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Basket Weave

April 18, 2013

Basket Weave

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I am in an Add A Border group. This is a block I made and submitted to the group.

I had never worked a basket weave before. I didn’t want it to be exact because a lot of the AAB blocks are wonky or hand pieced or just simply creative in nature not with rulers and rules.

Carol did the second round. She kept with the relaxed methodology that I began with.


She didn’t feel a need to match up the corners. She allowed the patches to run right off the ends. I love this. It has that Gees Bend feel.

The third round by Ed brought back the basket weave. I like that both Carol and Ed added patriotic fabric.

Basket Weave by theresa@quilted thrifted, ladybug and cattails (Ed Hart)

I had one red fabric with stars but otherwise there was no true patriotic direction in the first block I did.

There is one more round to go unless Ed decided to keep the block and continue with it himself.

One of the rules of the AAB group is that if you are working on a block and absolutely fall in love with it you can keep it.

When any of us make a block we need to go into it realizing most likely the block will not come back to us….maybe…but….

I had every intention of making many blocks but have only submitted 4 and received 4 back to work on. I have 3 I have here to mail back in and one more I have the direction I want to go on paper but got side tracked with taxes and other projects and set it aside.

Here is the blog link to Rosie The Robot block I worked on. It finished the fourth round and if I ever get to a fourth round and she is still available I could get her back!

The second block I worked on is Leftovers Again blogged here.


Flowers for February

February 22, 2013

AAB leftovers again round two

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AAB leftovers again round one Roccagal






















I did it!

Add A Border block 2nd round

February 17, 2013

A completed 12 1/2″ Add A Border block 2nd round

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A completed 12 1/2″ Add A Border block 2nd round. I have been in the Add A Border group for over a year. I am not the most active member in completing blocks and getting them mailed back but I thoroughly enjoy this group. I rarely miss a week where I peruse the photos on Flickr of members creations. This is the block I worked on this month. I have a bin of batiks to pull from. I haven’t worked in Batiks for quite a while.

The original block was named Pastel Stripe Batik and was made by Celestejohnson2008
I wanted to get the 1st round block to 6 1/2 from 5 1/2 so I was a bit daring and added two strips to the center of the block. I hope people in the AAB group don’t mind because I am pleased with the design of the 2nd round block. The only thing is I don’t have much for pastel batiks. I did get a bit of almost every batik fabric I have though. I hope all members are OK with my adapting the original block to so I could end up with the 12 inch finished block.

IMG_0128  Here is the original 5 1/2 in unfinished block  IMG_0180and below is the adapted block.


12 1/2 unfinished and ready to go out in the mail

July 21, 2012

12 1/2 unfinished and ready to go out in the mail

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Add a Border group. I just finished the second round. Dustin did the first part.
I will now mail this back to Dustin and he will send out to two others for two more rounds.
This group inspires your creativity. There is no pattern. Just go for it. The group is open so if you are interested join in!

Update 4-18-13

AAB Rosie the Robot by Dustin

Round three

and the final 4th round

Rosie the Robot

and all of this came from the 1st block Dustin started…

rosie the robot round 1

and once I received it I was inspired by a Valentine card I had just purchased for my son.

Rosie the Robot

This is still an ongoing group if anyone is interested in joining in!