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A Quilt Top Finish!

February 22, 2015

I am so excited to say I have finished the top to my SCRAP ATTACK quilt!

15963640424_57028dca93_o (1)I thought I was finished a month ago when I posted a photo on Flickr of the quilt on my son’s bed. I was very excited to find out the photo made EXPLORE!
35 blocks sewn together
The photo has over 7000 views and has 48 favs! That is a first for me.
I decided to add another vertical row on the right side after the Explore photo. The quilt needed to be a little wider.
Now I have to decide what I will do for the back of the quilt.
IMG_2093For now I will use it as a backdrop for a photo of my Valentine’s present from my LUV and our son. Our son was nice enough to hold it up for me so I could take this shot! Color is how we stay warm when it is a 20plus below zero wind chill outside. COLD COLD COLD. Luckily we have a basement here and we can close the upstair door and the door out of the Tv room and turn on the electric fireplace and it gets nice and toasty warm. The only thing is then I get sleepy!


Greatgrandma’s Double Wedding Ring Quilt

March 15, 2013

Look at this!

Originally uploaded by Q_uilted T_hrifted

The pieces to this quilt were under my Grandma Lulu’s bed in a box along with the pieces to a second quilt. I was given them and today opened the box I had put everything in to photograph the contents and realized these cardboard patterns may have been meant for this quilt.

They fit perfectly!
One of the reasons I never finished the quilt was because I didn’t know what quilt design to use in the center piece. I don’t know if Great Grandma was auditioning different patterns to choose the one she liked the best or if she planned to put different patterns in each center. There is one more I just found – see next picture.

Here is the fourth pattern

It would make more sense than the star pattern.

Vintage Pattern with 72 X 90  written on it

Vintage Pattern with 72 X 90  written on it

February 1930

My mom was 20 months old  …not even two yet. My Grandma Lulu was a school teacher in rural Minnesota at the time.

1930 magazine clipping and Yarn

I don’t ever remember my Grandma Lulu doing lace work at all but her mother must have.

1930 magazine clipping and yarn.

All of these patterns were in the box that was under my Grandma Lulu’s bed back in 1984.  It was given to me after she died. It contained quilt blocks for two quilts. The Double Wedding Ring you see here and a Tulip quilt.

I put the DWR together back in 1987 while studying in Germany.


I studied in Ingolstadt from January until June and then stayed until the end of August.

IMG_0778I didn’t take care of Grandma’s box like I should have but I did put everything into a new box. My best friend used to work at this store back in the 80s. Even the box has memories for me!


The pattern on the left is the one I drafted and used to put the pieces together. If you look at the quilt closely you will see the backing fabric from the 30s has yellowed just a bit compared to the fabric I used in the 80s. The pattern pieces on the right are from my Grandma Lulu’s mother.


1930 Stick Pin

Look at that needle it screams 1930s or even older!


     My Grandmother’s cousins lived in Walla Walla.


It is a part of my family history just looking at this old envelope that was used for the pattern.


My Grandfather was a Postmaster General and I was given part of his stamp collection. I am going to go through the stamps and see which one this was.    It will give me more information about the age of the pattern.


There is an entire box full of patterns that I will share in the next post.

My Grandma Lulu's mother's quilt blocks

If I put a different pattern in the centers I will need to have 12 of them. So far I have 4 of them that work from the box.

There are also some good ideas in the Gallery I put together on Double Wedding Ring Quilts

Batik Fish Quilt Top

May 20, 2009


Batik Fish Quilt Top

Originally uploaded by Q_uilted T_hrifted

I won these blocks probably 5 years ago at a quilt guild meeting.I purchased the batik fish to go with the quilt squares I won. This is the completed top. I finished sewing the top together last summer. Now I need to find fabric I like for the back.



There are 9 different fish blocks in this quilt.

IMGA0227-1 IMGA0229-1

I worked really hard at staggering the blocks through the quilt top.

