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It was in one of these bins I found the…

April 3, 2013

It was in one of these bins I found the lamb!

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I spend a lot of time looking for things. Just today I thought the paperwork for the tabs to my car was on the piano. It wasn’t there. Before we left on Friday for Easter I had packed up a bunch of paperwork that I had been trying to sort through and put it back in the bins. I had to go through 3 bins before I finally found the tab form. I did find it but I wasted at least a half hour looking for it.  I have this room in my house that is totally out of control. It is where everything goes that is out of place.  I try to sort through a box here and there and get overwhelmed. I would rather be working on a quilt project or playing a board game with my son or reading a story with him.
I have read books on organization. It motivates me to do something but then the mail comes and paperwork piles up and it gets tossed in a box and pretty soon there are 11 boxes. Seriously.
I have a storage area in the house that I can barely get to. I love to decorate for the various seasons. It is a trait I have picked up from my mom. The hoarding of things comes from her mother.
I have some time now to make a little progress on getting through some of the stuff.

On January 13th I read an article on organizing your fabric and by the 14th I had sorted quite a bit of fabric into 11 different bins by color or fabric style. I already had the bins they were just filled with “everything else under the sun”.

Organizing Fabric collected for almost 40 years

It has worked well. The bins are not so deep so they do not get so heavy.

At Christmas time I hurt my back getting out the bins of decorations. It wasn’t only the weight of the bin but getting it through the mess I have in the room next to the storage area. I don’t have a pathway wide enough to easily move things around.

What bothers me is I can get so into sorting the colors and getting them into the bins (a bit OCD) but I have all this other “stuff” I need to deal with to maneuver around the room better.

I drive my family crazy with my inability to follow the rule “Everything has a place and everything is in it’s place”. Or, “If you haven’t used it in one year get rid of it”. I am far from that one ever happening.

I had organized my first two bins back in June of 2012. After reading the article and seeing a picture of what one person did I was able to go the next step and get the 11 bins organized and stacked in one area.

Two thrifted bins mean more organized fabric!

The inside of the bins look like this. It really is wonderful. Now if I can do something similar with the rest of the items in my studio. The “everything else under the sun” items.

I know it helps to find some reason to stay motivated. I have an important one in that the studio room still has cinder block walls that have a moisture issue and the paint has peeled and there is molding. I get headaches from the mold and need to dry lock the walls. First I need to get too them! I have to get things organized. I also need to do my taxes and a lot of the paperwork is tossed into my “mess” bins!

#1 get taxes done

#2 organize the rest of the paperwork

#3 get the walls painted

#4 reward myself

Behind those fabric bins are some of my bookshelves. They actually are set up kind of cool. I just can’t see them now because of all the stuff.

Studio Bookshelves

I want to get the room to the point where I can see the bookshelves and enjoy them.

I want my surfaces clean so I can get back into this room and do my quilting in my own space.  I want to be able to get to my decorations and get them out without hurting myself.  I want my paperwork organized so I know where things are!

I have started 3 ring binders but again it is a bit OCD. There are already so many binders I don’t know if I can get it under control like I did with the fabric. I have to try for my sanity and that of my family.

I am pretty certain the photo is Jan's quilt that was in one of the shows.

I have about 3 binders just of quilt patterns and photos.

The binders are for: Football memorabilia, finances, thrift purchases, scrapbooking ideas, the quilting, Christmas planning, my childrens’s school papers,  etc…

I just don’t know how other people stay on top of all this. I don’t want to throw these things away.  The thing is no one else is really going to want them after I am no longer here. They are things I have done that are really important to me only. The rest of my family thinks again that I am crazy for caring so much about it.

I know that trying to micro organize so many items can keep me from the sharing times with my family that are so important. If I could just get on top of it I don’t think it would take up so much of my time. I don’t know.

I do know that we can’t continue living with so much stuff and so much clutter. I have to get it under control to alleviate the visual stress it is causing all of us. Any suggestions would be appreciated. My LUV says to just go through one pile a day. It just isn’t that easy for me.

Organizing Fabric

January 15, 2013

Organizing Fabric

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About half a year ago I started accumulating these 6 inch deep bins. I had many on hand holding paperwork, Christmas and misc. They are 28qt 23inch x 16.75in x 6inch. Some are Rubbermaid, Sterilite and anything else I could find at the thrifts stores for 1.99 or so. I can fold the fabric and get two full rows.
I now have 10 bins
1 white and creams
2 black purple blue
3 cats
4 yellow and sunflowers
5 green
6 plaids
7 30s
8 Christmas
9 reds and patriotics
10 orange brown and leaves
Plus an oddball size bin that has
Music,vintage,homespuns,70s,brights,batik,novelty,polka dots,floral,metallic,flannel,holidays,eye spy,hearts,building material( wood,bricks,stones)
Today I started sorting into small 4qt bins
Solids,and individual bins for the scraps of green,red,orange,blue,yellow,purple,white black/brown and 6×6 inch squares.
After all this sorting I still have 3 66qt bins of scraps that I want to continue sorting by color. I will use one of the bins for vintage blocks, quilted pillowcases I want to make into bears and rabbits for the bed, and works in progress.
Note: I had a lot folded and in bins with labels taped on the outside but then Jean in my quilt group sent this blog article yesterday and I loved the idea of recipe cards on the inside of the clear boxes. Then if I have to split the reds and patriotics into separate bins I just move the card.…

I  have enough 30s fabric to make 3 quilts.

I hurt my back just before Christmas carrying the 66qt bins with Christmas decorations out of our storage room.  The 28qt bins are still heavy but I will try to not carry them very far And I will NOT carry two at a time.  In the article above the woman uses smaller bins. I am going to take a look at them at the store. I think I may even have a coupłe Of the smallest size.

I am really pleased with the progress I have made in the last two days with taking my stash organization to the next level.