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Sunflower Crazy Quilting Revisited

October 3, 2013

One of my goals today

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I haven’t worked on this quilt in a long time. Today I finished this 49 patch.

IMG_3435Kitty fabric I got from my friend Kitty.

IMG_3436Added print to go with the current trend.

IMG_3437Laid out over the floor.

IMG_3438four crazy quilted blocks ready for embroidered sunflowers or butterflies.

The block with the flower petals will get embroidery on it and some crazy quilting in the center.

The second from the bottom has an embroidered heart and the hint of another.


Pulling a little plaid


This thought process has been in the slow cooker…

IMG_3442I drew these based on blocks on a quilt calendar I have somewhere …..drawn about 10 years ago for a different project.

IMG_3441I will have to reduce them in size to fit the applique blocks in this quilt

IMG_3443  IMG_3444

I want to add these two prints to a 49 patch block. The clock fabric I have had for years and years. I added it recently to a few other projects.

The bird fabric is in my Spiderweb quilt and the scrappy Bargello.

IMG_3445I don’t remember what this type of stitchwork is called. I believe it came from my sister from the deserted farm. It will go in somewhere. I have a doily in the quilt already.

IMG_3446this is a rework of a block I had started laying out and set aside….ended up in a container with these little pieces scattered. I located the piece of fabric with /3 of the squares so I cut new pieces and have this so far.

Now I need to cut more creams and whites.

I had hoped to have a different fabric in each 49 patch but I think I am going to give up on that idea.

It really does make the process “slow”.

A few blocks have not been found. This  ragged edge sunflower is somewhere and also “Yes We Can


Projects I worked on in 2012

December 30, 2012

Projects I worked on in 2012

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I did it. I made a mosaic at Big Huge Labs via Flickr Toys. These are the projects I have worked on off and on throughout the year…and previous years for that matter.

The Spiderweb quilt top was finished in the last few months. I love this quilt so much. It is a lot of fun to work on it. I have the backing fabric already and want to make a row of spiderwebs to add to the back. I was thinking of doing it in 3 different sizes and even drafted the templates. We’ll see what happens.

The Trip Around the World quilt I would have liked to have finished for my mom for Christmas. I threw my back out on the  19th and that put a slow down on everything in my life. I have all the pieces cut and ready to finish but still am setting in the blocks by hand. It’s coming along. I am thinking of flannel for the back so she can have it as a lap quilt in her lounge chair.

The Grandmother’s Flower Garden block. I picked these pieces up at the thrift store. I have never really  paper pieced and hand sewn pieces together so this was a first for me. I have a quilt that needs repair but the hexagon size is not the same. I did borrow a ruler from Sharyn in my quilt group and will work with it.

The Scrappy Bargello is hanging in my laundry room and I cut pieces for it as I work on other projects. I took it outside this summer for a photo shoot and made some progress on it. It was so fun to see it outside in the day light.

The Nine-Patch String piece is our Tuesday Quilters project for 2012. I love how it is coming together.

The Musical Ninepatch is for my niece Leah. I need to sew the sides on the front. I am almost done with the pieces back. If I set aside a few days I would have the two sides done.

The Sunflower quilt is my design and my pride and joy. I started this as a Crazy Quilt Revisited project with Jude Hill. I am alternating crazy quilt blocks with 49 patches.

Rosie the Robot is part of the Add A Border Group and was so fun to do.

String Pieced diamonds was started back in the 70s. I do a diamond here and there. This will be a life long project. I have more diamonds to sew together but other projects always come first.

Coin quilt/Calendar quilt uses up itty bitty pieces. I will blog more about this in a separate post. It will be a journal of quilts projects and fabrics when it is finished.

Ileene’s heart quilt was started this year. She and I work on it together. One of these days we will get it finished.

The Ragged Egg quilt made some progress this year. The blocks were finished and this year I sewed on the sashing strips. I want to put a scalloped border around this one. I most likely will not pick it up again until it gets closer to Easter.

Red and Blue quilt is something I have wanted to do for a while and this year I just got it started. Just Do It. I will continue when the mood hits me.

Sunflower quilt. This block had the petals pinned to it for years. I took some time this year to sew the petals on and get the pins off the thing. I LOOOOVVVVEEEEEEE how it turned out.

