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Merry Christmas 2014

December 28, 2014

I have my first chance of the holiday season to sit down and do a little sewing. I chose to add some Winter fabrics to the block for my Scrap Attack quilt.

This is block #33 for this quilt.

While photographing the finished block I notice the musical staffs are upside down. I will rip that little piece out and turn it around.  I also noticed the tan fabric that looks like snowballs is in the quilt twice. I may take that second set in the middle section out.
I was looking for my white fabric that has trees on it. That little scrap of fabric is always around when I am not looking for it. This may be the last block I need to complete the top – or possibly just one more.
IMG_1798“The Holly and the Ivy”

IMG_1799“Glory to the new born KING”

IMG_1801A little metallic gold fabric
I love in the winter time how the plants pop up from the snow. A sculpture in snow. IMG_1247

IMG_1803“Patches” she was out kitty growing up. IMG_1802This metallic leaf fabric is found throughout the blocks on the quilt.
The stars in the darker golden fabric are metallic as well.
A little sparkle for the season.

There was not snow here Christmas  morning but shortly after waking it started to fall. This morning we have a good 4 inches of fresh white powdery snow on the ground.
Wishing all my friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Block #10 Butterflies

May 11, 2013

Block #10 Butterflies

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It has been one of those glorious Spring days! We have waited a long time for a day like today!

IMG_2130The sun was shining so brightly and my son had today off school so after finishing my yellow block for my current quilt project we headed to the zoo!


IMG_2132My son could not quite grasp the concept of what I was trying to do but he cooperated. I thought the conservatory looked like a desk bell.

IMG_2136I wanted him to waive but of course he has to be James Bond!

IMG_2139Even the birds are colorful today… and yellow!

IMG_2142The entrance.


     IMG_2145   I always love seeing this rush plant. We had them down by the river growing up as a child. I went down there recently and there are still some there growing wild.


This picture show the kind of day we had today. The fragrance in this room was enough to make anyone dance!

IMG_2147     IMG_2148

IMG_2149     IMG_2150

IMG_2151   IMG_2155


Orange Tree


IMG_2190    It’s only fitting I added some bright pink just like the flowers we saw today!


and some butterflies…

IMG_2192    IMG_2191

IMG_2195The sun is setting on this wonderful day.

Orange Chair block #9 and Black Bicycle block #8

May 10, 2013

Orange Chair block #9

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I was hoping to get some yellow blocks done today but the orange really drew me to it. I am tired tonight and it took every ounce of energy I have to get this block done. I also worked on mom’s Many Trips Around the World quilt. I would like to make some progress on it before Mother’s Day on Sunday.

IMG_2108I pulled a bin out of storage this morning

IMG_2107I was very excited to see more text fabric!

IMG_2116I started working on a yellow block

IMG_2117and then started setting down some orange fabrics.

IMG_2124pretty soon the orange was making more progress than the yellow

and I was able to add a chair from the newly found text fabric.

IMG_2118The chair was the first thing to jump out at me!

See my Chair Galleries on Flickr.

Chair Luv I, Luv II, Luv III, Luv IV, Luv V

I am making some progress on the yellow block as well.


I should be able to finish it tomorrow.

IMG_2126I am very pleased with how the orange turned out.

IMG_1957A few days ago I started a black block and had this great bicycle fabric of Jan’s


I can’t wait to get better lighting to take a picture of the whole family together!

I have wonderful photos from our Tuesday Quilter’s gathering that I will share in my next post.

A Rainy Snowy Day in May

May 4, 2013

Purple block #7 on a rainy-snowy day in May

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Purple block #7


I have a hard time using large scale print. When I look at a block it is all I see. I did read that a scrappy quilt needs the variation in size of print. If I space them around the quilt hopefully it will not be all I see.

I like the blue with the purple. I just made a doll quilt in these two colors.


The purple and blue is a leftover block from the quilt. I just set it in and and really like the leaf fabric with the cream background.





IMG_1947       The little flower fabric is one of my favorites. I have them in the flowerbed in my backyard and I really enjoy when they flower. This is also a leftover block from the doll quilt.

The fabric with the grasses reminds me of the rushes and cat tails we have out in front of the lake. I just had little itsy bits of this fabric and I love that it found a place in this quilt.


I like that I have been able to use my polka dot fabrics in this project and it is working. It gives the piece the playfulness that it needs.

I had a nice blend of lights and darks in purple. I really don’t have that much purple in my stash but I found enough to make a second block and not have it be all the same fabrics. MORE Happy Scrappiness!!!!

Full view - hanging from window

Here it the doll quilt I made last month using the purple and blue fabrics.


Yellow runs the diagonal of the block
Block #6 Blue Skies!


Block #6 Blue Skies is the upper right corner block of the quilt


Polka dot and kitty happiness!


I have been able to use a number of the kitty fabrics I have. I like that they are small scale because these little blocks are 1 inch finished.


Kitties in the green block


kitties in the brown block


I shot this photo last night before the purple block was finished. I will need to work on some yellow ones today or tomorrow but first I am jumping over the my AAB block so I can try to get them in the mail.

Block #5

May 2, 2013

Time to Fish  Block #5

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I am really enjoying making this quilt top! I had a majority of this laid out last night but reworked almost the entire thing this morning after I cut out the fish word fabric.  Last night I finished block #4. I took some quick pics but they are dark. I set the two yellows next to each other and realized the one had gone overboard with the brightness!





Garage Sale fabrics picked up last week

There was too much yellow in this block. I took a few of the really bright yellow blocks out and I will add them to another one.  I am swimming in fabric everywhere in my living room. It drives my Mr crazy!!!


IMG_1811Notice the polka dots! I tried to add as many dot fabrics as I could find!


As I was working on this second yellow block I set it along side the red one and worked on running some red into the yellow and lining up some of the blue so the diagonal ran into the next block.  On the next green block I did not do this. I worked in a different area and focused on having the disappearing nine patch. The dark blocks will read as a nine patch from a distance. The yellow blocks will not. This way there will be a diagonal running through the entire quilt. You will see it better as the quilt gets larger.


Block #4 Complete!
The block to the left of this one is red and the block to the right will be blue.

Time to Fish Block #5




IMG_1896       To me these fabrics look like fish bubbles!





Inspired by this quilt!