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August 28, 2021

My aunt Kay has dedicated her life to our family. She devoted her life to the care of our mother. She is the only reason our mom lived to be 92 years of age.

She will live in our family home until she can no longer.

She has these two figures. I have always admired them.

The start of a collection

In perfect fashion I started searching for more at thrift shops and antique stores. This week I have found two. Don’t tell her though it will be a surprise.


Yesterday I thrifted the Flower Girl. She needs a good bath but for 1.49 and no chips or scratches it’s a great deal.

I gave Kay this sitting girl last year for Christmas along with the boy holding a candle.

They are Candy Designs from Norway designed after the paintings of Carl Larsson.

I went to eBay and there are plenty to collect. The below pictures are not mine.

I know I could order these off eBay for less than $40 each but I love going to thrift stores and antique stores to treasure hunt. I occasionally hit the jackpot and find one for $1.49. Yay!!!!!!!! Two Christmas presents done for 2021.


Thrifted Treasures

August 27, 2021

Today’s thrifted treasures
Inside the kit! Supplies to get started!!!

Dog House Quilt

August 24, 2021

Dog House quilt for Jenna

     I have had this idea in my head for years and years and years. Which means over 10 years at least. 

Flickr Gallery: House Blocks

and a second Gallery: Wonky Dog Quilt

Nine Patch

August 21, 2021

I saw a picture of this quilt by Bonnie Hunter and I knew I had to make the quilt. I have bags and containers and bins of fabric of all sizes. I LUV scrappy quilts of all kinds. This block is made of one inch squares. When the nine pieces are sewn together it is a 2″ block. The center of each block is red. I thrift a lot of my thread and have no issues with using it in a scrap quilt like this. I was able to get 10 spools of thread for 25c each when I picked this one up.

It’s not perfect but it is perfect

According to my notes I started this quilt mid November 2019. It’s been a fun quilt to work on. I like that I can go at my own pace. I am actually making two different quilt patterns simultaneously using these one inch strips of fabric.

I completed this block last night and spent some time analyzing it.

There are 24 background blocks and they are all different fabrics

There are 125 prints in the nine patches which includes 25 different red fabric centers

There is the opportunity for 100 white on white fabrics. In this block there are

86 different fabrics because while looking at it I see 7 fabrics are repeated and of those 4 are in the block twice, two are in the block 3 times and one is in the block 4x.

When I do the math I come out with this block having a total of 235 different fabrics.

Yay! That’s scrappy happiness!!!

A bit of play

Sometimes I just make nine patches. sometimes I sew the nine patches into nine patches. Sometimes I make the larger squares. It just depends on how I feel on any given day.

New Fabric Purchase

I don’t do this very often. In this case I wanted a bit more variation in the 2″ squares. I don’t have much pink. I will be able to use it in at lease 3 different projects I have going. More about that to come.

Organization Attempt

Sometimes I try to get organized. Sometimes I just like to play with the fabric and call it organizing.

I have a ways to go before this top will be completed. I am certainly enjoying the process.

Color Block Postage Stamp Quilt

August 20, 2021

I am quilting and I am thrifting!

August 20, 2021

I thrifted the below items! I was very excited to find the Gemco Cream and Sugar in the Pyrex Spring Blossom pattern. I have quite a few pieces in this pattern but did not have these two.

It’s fun to see that Halloween is starting to be displayed. I picked up a pillowcase thinking it could be a solid in my Colorblockpastagestamp quilt. I found out I already have this shade of orange. I am certain I will find a use for it with the Halloween season coming. Otherwise I just use it as a pillow case.

I am starting to pick up some items for junk journaling. I have never done it before. I did just coffee dye some pages as well as some scraps of lace. I was looking for a butterfly stamp but settled for an acorn, some leaves, a bird, a scroll and a sunflower! Yay! I have found some cards with sunflowers on them so one of my first books will have that theme. Most of what I have in greeting cards is butterflies. You can never have too many.

Hazel Atlas Strawberry Bowl

I have been an avid Pyrex collector for years. I came across this strawberry bowl and checked eBay and etsy and did not find anything in this size. I did see one with this pattern in green and they wanted $300.

Thrifted Fabric

I hit the jackpot on fabric. I laid them out according to the bags I purchased and then sorted them by color. I will really be able to add to the postage stamp quilt I am working on now.

I thrifted 10 bags of fabric. There was another $3 and the rest were $2


I have 3 more blocks already finished and will continue to add more.

I stopped in at a fabric store but did not have the quilt with me. If I had been smart I would have cut an extra block from each color and just keep it with me. I know I need more lights.

I have been wanting to blog again for quite a while. I have finally done it! I am healthy, not wealthy, and a little bit wise! Life is good.