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Merry Thriftmas Nov 4th Value Village

November 4, 2011

Merry Thriftmas Nov 4th Value Village

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I have really been looking forward to this day. I had hoped to add to a few collections.
Spirit of Christmas Books…not found
Santa candle holders..which I have enough of but…..

  I first went over to the dishes and looked for Pyrex. There was one clear glass bowl. Not the one you see here. This one is not Pyrex but I need it for cereal in the morning. We have broken three bowls in the last few weeks.

Karen had asked me to keep an eye open for a ceramic Christmas Tree. I had seen one a week or two ago at a different thrift but didn’t know at the time she needed to replace her husbands mother’s tree that had broken. I found this one for 2.99! It needs a few bulbs and the light for inside. My mom made one years ago. She loves doing ceramics and makes us a Santa every year.  I am going to ask her help in getting some bults and a top star for this one.

These two Scottie doggies are just adoreable!

They say 7.99 on the bottom of each of them. They were in a bag together for 2.99. Our niece has the cutest dog name Rio and the white puppy looks just like him. This will be a gift to their family along with another baby block ornament I purchased a few weeks ago that has a Scottie dog on it too.

This little elf did not have a price tag but I took it up to the front and asked for a price. The woman said “Oh, this is vintage…. $1.99” I bought iit! It will look great with some of the others I already have.

This is a music box I will wrap up for my son as a Calendar gift. He really likes this. I will also wrap the Christmas book at the top of this page. We can then open one up Decembers 1st and the other December 2nd and we can then read a bed time story to Toy Land music.

This tree skirt looks vintage but it is not. It was the most expensive item I purchased at $5.99. It will look spectacular under my vintage trimmed tree.