Low Volume quilt was started this year. I like the idea of having all soft colors.

Christmas Star is a table runner for my sister in Chicago. I am almost done. Almost! I need to find my metallic thread. If I know where is was it would be done (Organization)

Mary Ann’s Triple Irish Chain did not make it into this collage. I have worked on it off and on this year. It is a constant work in progress because I keep cutting 1 1/2 inch

strips and blocks as I work on other projects.

What if…I add a vintage doily…

May 21, 2011

What if…I add a vintage doily…

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I am reworking this block and adding crazy patchwork. It is the main theme of this quilt. Crazy Quilting Revisited.

Another block for the sunflower quilt completed!

May 5, 2011

with my daddy’s wooden mushrooms

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It’s been a two week process of drawing the sunflower, reducing it because it was 8 1/2 inches and I needed it between 6 1/2 an d7 inches.

The reversing it so I could draw it on the back of the crazy patchwork.

I have been carrying it around with me to get a few stitches in here and there. I just need to cut it down now to the 7 1/2 inch size and add it to a row on the quilt.

I did some rows of small segments of fabric and then added them to the 4 corners. I like the look and it allows me to use up some pretty small pieces.

I still have to draw the lines on each petal and get them sewn. I guess I am not finished after looking at this photo. hah!

The back side prior to starting the embroidery

front side prior to the embroidery stitching

I Spy a Kitty

February 6, 2010

I Spy a Kitty

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This is a donation quilt for Project Linus made by my Flickr pal “herdogannie”. We did a fabric exchange because I was in need of yellows for my sunflower quilt.

I just cut some squares two weeks ago and was playing with the layout of another block during the Vikings playoff game.

I love the colors in the Project Linus quilt because I think they are great for a boy or a girl!

Here are some of the fabrics I got from herdogannie.  The second I got them I put them into a sunflower “slow quilt” project I work on here and there!

Here is another shot of the 49 patch

Here are the cat fabrics just before I sent them. It was 10 months ago and I like the fact that I took the photo outside and there was no snow on the deck! We are going to have 5 straight days of snow. My mother just told me she and two aunts are going to Florida for the month of March. Oh how I wish I could go with them!!!

I have enjoyed this fabric swap a lot. I like seeing what herdogannie has done with the cat squares. I did another swap with Karen.

I gave Karen the cat fabrics and she sent me the sunflower yellow/gold (my favorite color)

As you can tell Karen took the photos above and they are of a much better quality. I use a camrecorder for a camera…. sometimes the photos come out ok and sometimes…..they look like the one above these. Oh well, there are greater things in life to get worked up about!

Like the sunflower quilting all over this quilt…..Oh if I could only get to the point of doing something like this!

Star for Australia/Studio Bookshelves/Sunflower/Seasons

February 11, 2009

Star for Australia

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I had a request today to get involved in a group Bush Fire Quilt Project that is making blocks for quilts for the survivors of the horrible fire in Australia. My son and I quickly made 2 blocks and will put them in the mail tomorrow.

more about the details of the quilt block can be found on this site by campfollowerbags.

Bush Fire Quilt Project

Miniature for me

My studio

I am slowly doing some organizing. On Sunday I started with the bookshelves and sorted them by color. I have the books to the left and then accessories in that color to the right. It is my way of having organized chaos!

orange shelf green shelf

yellow shelf red shelf

purple shelf blue shelf

Having the bookshelves coordinated by color is just fun. It makes it more enjoyable to be in the studio. I even have a pink shelf started. It’s below

the yellow one but ends up behind the table.


The sunflower quilt is slowly coming along. I finished a 4th 49 patch this morning. I haven’t sewn it in yet. Everything is a process you know!

I am setting the fabrics aside for the 5th 49 patch. I may have to start asking the ladies in my quilt group for donations…I want each 49 patch to

have a different white/cream tone on tone and a different yellow/golden tone. So far I haven’t had a duplicate.

I did purchase some sunflower fabric last week. I added it to the group Stash Sunday.



I have to use every bit of space I have. The sunflower quilt project hangs on the front of the door. This is what has been behind the door for years.

