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August 29, 2009


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It was my brother’s birthday yesterday…and I miss him. He would be 46 years old now. My Mom just had to put her dog RJ to sleep on Tuesday. He was filled with cancer. He was at least 12 years old and the son of Ginger and Rascals. RJ is for Rascals Junior. The family of dogs has been with us my whole life. I was thinking on Tuesday after talking to my mom and wondering if it was so hard for her because of her being 81 years old and coming to terms with death. Now I realize it was because she had to make the decision to put RJ to sleep. My brother was in a coma after a motorcycle accident and after 3 days my mom and dad had to make the decision to take him off of the life support machines….. no wonder she is so sad.

I talked to her yesterday and usually on Kevin’s birthday we talk about him a bit. Yesterday we didn’t. My aunt Kay that lives with my mom said mom was having a hard day. I think she has been having a hard week.

On Monday we celebrated the quilting life of my friend Jan who died of cancer recently at the quilt guild that many of the women in my small group belong to. 8 of the woman went up on stage to present Jan’s quilts. I stayed back sitting next to Jan’s daughter Susie. The tears came down so lovingly from Susie. I rubbed her back and we watched as Jan’s first quilt she ever made was presented and then others with the stories… The presentation was lovely. I would say close to 150 women were in attendance.

The next night – Tuesday – our Quiltin’ Babes meeting was scheduledto be at Jan’s house. We went out to Jan’s favorite restaurant in honor of her with Susie and had a wonderful time.  Susie showed us pictures of renovations she is doing to the house.  At the end of the evening we went up to the rooftop of the restaurant and looked out over the skyline of the city. It felt like we were just that little bit closer to Jan up in heaven.

I hope souls reunite after death. I hope I get to be with my brother again. I hope my Mr gets to be with his mom and sister and brother who all died way too early in life.  His aunt who we are all very close to is battling alzheimers. A retired school teacher. What a horrible  fate for a teacher. We will go see her today and spend  some time together. I hope she remembers us.

Aging and death is so hard. My youngest son just spent 5 days with his auntie and grandma. He came home and that night he asked me. “Mom did it hurt when they cut  me out of you?” I told him I had medicine during the time that made me sleep so I didn’t feel it. Afterward they gave me pain medication to reduce the pain. He then asked if they cut me when his big brother was born. I didn’t want to get into natural childbirth with him so I said no I was only cut once. He then said “Did they take Kyle and I out at the same time?’ The boys are 12 years apart in age. My heart was so filled with love at that moment for my little one trying so hard to work through the questions of life. I told him no and just said Kyle was born naturally.  I rubbed his back as he slowly started to relax and fall asleep tucked undercovers. He had been away from his mommy for a few days and then thought about pain he may have caused me.

It’s good for him to be away for some time to build that independence.

His older brother was about his age when grandma Susan died of cancer. Kyle had all kinds of questions about death and started to worry that his dad and I were going to die. We had to reassure him we were young and healthy.

The finality of death is the hardest thing. There is no changing it. The person is physically gone. You hold onto memories and move forward slowly. Susie’s pain on Monday night was so powerful. I am certain she had a major cry on the way home. It was nice to spend the next evening with her and to laugh and talk and eat and see a smile on her face. It was nice to know we reassured her she is not alone.


Family Reunion 2009

August 16, 2009

Family Reunion Today

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My Dad’s brothers and sisters have great names. Each family had a different color shirt. My dad is Wilfred(red). His brothers are Sylvester, Roman (blue), Victor, Alphonse(orange) and sisters are Josphine (yellow), Marie(white), Carol(green), Delores and Valeria.
It was such a fun day. I tried really hard to get around and talk to every family. Of course I don’t know the younger children. Fun things about the family. The best t-shirts “The Roman Empire” Roman comes from a family of 10 children, Roman had 10 children and his 10 children had ,,,,well not 10 children but 3-8 children each.
All of Josie’s children have red hair and her grandchildren….almost all have….red hair! We rotate who hosts the reunion. It is nice because the host family usually has a majority of the family present. So each year or two we get to see different folks. The book towards the top is getting updated! Believe me we are a growing family. I will be a great auntie again twice before March.

Jan’s Quilts

August 14, 2009

Jan's Maple Leaf

Jan’s Quilts 065

Jean in our quilt group photographed Jan’s quilts and put them on a DVD for us.

She made this list of the quilts on the DVD. I will slowly add these photos to my flickr site.

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The Quilts of Jan Szulczewski – Plymouth, MN

(made between the 1980’s and 2009)

Photographed Wednesday, June 24, 2009


1)      16 patch 30’s repros – Kit from Edyies

2)      9 Patch Babes exchange – With a Little Help from my Friends

3)      9 Patch With a Little Help from my Friends  1998 Babes block exchange

4)      Around the Twist – early 90’s?

5)      Black Ties – block exchange

6)      Block-of-the-Month

7)      Bow Ties and shirting – Block exchange?

