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Free Piecing in Brights/Quilt List

September 22, 2008

Free piecing in brights

I saw a picture on Flickr with a design similar to this. It was a doll class of some kind. I can’t seem to find it again and it was before I started a Flickr account. It stayed in my mind enough to get this far on it. I don’t work in brights very often so this is a challenge.

I have a what if on this one…

What if I took the design in the circles of the turtles and appliqued that pattern on large circles in the quilt. It would repeat a theme in the quilt and they are really cute designs. It would be a challenge for me to do the applique but that is a good thing!

Over the weekend I worked on the Scrappy Bargello, my CQR Crazy Quilt, and the Triple Irish Chain that I will work on the rest of my life! I was wondering how many quilts could I work on in one weekend? My list of UFOs is enormous!

Quilt Inventory:

Quilts I’m making

1. 1978 Jean Quilt

2. Diamond string quilt

3. Eisenhower Star

4. Ocean Waves in light purple

5. Log Cabin

6. 1989 Baby Quilt Lilac tones

7. 1995 Indian Star

8. 1995 30s Ninepatch

9. Maple Leaf Wall Hanging Small Quilt

10. Patriotic Star Row by Row (Twin Size) Was in a quilt show with other Row By Row quilts…. my first quilt in a show WOW Sept 2001

11. Plaid Tree border quilt

12. Helen Thorn Fall Season Class Quilt/Autumn Sampler Quilt posted photo 11-11-08

13. Christmas Cardinal Class Quilt – gift I gave to my mother

14. Double Hour Glass Quilt with Antique Buttons

15. Second DHG Quilt – gift given to my niece Emily

16. Prairie Point Precious Moments childrens quilt -given to nephen Jonathen

17. Ragged Hearts Quilt- Made in multiple. Given to Tori for Isabel One in blue before she was born….a second in pink after she was born!

18. West Wind Blue Callenge Block Midsize Quilt

19. 9-patch with Blue Rows Quilt

20. Triple Irish Chain for Erica’s HS Graduation

21. Autumn Bulls Eye

22. Free Piecing Brights

23. Free piecing green and tan

24. Basket Signature Small Quilt

25. Ragged Heart Christmas Quilt….Given to Judy as Christmas Quilt BABES

26. Star wall hanging size Christmas Quilt given to Barb B as Christmas Quilt BABES

27. Christmas Quilt Machine Appliqued Gingerbread etc… Given to Sharyn R as Christmas Quilt BABES

28. Scrappy Bargello

Quilts given to me as gifts.

1. Double wedding ring pieces/Grandma Lulu

2. Blue border Tulip blocks/Grandma Lulu -from under her bed

3. Trip Around the World Flannel/Grandma Stang – quilt to each family

4. Satin Green and Golden Whole Cloth/ Kay – St Francis Xavier Church Quilt

5. Grandma Martha Vintage Quilt/Nursing Home

6. Double Wedding Ring as Christmas Gift/Mass produced quilt/G&R

Quilts I’ve Purchased

1. Waxahatchi Snowball

2. Waxahatchi String Tulip

3. Waxahatchi TX Red Tulip Bulb Top

4. Sunbonnet Sue

5. Sunbonnet Sam in Overalls

6.Butterfly top Purple background

7. Butterfly Finished Quilt (Two tone background)

8. Butterfly top light green Butterflies in a rectangle

9. Double Wedding Ring Top with Orange accents

10. Christmas Tree Quilt Green and Red

11. Crazy Quilt in 40s Fabric back

12. Wall Hanging Quilt given to me a Christmas Gift/Barb B BABES



I also took down the quilt I had in the hallway and hung up a Maple Leaf top and back. The back is pieced as well and with the top but it has no batting and just pinned together so I don’t misplace one or the other. The hallway has a nice autumn feel to it now.

My son turned 7 years old on Friday. The time just goes by so fast. We went to his favorite restaurant – PERKINS. He had the usual children’s pizza. His Auntie Julie joined us. We had a very nice time. Sunday we went to a pancake breakfast at a middle school. He enjoyed that as well.

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