It is called “Seasons” I wanted to call it “Seasons in the Sun” but every time I say the title I think of the song.  I then get the song stuck in my brain………….

….we had joy we had fun we had seasons in the sun….

This quilt has quite a story. It was a group project with my Tuesday quilt group. One year we could ask the other ladies to make us a block. I asked that they each choose whatever block they wanted but to make it 4″ . They could make from 2 up to 16 blocks. I gave them inspiration fabric.  My intention is to have these 16 sets around the perimeter of the quilt and then to have a garden of wildflowers in the center.  We’ll see!

Sunflower CQR What If…

November 23, 2008

Sunflower CQR What If…

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What If..
– I take the bargello theme and run with it for the center of my sunflower.
– I set the flower on top of the crazy quilted block.
– I put 3 dimensional petals around the edge of the flower (still in my mind)
– It takes me 10 years before I get the embroidery and embellishments on this one!


I am really enjoying this project. It is 1am and I have the computer all to myself with no distractions!

I am getting really tired and will write more in the morning. I just wanted to get some progress noted on the CQR Flickr Group. I am mixing all the different projects I have worked on over the years with all the new techniques I am trying for the first time. I enjoy Jude’s work so much. It is exciting to push myself into an area I know nothing about…..all I know is I want to have texture in this project. I want to use as many scraps as possible. I want to do hand sewing on a foundation! I have to admit though I have been mixing machine sewing and handsewing on the same block. I feel like I am one with ADD…I jump from one to the other with enthusiasm and excitement.

I started this project by taking many of the 1 1/2 squares I have cut for my Triple Irish Chains and making them into a 49 Patch.

I now have 3 blocks completed and a fourth in the fabric collection process. Not one fabric is the same! That does mean so far I have 147 different white and golden tone fabrics in the quilt. They are all from my stash or from bags and bins and boxes of fabric the Tuesday quilters have given to me over the years. I tell them “please

don’t throw anything away….I WILL use it” or at least attempt to.

The second block I wrote about a couple months back.

The third and fourth blocks I did were the circular centers of the two sunflowers. This one below I appliqued onto a solid foundation. The other one I appliqued onto what I thought was going to be a crazy quilted foundation. I still couldn’t pull myself away from an orderly process. I ended up with a radiating background.

I was able to do some of the hand sewing in the car for 12 weeks of football going back and forth to the games.


They made it into the playoffs so I even worked on the the 13th week at home while listening to the game on the internet.

I love technology these days!


My appliqued block on a radiating foundation pieced background.

I still have all kinds of embroidery and bead work I want to do on this block. I really like the radiating affect.

The fifth block is the top one on the right side. I loved the leaf fabric and did not want to cut it into small pieces so I made stacked coins out of all the little white and off white scraps I have (believe me I do not throw anything away). I set them 1 inch in from the right side. It matches the stacked coins on the second block. I thought it would bring a theme that may run within the quilt.

The sixth and seventh blocks I went back to the sunflowers. I have been making a scrappy bargello quilt.

I wanted to take that theme and add it to this quilt as well.  I think what I ended up with is very nice and will be developed even further. I was finally able to achieve a crazy quilt block on a foundation. You can see it in the first picture above.

imga0086-1imga0085-1 After appliquing the sunflower onto the foundation with the radiating pattern I cut out the back so it wouldn’t be so thick and heavy. I took the back and used it to represent the petals on this block. I then did the couching around the two seams. The texture is superb. Once it is quilted it will be even better.


This block is done in a freestyle piecing method. I wanted the feeling of depth. I may have to work on the concept a little further in future blocks. This one worked out OK. It has a 1 inch strip on the right side to give the block an a-symmetrical feel.  I like the overall affect it has on the quilt.


In total I have 15 blocks in progress. Three of them are adapted orphan blocks given to me by Sharyn R from the “Quilting Babes” the Tuesday Quilt group I am in.

The background fabric is a beautiful sunflower design that I just adore. I had to bring the block down from 9″ to 7 1/2″ unfinished. It wasn’t that difficult to do. I may make a few more stars with crazy quilting centers. I suppose it all depends on how large this will end up being!

