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November 2nd Thrift Haul

November 15, 2014

I am always excited for Merry Thriftmas at Value Village.  I made it in the afternoon of the first day. My hope was to find a kneehugger but no luck. I put many many items into my cart and then before I went to the checkout I did take half of it out.

IMG_1087Merry Thriftmas

I am happy to have added another Santa Head candleholder to my collection.  He is hard to see in the above photo but he is in blue tones. This one is very different from the others that I have.

IMG_1084I think I need the one with the bald headed Santa but of course I did not purchase it because I wanted to check to see which ones I have already. It is no longer there but……… I know I will find one at some time!
IMG_1085This piece did not come home with me because I have it already but a bowl did.
IMG_1086I kind of wish I would have purchased these three but I have two already. I am fortunate to have purchase one that still has the plastic lid to it. I have only seen the lid once and I grabbed it and quickly purchased it. The scientist who invented corningware glass died this week at 99 years of age.  <a href=”; rel=”nofollow”>…</a>
IMG_1088This container filled with bulbs was so sturdy. The bulbs are not my colors so I ended up not buying it but I thought about it because the box would have been a really nice storage container.
IMG_1089I like both of these so much but….


Pom Pom and Rick Rack LUV!

I just can’t buy everything. Thank goodness for taking pics. I do like collection ideas!!!! I can add pom poms to same dish  towels and rick rack is a favorite of mine!
My sister has given me so many Christmas fabrics I know I could to something like the Santa above.

Temptation - Both my Boys Names Start With K!

Temptation – Both my Boys Names Start With K!



Some day I will make some crazy quilted Christmas stockings like this one.



Christmas Calendars

***** I need to get mine out of storage so I am ready for December 1st!  I really do like these Calendars. I first was introduced to them while traveling in Germany.  I like the idea of counting the days ’til Christmas.



After spending quite a bit of time a one Value Village I headed over to another.

The second one I went to tends to have higher prices.

Opaque Dishes: I have an extensive collection of Pyrex along with a few pieces of Fire King. If the sugar bowl and creamer had been in another pattern I would have purchased them. I have the

Fire King Primrose (Pink and Red flowers)







I see so many of these solid opaque split servers. I have one already. There is no way I would have purchased this server for $4.49. I think I picked mine up for $1.69.


IMG_1102IMG_1103Again – the cups are  too expensive for my tastes.


IMG_1109IMG_1110The black marking is from Unique thrift stores. I purchased the at Value Village and paid even more than what it was prices for at Unique. I hope to have a Christmas tree at some time filled with photo frames. I also want to have a Valentines tree filled with red hearts. The center frame with work for both.


October Thrift Haul

November 1, 2014

On this first day of November I would like to share my items purchased this past month at thrift stores.

IMG_1029Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mitten. Brown paper packages tied up with strings. These are a few of my favorite things!

The bins are always a necessity for me but….. I can no longer move too many of them at one time. I was rearranging my garage and moving storage around to fit the boat into the garage and threw out my back. I have spent the past two weeks recovering and it has not been without a few tears.

Bins large Sterilite $2.99 with no cover

Small bin with lid  .79

These two were actually vintage book store purchases

– Embroidered Torso Stand $3.50

– Fabric Torso Stand $4.25IMG_1037I see a lot of dolls at thrift stores but these two called out to me.

Country Garden Fairy $1.69

IMG_1041Matryoshka doll also known as Russian nesting doll or babushka doll – Uncle Sam.$1.99  It was over by the Christmas items that are just starting to show up at the thrifts.


I found two items for my Pyrex collection – actually five but 3 are not in the above photo.

Corning Ware P-14-B 400ml dish with Pyrex lid $1.49

I could not pass up another red fridgie for .79

IMG_1033If anyone knows how to add luster to them let me know???

I think I now have 4 of these!

I did use them to make Friendship bread a few years ago.


******Christmas * * * * * *

I like to add a candle head Santa each year. I have so many sometimes I do not know if I already have it or not.
This one is so cute and was only 39 cents. I just had to purchase it.

IMG_1038The Christmas ornament is a Scottie Dog 39 cents also that will hopefully some day soon have the name RIO on is for Jane and Mara for their Doggie for Christmas.


Here is little Rio 8 years ago already!


****************Scrapbooking ********************

I also enjoy scrapbooking and purchased ribbon for 39 cents each and the Autumn Stickers for 79 cents which have sunflowers and squirrels.


IMG_1035My final purchases were books

Christmas Memories A Folk Art Celebration  79cents

Christmas Cats Lesley Anne Ivory

Halloween Crafts book called Ghostly Frights for Halloween Nights

and a Spanish/English dictionary 99c


I have been collecting blue glass for years. Two days a clear glass pitcher with a beautiful blue glass handle was bumped off the table and went crashing to the floor. I purchased this pitcher to replace it for $8.99. It is a little more expensive than I would like but … oh well.IMG_1032

You can see the cabinet I have filled with blue glass.  I have wanted to take every piece out and wash the inside shelves…..I finally did it a few days ago while I was recovering from my back. It took a lot longer because I had to move slowly. I got it done and it looks wonderful. I can now turn the inside light on in the evening and feel good about the collection.


This glass does not match anything I have but again it was 39c so I got it. Often the blue glassware is about $1.69 so I did not pass on it. It will get used.

IMG_1042Does this look familiar to anyone? My mom used a sprinkle bottle when she ironed the clothes back in the 60s. A bit of nostalgia for this old gal!

There are two items still out in my car. An amazing Nutcracker wooden gate that could go in front of a fireplace when not in use.

I window with quilt pieces in the glass panes. It is older and was 14.99. I like it though. I may freshen it up a bit but I thought it would motivate me to possibly make something similar.

I hope you enjoyed my little thrifting treasures. It makes me happy. If you have thrifted any items similar to these feel free to comment and add a link to your post. HAPPY THRIFTING!

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Autumn and Halloween block for Mary Ann’s Triple Irish Chain

November 1, 2014

Tonight is the first time in 25 years I have not taken one of my boys out Trick or Treating. Today is the last day of the 1st semester of 7th grade for our youngest and he still has homework to submit online before the night is over. He was just nominated for the National Junior Honor Society. We picked up the application today.
I had the day off today so I took a few moments this morning to finish sewing this block. I had everything set up and about half of it done so it didn’t take long. It was a beautiful day today.
I should be working on the alternate blocks to this Triple Irish Chain quilt but I keep running these blocks thru the machine as leaders and enders and just keep making the 49 patches.
Just look how blue the sky looks!
There are not many leaves left on the crab apple tree out the front door.
I have never noticed the Forsythia leaves changing colors before. The bush is almost 5 feet tall. I was wondering if I should trim it down before it gets too spinkdly??? Any suggestions?????
It is a beautiful time of the year.
I was thinking I may set a goal to get this quilt top finished by Christmas.
Isn’t this just the perfect KITTY for Halloween.
I am also hunting for a new job which should be my top priority. I threw my back out 2 weeks ago and it has been a painful recovery. I am at about 80 percent now and feeling so much better. Thank goodness!
I have been enjoying using this spiderweb fabric this month.
I made these a few weeks ago and wanted to share them today – Happy Halloween 2014!