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My favorite day

April 30, 2017

April is coming to an end today and I want to share my favorite day!


Easter! We were able to get a wonderful photo with mom.

Cherishing the moment with mom.




These two lovebirds are getting married May 13th!


Emily is in auto mechanic school where she met her hubby to be Caleb. He is off to boot camp shortly after the wedding and then she will join him on base in October.

We have another wedding in September.

Here is my brother Gary thinking about paying for another wedding!

His daughters mean the world to him but for this entrepreneur letting go of that money well … he works very hard and I have to say is very successful. My mentor my entire life.  Once Jenna and Nick get married and Gary teaches him the business they will be a force to be reckoned with!

and who knows after that there may be a third wedding!


We also celebrated Mary Ann’s birthday.

And yes that is a pickle on the top of her birthday cake – courtesy of Auntie Roseann!

This young woman loves pickles so  much she will eat an entire jar. One year for Christmas she received multiple jars of pickles from various family members as gifts. We all roared with laughter. She is not going to be able to live this one down.


Mom is roaring with laughter here. Isn’t this a beautiful sight!

I was hoping to get a picture of my brother Ken with mom but before I knew it she bolted around the side of the house. She heard our youngest was driving dad’s Durango down the road for the first time!

He will be starting drivers ed soon. This is a major deal because this guy is pretty timid compared to his brother…

yes….. those looks say it all!

There was a lot of bonding going on all day


Tossing the football

Elysia kite flying


Jon running underdogs at the swing!


Our angel Kay making certain mom is comfortable

and just sitting around as family.


Oh yeah, and an Easter egg hunt!