IMGA0230-1 IMGA0231-1I do like this pink block quite a bit!




This is block #9 which is really block #1 because it is located in the upper left corner of the quilt.

*** Oh I really need to get some backing fabric for the

***I have 3 rolls of batting here at home for my next 3 quilts.

IMGA0238-1 He had his work cut out for him keeping the quilt from flying into the lake. He also had a chance to ham it up a little bit. That’s my boys!





I don’t have many batiks in my stash so winning these blocks allowed me to work with fabrics I normally would not have chosen myself. I love each one. I really enjoy quilts with a large variety of fabrics. It would have been so expensive for me to have purchased 1/4 cuts of each of these fabrics.

IMGA0284-1I think this photo show a good shot of how the 3 patches were sewn together as light/medium/dark. It took some work to not get too many really bright lights next to each other. I also didn’t want the darks on the bottom row to blend in with each other. This is a good example of when to look through a red piece of glass to see the color value.

IMGA0286-1A moose block dedicated to my sister-in-law. She likes to collect moose items!

IMGA0287-1 The golden star fabric and the dots below it are a favorite!

IMGA0288-1 This fabric with the plants has great movement.

IMGA0289-1I was a little concerned about the fish fabric with the fish batik squares but it works.

IMGA0290-1I just can’t lose with the golden tones. They are my overall favorite!


It is now 2 days after we shot these photos.

The quilters were to my house tonight. We were only missing 3 of the ladies.

It was a nice night. I got to do show and tell with a great find I made yesterday!

I will try to photograph it tomorrow.

I got a call tonight on my cell phone with an unidentified number. I called my sister to see if she knew who it was because it came from my home town. She thought maybe it was one of my niece’s. I called the number and turns out it was a member of the booster club from my high school. I have been selected for my high school athletic HALL OF FAME! They will have a celebration at the football game on September 18th.  It’s quite an honor.

IMGA0233-1 I have my 30 year class reunion this summer. The school is just a little over 40 years old. Tomorrow is the senior athletic banquet so the booster club wanted to contact me before the banquet because they will be announcing it at that time.

My younger son said. “But Mom you’re not an athlete anymore”. They have no clue that at one time in my life all I lived for was sports.  My whole life was swimming, gymnastic and track…as well as German club, marching band, jazz band, pit band, NHS and just about anything else I could join. I was even a cheerleader for a few years for basketball and football and occasionally a wrestling match!

I guess one of these days I should pull out an old yearbook!

He wants me to write up my favorite athletic memory. I’ll have to think about that one. I was the first female athlete from my school to go to state in a sporting event. I went in the 100 freestyle. It was a very major event for me and for my coach.

Off to dream land. I may be doing the uneven parallel bars in my sleep tonight!

Autumn Quilt

November 12, 2008

Autumn Sampler


This is a top I made quite a number of years ago! I made it even before the Tuesday quilters group that I am in formed and that must have been around 1994. We purchased our current house in February of 1995. My first son was only 5 years old at the time. I think I took a class on this quilt…isn’t that strange I can’t remember back that far… scary. In fact to tell the truth I can’t even remember if my first son was born when I made this quilt. He may not have been. He was born on June 25th 1989…almost 20 years ago. Where does the time go. I lived in Germany from January 1987 until August. I have to believe I made this quilt even before then. I know while I was living there I made my guest sister a lavender heart pillow. I went back a few years ago and she still has it. I guess that is one project I have to admit I finished! That doesn’t happen too often. I made my first son’s baby quilt out of some of that same lavender fabric. We didn’t know if it was a boy or girl…purple/lavender to me was a neutral color. Anyway…I digress…

I believe there is one more border that needs to go around the perimeter of this quilt. I do have a pattern that is in a filing cabinet that hasn’t been opened for years. It is all my patterns and saved patterns and treasures from years ago. I guess if I opened it and found the pattern there may be a date, a class receipt, fabric purchase receipts or even the name of the teacher. I know the teacher and pattern design was by a woman named Helen. I think it is Helen Thorne. There are 4 quilts that were designed to go together as a set. I only made the Autumn one… it is truly my favorite time of the year. I am only sorry it is almost over. Almost over…it snowed again today and I had to scrape ice off my windshield this morning (November 11 2008). I would have to admit I am in denial!!! The tree in my front yard has only one leaf on it. ONE! That is a sure sign Autumn is over.