And that is me at the bottom of this photo….Ha! Even my shoes are the color of this quilt. I told you it was my favorite color. You will see if over and over again in my clothes and things I make and thing I collect and items I thrift. I just really like it!

Well, it is now 1:58 am. I have been working on this for an hour. I am still a novice at all of this. Oh yes I am. Those that read this I thank you. If anyone wants to contribute with golden tone fabrics let me know! The scrappier the better … as I say!

CQR Crazy Quilting Revisited

September 7, 2008

Two blocks are completed. My intention is to have a sunflower theme. I have two sunflower blocks started but I need to do the crazy quilting for the foundation. I actually did them first but of course don’t know where they are at the moment.

Weaving thread and spools purchased at a thrift this past week
Weaving thread and spools purchased at a thrift this past week. I was wondering if I had some golden embroidery thread and then I remembered I purchased these spools. The yellow works perfectly and gives the project a wonderful texture.  I want to use thrifted  items in this project.  It is uncanny because I just thrifted Thursday night and had the good fortune to find  two packets of needles, a packet  of rick rack,  and some thimbles  all for  29cents and 39cents.  I love it!

This is my revisiting of Crazy quilting.

I took a 1 1/2 inch strip that I work with so often. I had washed a bunch of fabric that had fallen on the floor so the strip had this nice soft fringe. I sewed it down twice so the fringe overlaped.  I then took the remaining fabric and rolled it back over the seam. I took the weaving thread and crisscrossed back and forth over the ridge. I was able to sit in a chair by the front window and soak in the sun while stitching. This is the stitchwork I have been longing to do. I hope to do more and more. It is one of the reasons I enjoy looking at Jude’s work. I can see the hours and hours of handwork she puts into her project.

Thank You Jude. Thank you for starting this group and encouraging quilters to work outside our comfort zones. I have seen so many wonderful projects already on the Flickr site and I look forward to seeing more.

I go through my day and keep coming up with more WHAT IF. I have a few I am very excited to get started on.

College Football

College Football - My older son is a sophomore at Minnesota State Mankato University on a football scholarship. He had his second game on Saturday up at Bemidji State. We picked up grandma and headed up to the game. I sewed my 1 1/2 inch squares together while grandma knitted.

I was at my quilting group’s gathering on Tuesday after my little one fell asleep so early. There were 11 out of 12 of us there. I showed the group my Scrappy Bargello I have been working on. The last few meetings I sewed together 1 1/2 inch squares for another Triple Irish Chain. Many of the gals said it looked just like a project I would work on since I enjoy working with the small squares. My favorite member said it looked like “idiot” work. What is her problem? To top it off a few days later my significant other commented in a fit of anger that all I work on is sewing stupid 1 1/2 inch squares together. Of course so while he drove to the football game on Saturday I did my idiot work and hand sewed on my stupid squares. It felt great. I just have to chuckle. Why are people so mean. Why do people have to say things in an attempt to hurt another. Life is tough enough without someone trying to take away from me one of the rare things that give me pleasure.

7 x 7 patch in golden tones

7 x 7 patch in golden tones

First Day of First Grade

I was off to work before he even got out of bed. I got daddy to take a quick shot once we got home. This little guy was so exhausted he had a splitting headache and couldn’t even eat dinner. He took a quick bath and by 6pm he was sound asleep. That was quite a first day! (Tuesday after Labor Day) As you can tell I like this golden color. We ended up wearing the same color on the first day of school and we didn’t even know it.

  • I am trying to use scraps throughout this project. This is a challenging project for me because I have usually worked in a very structured environment. I will end up combining structure with free piecing.

CQR Crazy Quilting Revisited

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I finally did it. The 7×7 in yellows and golds I hand sewed in the car to the football game yesterday. Today I put together my CQR.

  • What if… I took scraps from the ends of the strips used for the 7×7 and sewed the various sizes together.
  • What if… I took a 1 1/2 inch strip that I work with so often and sewed it down twice so the fringe overlaps and then take the remaining fabric and roll it back over.
  • What if… I then took the weaving thread and crisscrossed back and forth over the ridge.
  • what if…I took fabric with the x imprint and put it with the block.
  • what if…I used the shape of the fabric scrap I used and sew the next piece on following the curve of the piece. I like letting the fabric speak to me.