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Snowball Quilt

January 30, 2009

Snowball Quilt Waxahatchi #3

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Antique Quilt top purchased in Waxahatchi, Texas.

It is too cold to even make a snowball. Not just too cold today. It’s been too cold the entire month. I heard a few years back of people using a spray bottle to make the snow wet enough to stick. If this weather continues that may have to be the method we use.

You can NOT go through winter in Minnesota without building a snowfamily and/or snowfort and/or snowballs. A good snowball in the face is the best. That’s when the snow melts and the water trickles under your turtleneck and down your neck and on to your back. Winter is not complete until you have experienced this at least once a season!!!

I L-O-V-E winter. That is why I live here. I am so excited to get the coldest month of the year behind us! ONE MORE DAY!!!


This quilt top was such a great find. Sometimes you see the same fabrics appear in numerous quilts but this one has such unique ones. It makes it very special.

Here is one for Jude. She is creating a new quilt called COMA this year and doing a lot of study with dots.


I like fabrics that are directional with lines. The first here is sewn together kitty wompus (sp?) the second is planned and forms an X

snowball-blueTwo more pleasing blocks. The colors are spectacular! red-stripes1

This quilt has a lot of stripe and plaid fabrics ! It’s great.


I have to say this is just about my MOST FAVORITE-EST fabric ever…..Safety Pins!!!

In my retirement I will have plenty of tops to quilt to keep me busy!


Todays January Thrift Purchases

January 13, 2009

January Thrift purchase

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I was able to get out of the office a little early today and picked up my son from school and off to the local thrift we went. We took his older brother back to college yesterday and had to stop and get a few school supplies. A one subject Mean notebook was $4.99. I just about died. I picked up a 5 subject today for 69 cents. The older son needs notebooks and the younger one needs child safe scizzors…SCORE! I have a hard time finding the magazine holders even in office supply stores. I nabbed these up as quickly as possible. Scizzors 99 cents each (probably not that big a savings but then I justify it by thinking…well I am supporting my local thrift!) Mag holders for 3 ring binders 99 cents as well.




I like blue glass. The baking dish was $3.99 but as you can see I had a 20 percent off coupon for my entire order. That gave me an additional 3.77 off my total.


The piece on the left I already had. Now I have two Anchor baking dishes. The smaller one looks just a little darker.



I needed a pair of black shoes so badly. Now if I just don’t wear them out in the snow. The shoes were $9.99 less 20 percent…so $8.00. They don’t look worn at all. It is probably the most expensive pair of shoes I have purchased. I really needed them though. I got the best pair of brown boots last year for even a little less. They are may favorite pair of winter shoe wear. They have high heels though… it’s getting tougher to do as I get older!

I haven’t been able to wear my only pair of black shoes that go with pants. The leather on the heel peeled off. I was wondering if I could get it  replaced??? On T.V. recently they spoke about all the people who are taking their shoes to a cobbler.I have always taken my shoes in to replace the heels… in fact I have about 3 pair that need to go in now!

The reason I went thrifting today... need thread....but white thread mainly!

The reason I went thrifting today... need thread....but white thread mainly!


The thread and needles came in one plastic bag for 99 cents. The center spool is green so I had to add it to the thread garland I put together for the holidays.

The needles are interesting and something I need… self threading needles.

I didn’t even know they made such a thing.


I feel pretty good about my purchases today. I love it when I can get a new pair of thrifted shoes in mint condition plus all the other items for 1/4 the cost of a pair of shoes in a regular store.



This says credit card but it was my bank debit card. Using a credit card would defeat the purpose of going to a thrift store. I debate in my head the needs vs the wants. I really didn’t need an extra baking dish. I did need the shoes. I really didn’t need the thread. I do need the needles. The magazine holders come in handy and help my ultimate goal of having items organized! I said goal……it doesn’t happen usually. The boys will use the school supplies. All in all I really did do well.

I have a list of things I want to find…

1. cross country ski boots for small boys size 2! His pair from last year no longer fit.

2. My co-worker wants me to keep an eye your for Hanna Anderson Ski Sweaters for her boys.

3. My sister wants me to keep an eye out for ice hockey skates for her 15 year old son…size 10 – 11.

4. I do need white thread!

That’s all I can think of at this point. Time to put the little one to bed. Nite All!

Christmas Quilt Project

January 11, 2009

Christmas Quilt Project

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I don’t want the season to be over…

The Tuesday quilt group I am in is having our annual retreat this weekend. I am not going this year due/do to a little one at home and daddy just getting off the night shift. So I sewed this entire day at home!

Sometimes I think to myself “how many unfinished quilt projects can I work on in one day?”

The project above is my second go at this quilt. The first one was started in 2003 and given to Barb in my Tuesday quilting group as a Christmas present. I did not take a picture of it. We meet in each other’s homes so hopefully at some time I will be able to.

I came across this before Christmas and started the star pattern around the 6×6 patch. It then got buried behind all the boxes of Christmas ornaments and decorations. I reached back to my cutting table….which is still hidden and got it this morning. I still have my trees up but they really “should” come down tomorrow. I finished another 6×6 patch today.

Triple Irish Chain

I started my day out by sewing some of my 1 1/2 inch squares for my Triple Irish Chain.

More Triple Irish ChainI have so many sewn one of these days I have to count them. I have one quilt top done for my niece Erica. I hope to finish a second one for her younger sister.

Scrappy Bargello I then sewed some strips for the scrappy bargello I am working on.



As I was sewing my bobbin thread ran out. I pulled out the bobbin and found I had spun white thread over a partially filled bobbin of green. I figured since it was green I may as well use it up!!! The tric was to find green thread for the top of the machine. I then remembered I had made some garland out of red and green spools of thread and bits of fabric. Since I had the green thread I sewed some of the scrappy bargello strips. The red and green ones you see above with the green thread. I then grabbed a foundation for the string pieced diamond and sewed the green fabric with the green thread. Then for fun I sewed a section of the stacked coins…of course green fabric on a white strip. I also sewed the red and green strips together for the Christmas Star block above. In the end I used up all the green bobbin thread.

I then filled it with white thread… and figured I may as well try one more project before I get so exhausted I can’t think straight.

A Little Blue and Yellow Project

Blue and Yellow

Do You notice what is wrong with this picture?

The bulb is burned out that shines over the presser foot.

Can you guess how long it has been out?

I think it has been over a year……… sad. I did buy a bulb……but where did I put it?

Since I am Q_uilted T_hrifted! I wanted to show two thrifted items I purchased this holiday season.

Thrifted Tree Ornament Angel

Owl Tree OrnamentPrice 69 cents at the local thrift

Purchased the owl and the angel for 69 cents each. The owl still had the original tag on it at $4.99

I would say that was a bargain.

The last two projects I don’t think you have seen yet.

Christmas Doll Quilt for Charity

Christmas Doll Quilt for Charity

I saw this quilt on Flickr and decided to make it to give away for Christmas. The Tuesday Quilt group I am in decided this year we would buy a doll and make a quilt to donate. We will be taking them over to the location in February so I have a little time. I thought I was ready to trim down the sides and realized when I went to look at the original quilt that it needs another border. I had to use the seam ripper and open up all the seams so I can add to it. It took me a while to find a seam ripper and then of course within minutes I found another.

imga03341The other work in progress I added to today is a 4-patch design. The upper left block is red in each 4 patch. I have no idea how this is going to turn out but…..I’m going for it.

To end the night I just want to share with you two bears I made back in the 70s. I use them to hold my needles.


The one on the left has rust stains on him. He has aged…just like me!

“how many unfinished quilt projects can I work on in one day?” Today it was 8!