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12 1/2 unfinished and ready to go out in the mail

July 21, 2012

12 1/2 unfinished and ready to go out in the mail

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Add a Border group. I just finished the second round. Dustin did the first part.
I will now mail this back to Dustin and he will send out to two others for two more rounds.
This group inspires your creativity. There is no pattern. Just go for it. The group is open so if you are interested join in!

Update 4-18-13

AAB Rosie the Robot by Dustin

Round three

and the final 4th round

Rosie the Robot

and all of this came from the 1st block Dustin started…

rosie the robot round 1

and once I received it I was inspired by a Valentine card I had just purchased for my son.

Rosie the Robot

This is still an ongoing group if anyone is interested in joining in!


My Grandma Lulu’s mother’s quilt blocks

July 19, 2012

My Grandma Lulu’s mother’s quilt blocks

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Grandma Lulu is my mom’s mom. She was a school teacher in rural Minnesota. The quilt was in a box as pieces under her bed. I would visit her and ask if she would pull it out so I could see it. There were the start of two quilts in that box I treasured.