have to show you this great t-shirt.


My nightly routine has started to include the Golden Girls. I am starting to feel like a Golden Girl these days. This guy just chuckled when I snapped his photo. It was super cute! I kept walking but we both had a good laugh.



It is always a wonderful evening when your parents, grandpa and your Godmother come to see your concert. Family LUV!


 My niece Emily and  Caleb’s wedding in my mom’s backyard overlooking the Mississippi.

It was an absolutely beautiful day.

With a wedding comes a quilt.

I am on a deadline to get this quilt done before Caleb comes home from boot camp.


and I am hoping to do a little sewing outside in our new gazebo.


Happy Month of May (Carol May)


My favorite day

April 30, 2017

April is coming to an end today and I want to share my favorite day!


Easter! We were able to get a wonderful photo with mom.

Cherishing the moment with mom.




These two lovebirds are getting married May 13th!


Emily is in auto mechanic school where she met her hubby to be Caleb. He is off to boot camp shortly after the wedding and then she will join him on base in October.

We have another wedding in September.

Here is my brother Gary thinking about paying for another wedding!

His daughters mean the world to him but for this entrepreneur letting go of that money well … he works very hard and I have to say is very successful. My mentor my entire life.  Once Jenna and Nick get married and Gary teaches him the business they will be a force to be reckoned with!

and who knows after that there may be a third wedding!


We also celebrated Mary Ann’s birthday.

And yes that is a pickle on the top of her birthday cake – courtesy of Auntie Roseann!

This young woman loves pickles so  much she will eat an entire jar. One year for Christmas she received multiple jars of pickles from various family members as gifts. We all roared with laughter. She is not going to be able to live this one down.


Mom is roaring with laughter here. Isn’t this a beautiful sight!

I was hoping to get a picture of my brother Ken with mom but before I knew it she bolted around the side of the house. She heard our youngest was driving dad’s Durango down the road for the first time!

He will be starting drivers ed soon. This is a major deal because this guy is pretty timid compared to his brother…

yes….. those looks say it all!

There was a lot of bonding going on all day


Tossing the football

Elysia kite flying


Jon running underdogs at the swing!


Our angel Kay making certain mom is comfortable

and just sitting around as family.


Oh yeah, and an Easter egg hunt!

String Pieced Heart

February 26, 2017

Every February for a long long long long time I bring out my string heart quilt and work on it. This year is no exception.


We tried 3 times to put the quilt up over the gutters on the front of the house and it kept falling down. Then Master H tried to get it to hang from the tree but the wind was not cooperating. So he held on to it. I was getting a bit of a chill so we did not work on perfection!


I always like to see a picture of the quilt I am working on. It gives me another perspective of the colors and the direction I have chosen to go. I am starting to add lighter blocks to make the red heart float on a lighter background. The center of the lighter blocks is pink and then surrounded by creams and whites with touches of reds and pinks here and there to add sparkle.



Here is the momma sparkle. I love him to the moon and back! We went to parent teacher conferences on Thursday and saw 4 of his 7 teachers and all 4 teachers announced he was getting an A. They also said they wished they had more students like him that it would make teaching even more enjoyable. Not just one teacher said this. All four of them did. Yesterday he pulled up his grades on the computer for the other 3 classes. Two more As and one B+. That’s our boy and this is my proud momma moment!

String Heart

January 16, 2017

Those that have battled cancer may remember these days. 6 treatments left out of 33 total!  Counting down. Trying not to sleep this day away.  MLK thinking of you today.


I move between my ironing board downstairs and the sewing machine in a side room and the hallway. That is my exercise for the day.



I reworked two corners so eventually the red heart will float in a sea of white, cream and touches on pink.

I seem to be focusing on hearts this weekend. img_0162

A glimpse through the office door.


Ready to sew onto the quilt. Row eight complete!


And row nine in the making!


Happy sewing!

Adding Kitties to the Scrappy Bargello

January 16, 2017

I had fun last weekend with a visit from my sister. She came in town and did a sleepover. We went to a flea market and then to a few antique shops and then came home and she made homemade pizza. I wanted to go see her this week. She just purchased a home and is going to have 3 residents living there that she will provide care for. I wanted to be a part of her setting up the house but… it didn’t happen. I am on a countdown for may last 6 radiation treatments for breast cancer. It is a journey that began the end of March. I am too tired to drive. She sent text with some pictures of the kitchen wallpaper yesterday. I enjoyed being a part of her adventure even if from afar.