8)      Buck-A-Block of the Month –

9)      Cabin Tracks – Babes Block exchange

10)  Campfire Memories IV – plaids

11)  Campfire memories -Signature Stars– (blocks won at Green Lake 1996)

12)  Charming ( Isn’t it?) 1999 ½ sq triangle charms

13)  Chimney   Sweep – Babes Exchange

14)  Christmas Braid – Green Lake Challenge with Jelly Roll or Charm Pack

15)  Christmas Stars – table topper 1996

16)  Churn Dash – Green Lake – with Pink

17)  Churn Dash Variation – tans  Buggy Barn

18)  Dad’s Cozy – flannels for Jan’s Dad

19)  Double 9 patch

20)  Drunkard’s Path- Bullseye  setting

21)  Evening Star – JJ Stitches

22)  Farmer’s Daughter – won blocks at WOW BOM 2002

23)  Fireside Cozy

24)  Flags – Block exchange

25)  Flannel and Chennile –

26)  For Heaven’s Sake – 1997

27)  Grandmother’s Flowers

28)  Green Work – 30’s repros  (9 patches)

29)  Indigo blue – Terrie Atkinson pattern – Green Lake block exchange

30)  Irish Chain red (w/toile)

31)  Jelly Belly – Babes exchange 2008

32)  Kaliedescope – Green Lake block exchange 2006

33)  Kansas Troubles – sampler

34)  LeMoyne  -plaids with rust/red

35)  Lost Socks

36)  Maple Leaves – Green Lake exchange

37)  Men at Work – Green Lake exchange

38)  Ocean Waves – With a Little Help from my Friends – Babes (pink)

39)  Old Glory –Flag on point

40)  One Patch King Sized 4” squares (red/toile back)

41)  Peter Paul and Jan – 2005 (Quiltsmart technique)

42)  Pineapple

43)  Prairie Stars – JJ Stitches – 2005

44)  Purchased in Rogers, MN

45)  Rail Fence  1  browns  c. 1980

46)  Rail Fence  2   Large – blue/red

47)  Red Squares  with Rick Rack Printed Border – Cabbage Patch Rose pattern

48)  Red, White and Blue and Bowties Too – 1992

49)  Row-by-Row 1999 Amish – Babes (Simple Gifts)

50)  Sew Many Santa’s Dec 1995 – Paper pieced Santa

51)  Slowest Turkey in Town – 2008

52)  Spools –  Green Lake block exchange

53)  Square in Square Red/white/blue

54)  Squares and  Plaids

55)  Strippy –pink 4 patch

56)  Strippy Repros -Kaye England

57)  Strippy Stars – red border – wall

58)  Sunday Best –  Tin Man – Houston

Wall Sized and Small Projects

1)      Bittersweet Basket

2)      Fall leaves – table topper

3)      Fall printed panel – wall

4)      Patches and Posies – 1996

5)      Patriotic Table Runner Red/white/blue

6)      Pine Trees – table topper Thimbleberries

7)      Raggedy Hearts  -Babes exchange

8)      Stars around floral focus – table top

9)      Tennessee Waltz

10)  Tisket  A Tasket

11)  Twilight – made for son Brian

12)  Wavy flags – table or wall

Vintage Quilts

1)      Log Cabin c. 1900 found in father’s home linen closet. She was going to use what she thought was a mattress pad to wrap a mirror. It turned out to be this quilt!

2)      Carolina Lily – Wedding Quilt (family)  – purple applique, c 1930

3)      Dresden Plate c. 1930 w/ Prairie Points – poor condition

4)      Dresden Plate Coverlet

5)      Grandmother’s Flower Garden  Navy with red

6)      Baskets Yellow – Susie’s  Made by G’ma Frieda

7)       Comforter – purple medallion Tied  -No history

Here is a link to a set on Flickr Jan’s Quilts 2009

Bushfire quilt with one of my blocks

August 3, 2009

more bushfire quilts

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I just had to blog about an update I just read on the quilt project.

It is so exciting to know the quilts are going out to people in need of them.

I still need to go through the photos and look what quilt has my second block and to look for the blocks of friends that donated.

Every Day is Earth Day

August 2, 2009

Every Day is Earth Day

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We have had an exciting weekend.
Take a look at this wonderful website.

REUSE _ REDUCE_RECYCLE  Here we reused and old screen gate.


This project started out as a long gate of some kind. It had a latch at one side. IT came from a neighbor.

We cut the board apart on the outside edge of the center frame. It is perfect for the compost bin we want and “need” so desperately.

IMGA0133Here is our place for all the grass clippings, cabbage leaves, carrot peels, ashes from the fireplace, flower petals after deadheading….

I may even clean out the rain gutters…. what better composting material!

IMGA0185 IMGA0203

She is showing us her beautiful feathers.

IMGA0191 IMGA0205

I have a lot of flower beds. Each year we get a few more perennials.

As we get older we like to watch the birds that come to visit.

Mr QT has even started to try and imitate them. He thinks some of them are answering his calls. It brings a smile to everyone’s face.


It’s the little things like this in life that bring so much pleasure.

We find the birds like the compost bins as well.

You can see all the leaves that accumulate in our back yard.



I have been a firm believer in composting in many years. It is hard at times to get my family to come on board. This project included them in the process and I hope it will encourage them to take the vegetable and fruit scraps to the bin. We all love the flowers and the birds!