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Sunflower Crazy Quilting Revisited

October 3, 2013

One of my goals today

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I haven’t worked on this quilt in a long time. Today I finished this 49 patch.

IMG_3435Kitty fabric I got from my friend Kitty.

IMG_3436Added print to go with the current trend.

IMG_3437Laid out over the floor.

IMG_3438four crazy quilted blocks ready for embroidered sunflowers or butterflies.

The block with the flower petals will get embroidery on it and some crazy quilting in the center.

The second from the bottom has an embroidered heart and the hint of another.


Pulling a little plaid


This thought process has been in the slow cooker…

IMG_3442I drew these based on blocks on a quilt calendar I have somewhere …..drawn about 10 years ago for a different project.

IMG_3441I will have to reduce them in size to fit the applique blocks in this quilt

IMG_3443  IMG_3444

I want to add these two prints to a 49 patch block. The clock fabric I have had for years and years. I added it recently to a few other projects.

The bird fabric is in my Spiderweb quilt and the scrappy Bargello.

IMG_3445I don’t remember what this type of stitchwork is called. I believe it came from my sister from the deserted farm. It will go in somewhere. I have a doily in the quilt already.

IMG_3446this is a rework of a block I had started laying out and set aside….ended up in a container with these little pieces scattered. I located the piece of fabric with /3 of the squares so I cut new pieces and have this so far.

Now I need to cut more creams and whites.

I had hoped to have a different fabric in each 49 patch but I think I am going to give up on that idea.

It really does make the process “slow”.

A few blocks have not been found. This¬† ragged edge sunflower is somewhere and also “Yes We Can