My niece offered to come and get me and bring me to visit mom but it would be a 3 hour drive for her and I did not want to inconvenience her.  So I did a little cutting and planning and just a little stitching and mostly  pinning fabrics to the bottom of the Scrappy Bargello. This is me after a 2 hour much needed nap!

img_0224I am sitting on a stool in the hallway deciding what color needs to be added next.


I worked on fussy cutting cat fabrics to put into the quilt.

img_0141-001Before I knew it I had 10 more kitty sets to add to the quilt top.

and some nice sets of squares ready to be added to the project. img_0142

In an attempt to stay organized if I find a fabric that is already in the quilt I pin it to this hanger to use on other projects. img_0146-001

yes every once in a while I find a duplicate. No duplicates allowed in this quilt! img_0151

Having fun.


Yesterday I found a spot for each of the kitties.

Once I get a spurt of energy I will sit at the machine and start sewing some of these together. There are nine blocks going up and nine blocks going down. I iron one strip upward and the next strip down so they line up nicely when sewing the strips together. I have the top set up in panels right now. The first 3 sets of nine are sewn together and then the next two and the remaining are just sections of nine. It is easier to work with the strips under the machine.


My 10th panel is still in the infancy stage. I just added the 11 rows ending with the leaf fabric which is from Grandma Susan’s skirt and shirt outfit.In her memory. Love you Susan.

img_0202When I look up from my stool I see a curtain of color.

Scrappy Bargello

January 2, 2017

I started this quilt the week of July 4th 2008. It has been 8 years in the making!!! Wow.

Here is my progress shot from yesterday  Dec 31 2016

Happy New Year Everyone!

Scrappy Bargello 2016

It is the Scrappy Bargello from by Bonnie Hunter.

It takes some time because I am making certain I rotate the colors

Red Blue Yellow then Orange Purple Green

And then sprinkle in some black, brown, whites, creams, and pinks

As well as adding stripes, polka dots, the cat fabrics, florals, music fabrics, 30s repros, patriotics, batiks, metallics, vintage pieces, etc…

Patchwork makes me so happy!

The design goes nine squares up and then nine down. I prefer where they meet that it not be the same color. The strips are 1 1/2 inch making 1 inch finished squares.


Here is my son trying to pull down that 10th panel! The wind was not cooperating with our photo shoot!

NOTE: I decided on a 10th panel this past fall after laying the top down on my queen size bed. I want to allow for shrinkage when this beast is quilted! I sewed that panel together yesterday so I could hang it for the photo. I had it pinned to a design board but it needed to be sewn. Today I cut 4 more kitty fabrics I have.

My most recent purchase Dec 7 2016 for this quilt is the wonderful blue fabric below from JoAnn Fabrics. The scale of the kitties is just perfect for this quilt! This is the start of a third row of cat fabrics along the 10 panels of the quilt.

I set in the start of a 3rd row of cats in the scrappy Bargello. I stopped at JoAnn's yesterday and found the blue cat fabric to the right that is the perfect scale for this project.

Another row of kitties in the Scrappy Bargello

Sept 4th 2016 fussy cutting another set of kitties to go in the quilt and setting them next to coordinating fabrics. Just for fun!

August 6 2016

Back at the Scrappy Bargello

“I have done a lot of checking of strips to see if the fabric is in the quilt top already or not continually over the past few months and then I would pin the strip to the top hanging on a wall going down into the basement. This week I sewed strips together and sub cut them. Last night Aug 5, 2016  I brought the quilt up and hung it in my hallway since the ceiling is higher and I can work on the lower portion of the quilt.”

scrappy bargello

August 6 2016 Hallway shot -here is a shot of the quilt after I moved it upstairs to the hallway leading to the back rooms. The ceiling is higher so it allows me to sit on a stool and work on the bottom of the quilt.

For me. Years in the making.

October 18th 2015 hanging along the stairwell to the basement.


Airing out the quilt

July 5 2015 – I love working on my quilts outside. On this day I was able to pin on at least 100 more blocks to the strips.

Enjoyed adding to the 2nd column

Nov 25, 2014

I enjoyed adding length to this 2nd panel. This quilt is my pride and joy. At this point I had been working on it for 5 years. . It  dawned on me that I may finish about 5 quilts all around the same time since I bounce from one project to another and work on many of my quilts simultaneously. In this picture I had  taken it off the wall  and set it on a table. This is the lower quarter of the quilt and my wall is not high enough. There are 5 panels of 2-3 columns to make it easier to sew on.

Note to self: The bottom portion looks lighter than the top on film.