I enjoyed so many aspects of this quilt

  • The scarecrow I hope to add a face some day. There is a crow on the arm sleeve that is not sewn down all the way.
  • The apples are a log cabin design. This fabric dates the quilt. Some of these fabrics I look at today and don’t like as much. Another 10 years and I will love them. They just aren’t old enough…70s…for some reason it’s a hard decade of fabric to love!
  • The stars are in the golden tones I love so much. This is where I used some old clothes and fussy cut some butterflies.


  • The applique pumpkins were a challenge…more psychologically than anything else. I even appliqued the stars. This is still just a top. I know once it is quilted it will be fantastic. I want to do echo quilting in this area of the quilt.


  • I have always liked maple leaves. I have two other quilts that I have made that are Maple Leaf designs.
  • The school house has a clock button for the belfry.
  • The turkeys were also fun to do. I plan to make some more this year into pot holders and give them to family members on Thanksgiving day as gifts.
  • Sunflowers When I made the sunflowers I knew I would some day make an entire quilt with them!
  • The only regret is the one on the left I wish the background and the duck were not so close in shades…they blend together too much.
  • The trees are string pieced. I have a wonderful diamond string piece quilt that may have been a subconscious choice of quilts because of how much I enjoyed the string piecing on the trees.
  • The Flying Geese were done years before paper piecing of flying geese became popular.
  • The black and white Nine Patch/Checkerboard section…who doesn’t like a good black and white quilt. Haven’t made one but I know I will some day! This section has one of my favorite and probably oldest pieces of fabric. It is a piece with these little people on it. I haven’t taken a close up photo but I will.


I hope you enjoy this write up…my trip down memory lane. I apologize the photographs aren’t as clear as they could be. I will update them if and when I can get clearer photos. It is either the camera or the camera operator…..probably the later.

The camera I think is getting as tired as the owner….. good night for now.

Triple Irish Chain

August 30, 2008

The front side of Erica’s quilt

Originally uploaded by Q_uilted T_hrifted

This is the front side of Erica’s quilt.
Triple Irish Chain put together and binding done for her graduation from HS 2001. I still need to do the quilting!!!

The reverse side of Erica’s quilt. This is the side with the signatures.

Triple Irish Chain

There is a system to my madness!
Each 49 patch square has…
4 reds one being solid
4 yellows one being solid
a total of 4 solids
at least one blue,green,orange,purple and black. There is also a bit of eye spy going on because each 49 patch has one cat square and each set has a different cat fabric.

The edge of the quilt

The binding is on the quilt already even though it is not formally quilted. I wanted to be able to give it to Erica in hopes that some day it will be quilted.

I still need to quilt the center squares

I was hoping the 4 yellows and 4 reds would give the quilt a lightness and brightness. I didn’t want it to look too dark.

Erica Class of 2001

She just graduated from college!

What lies behind us
and what lies ahead of us
are tiny matters compared
to what lies within us.

You did it!

Erica's Signature Quilt

This is a two sided Triple Irish Chain Signature Quilt

The 49 patches are made up to 1 1/2 strips that finish to 1 inch. Many of my cat fabrics were not a small print that would fit this size parameter so I added larger squares to the back.

Cat Quilt

Both Erica and I played the Saxophone in high school so I thought this fabric would be just perfect!

Both Erica and I play the saxophone

Signatures of friends and family are in the alternate block and also along the sides.

This is the back side of the quilt