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Sunshine and crisp fresh air!

February 22, 2010

The sun was out today and we just HAD to get outside!

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We walked down on the lake for the first time this winter.

The north side of the lake is really shallow and often when the water is low has quite a bit of growth. This winter you can walk right over it or should I say through it.

Deer tracks. There was a cross country skier out on the lake when we first got out there. After a short while we were the only ones on the lake. There is a path all the way around the lake. It has never been there in past years. It looks like some kind of bobcat came in and plowed the path. On the south side of the lake is a small ice skating rink. We didn’t even know it was there.

In the summer the cat tails can start floating and move around the lake.

I have always enjoyed the cattails.

I even brought some in the house one year but after a while had all this fuzz floating around the house!

The center house is our home.

It is really our cabin in the city!


Barb’s Christmas Star

February 6, 2010

Barb’s Christmas Star

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This is a quilt I made a few years ago for Barb in my Tuesday quilt group. She was kind enough to send me this photo.

I Spy a Kitty

February 6, 2010

I Spy a Kitty

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This is a donation quilt for Project Linus made by my Flickr pal “herdogannie”. We did a fabric exchange because I was in need of yellows for my sunflower quilt.

I just cut some squares two weeks ago and was playing with the layout of another block during the Vikings playoff game.

I love the colors in the Project Linus quilt because I think they are great for a boy or a girl!

Here are some of the fabrics I got from herdogannie.  The second I got them I put them into a sunflower “slow quilt” project I work on here and there!

Here is another shot of the 49 patch

Here are the cat fabrics just before I sent them. It was 10 months ago and I like the fact that I took the photo outside and there was no snow on the deck! We are going to have 5 straight days of snow. My mother just told me she and two aunts are going to Florida for the month of March. Oh how I wish I could go with them!!!

I have enjoyed this fabric swap a lot. I like seeing what herdogannie has done with the cat squares. I did another swap with Karen.

I gave Karen the cat fabrics and she sent me the sunflower yellow/gold (my favorite color)

As you can tell Karen took the photos above and they are of a much better quality. I use a camrecorder for a camera…. sometimes the photos come out ok and sometimes…..they look like the one above these. Oh well, there are greater things in life to get worked up about!

Like the sunflower quilting all over this quilt…..Oh if I could only get to the point of doing something like this!