I occasionally have the women in my quilt group look over the quilt to see if any fabric has been repeated anywhere. I audition each fabric to make certain it is not already in the quilt. Having a few more pairs of eyes to check on it is helpful! The gals donated oranges and purples and I know they are excited to see where they end up in the quilt.

The Babes to the rescue

Sept 4 2014 – all of these were given to my by one woman in my quilt group. It is so exciting to work these into the quilt!

Added a touch of orange

June 27 2014  I added a touch of orange. Yes, I took out my seam ripper and made room for more orange. It is so much better now. I am happy. I know…. silly me.

Scrappy Bargello

April 27th 2014  here is a shot on a rainy day where  I worked on sewing the vertical strips together and finished all the dangling strips on the first three panels. This shot makes my heart beat faster. Just look how wonderful it is!

My Scrappy Bargello

March 27, 2014

Confessions of a QUILTER!

“I have it hanging along the stairwell. I like to work in the same room as my family when they are watching Tv but I tend to make a really big mess. It drives my MR crazy but overall he handles it alright. You should see the mess I have right now. Searching for fabrics that are not already in this quilt.”

That entire panel on the right has 20 squares pinned to one piece that need to be sewn together and then added to each of the nine strips.

I have the quilt in panels so it it easier to sew. I calculated the size was 72 squares wide by 79 squares long. Each square is one inch. I just read that a queen size quilt can be 90 X 108. Well if I add two more panels of 9 it will end up at exactly 90 and then I only need 29 more squares for length. I will no longer be able to hang in from a wall in my basement due to the low ceiling.

Working these thrifted fabrics

Quilted Thrifted! March 26, 2014

“Working these thrifted fabrics into my scrappy bargello. yellow tags 50 percent off. I saw this last week and decided I would get it if it was still there this week. Sometimes I think the fabrics start looking dull. These will add some brightness.”


Done for the to football

Sept 27 2012 –

I made a little progress.

Fussy cut the 4th set of kitties

Fussy cutting Kitty fabrics

Autumn colors and kitties are drifting into the quilt top today

And some puppies too

Scrappy Bargello

I have worked on many other projects over the past 8 years. I am getting to the point of finishing one quilt top a year. Maybe 2017 will be the year for this one! Maybe!!!

Happy New Year to you.

Lots of Love – Pink Heart Quilt

December 31, 2016

Here is a reverse chronological log of photos of my Cancer quilt. I have the horizontal sashing pieces cut and now need to do the cornerstones.

I think I will add some music fabric

September 7th 2016 I decided to add some music fabric.

August 27th in search of more word fabric! I would like to find a few more word fabrics. I have looked on EBay and Etsy. I said something at my Tuesday quilt group gathering and the next time we met Barb H. had an entire Jelly Roll of word fabrics for me. My quilting friends are amazing! The size of a Jelly Roll is perfect since the sashing strips I need are 2 1/2 ” x 6 1/2 “. Prior to the Jelly Roll the main fabric has the word LOVE the other two are written letters with postal stamps the 4 th has musical instruments and terms. I saw one fabric that had German script at a quilt shop and I just needed to go back and see how rich the background tone was and it turns out it was in the Jelly Roll.

I would like to find a few more word fabrics. I have looked on EBay and Etsy. If you know of any that would go with these let me know.

Seriously I am so impressed by the graciousness of quilters.

I am thinking of this small heart for the cornerstones. This is where I stalled on the making of this quilt. I have 3 blocks to make to get it to the size I want and then all of the cornerstones to do.

Still working on this. What do you think about the heart as a cornerstone?

On July 12th I received this block from a Flickr friend.

Girlfriends * Sisters How wonderfully appropriate. I just love it. A third Flickr friend, mimi’sdarlins, joined in with my Quiltin’ Babes to make blocks for my “Lots of Love” quilt.

Thank you mimi’sdarlins for this wonderful block.

At the time I received this block I had 7 chemotherapy treatments completed  and 9 left to go. That next Tuesday was my halfway mark for chemo.

Girlfriends * Sisters How wonderfully appropriate. I just love it. A third Flickr friend, mimi'sdarlins, joined in with my Quiltin' Babes to make blocks for my Lots of Love" quilt.

July 11th word fabric shopping! I found this wonderful LOVE fabric and then 3 whites for the backgrounds to the cornerstones and the blocks I will be making myself.

Word fabric for my "Lots Of Love" quilt. The pink hearts.

