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Spring is Here!

April 3, 2009

Spring is Here!

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This was my first picture ever posted to Flickr last year. The picture was taken May 22. I have another month before the tree gets to this stage. My Flickr anniversary will be June 11 2009. Keep posted!


I cut a few more branches off the bottom a month or so ago. They were starting to hang down over the sidewalk. I heard you are supposed to cut any branches off that are growing downward. Healthy branches are supposed to be growing toward the sun. This photos is April 2009.

IMGA0284 IMGA0283

It really won’t be long now before these babies pop open!

IMGA0282The little crab apples are creating quite a mess. I have been putting them in the compost bin. That should be good I would think.

Mother’s Day May 10th 2009

IMGA0355That’s me…..the shadow on the right….the sun is setting….I really like this time of the evening.

We haven’t quite reached the full blossom stage as in the top photo on this blog but it is just days away…a week I would think at the most.

Happy Mommy’s Day to me.  It’s almost midnight though…pretty soon I am going to turn into a pumpkin…or go down with the sun!