Block 26 came in the mail today. I think 30 blocks will be it. I have not made my blocks yet. I was thinking of word fabric between the blocks. Maybe pink buttons for the corners. I want soft to the touch fabric on the back.

Block 26 came in the mail on July 9th . I think 30 blocks will be it. I have not made my blocks yet. I was thinking of word fabric between the blocks. Maybe pink buttons for the corners. I want soft to the touch fabric on the back. I found some minky fabric out in Rogers that is so lovely. It is 19.99 per yard so we will see once I get the top completed!

Take a closer look at block 26 which came all the way from Angelika in Germany.

All the way from Germany. Thank you.

The block below came from Joyce in the CactusPatch

Happy mail. Thanks Joyce!

Here are the blocks from the Babes.Do you see the one reverse?

See the one reverse?

May 8th 2016

It's grown even more.

April 20th below

The beginnings of my own personal journey. Friendship blocks from some of the Quiltin' Babes. More to come and I think I will make a few myself.

I noticed my lump in January but thought it was a pulled muscle after doing chin up exercises at the health club. It wasn’t until Friday March 25th while doing a personal breast exam before going to bed I noticed the lump was still there and discussed it with Scott and decided I needed to go in and have it checked. On Monday I called my boss at work and she said to get in as quickly as possible. I called the clinic and they got me in that day. The journey began. It has been quite a year. I never thought this would happen to me. It has and I am living it. That is the key word. I am living and I am grateful. Happy New Year everyone. “Lots of Love” to you all.

Vintage Love

December 30, 2016

I would love to share with you my love for vintage fabric as this year comes to a close.


I have an ongoing love of making Triple Irish Chain quilts. I completed the top and back for my niece Erica and based and bound it. I gave it to her at her request not quilted and hope to quilt it some day.  This one I am currently working on is for her younger sister Mary Ann. I am cutting the white background fabrics for two additional quilts. One for my niece Emily and hopefully one for me. These one inch strips of fabric put into quilts has been a signature of mine. img_0050

This white fabric is a little thin. I hope this block holds up over the years. I do love the music pattern it has and I am able to use it in Leah’s musical quilt back as well. img_0052

Look at this beautiful fabric. There is nothing like it!img_0053

At this time of the year I like to bring out my vintage crocheted containers. I thrifted this one this past year at Value Village for $1.49. Ohhhh, I like it so much! img_0055

Look at these fabulous vintage cards and papers used in this box. img_0056

I got a new camera for Christmas which is one of the reasons I have not done a post in a long time. My other camera the lense is not retracting and of course it would cost more to have it repaired than to just purchase a new one. I don’t like this concept of our throw away society. I wish I could find someone who tinkers with electronics and would be willing to fix it just for fun!  I have to thank Scott for getting me a beautiful camera. Look at the detail it catches! Yay!!!! It has been a tough year for me. I have been battling cancer since the end of March. I still have a ways to go with treatments but so far so good. I am looking forward to 2017. I have to thank the 30 plus people who have followed me on Flickr and commented on my pictures this year. So many people have sent me gifts and cards it is sooooooo appreciated. Just when I would feel down I would get a greeting card or gift in the mail. Thank you all so much. img_0057

Found a Quilt Treasure

February 14, 2016

Thrifted Quilt Blocks

It is not often I see quilts anymore at the thrift stores I go to.
I got amazingly lucky this month.
So do you think I could find a green to coordinate with the other iris blocks?

I don’t think the tan plaid was with this project. It may be from the same quilter. It was not in the case that had all the blocks on it. I think it does go well with the color of the background fabric.


I think this quilter wanted to do a quilt as you go pattern but did not realize the front of the blocks get sewn from the back side. What they did was sew all 4 pieces of fabric along with the batting  from the front. I will need to take all of this apart.

Neighbor's Iris.

I love irises and look forward to making progress on this quilt and have it out when the irises bloom.
Beautiful morning and now the rains

This quilt could use two more blocks but I am not the best machine embroiderer even though I have a Bernina machine that has all kinds of stitch designs.
This iris would be my model for another block.
Riverbank Iris transplant

Happy New Year 2016

January 2, 2016

IMG_4124I have spent the last few days organizing my quilt room. I usually sew in the TV room but I tend to then take over one entire section of the room. My Mr has set up his weight bench and it ends up getting covered with fabric. New Years day I woke up and cleared the room of all fabric and put the sewing machine back in my quilt room.
My 2015 project started with an exchange of 4 patch blocks with the women in my Tuesday Quilt Group!
Here is where the project is at today.