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Thrifting is still a passion of mine

June 30, 2010


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Container made in Holland 49 cents
Pyrex dish – the dish had 2.99 and the cover had .99 /she gave it to me for 2.99
Hat .69
two blue glasses .79 each

I have a few containers I have collected over the years. Not many. I try to keep an eye open for any that have a quilting theme. This one is vintage and has that textured surface to it. For 49 cents it will help me organize some of my threads.

I have a few pyrex pieces. This one I am certain the top does not go with the bottom. They are the same size though and I can use it now to keep food warm when we eat out on the deck table.  (((Update Blue Doily Pyrex the cover does belong to the base!)))

The blue glassware I purchased too because I just can’t pass it up for 79 cents and it goes so well with the two bowls I got earlier this year. (or late last year).

The cap will be worn by one of us this fall for football games. By the way. My son came home with a black eye after his birthday weekend out. It is pretty messy. His eye ball has some broken blood vessels in it too. Someone pounded him a good one. Of course it was after the bars closed Friday night (his 21st birthday). He went to a house party afterwards! Now you know why I worry. He had to face the football team Monday morning at 6am at practice. I would have to say this a bit of a humbling experience for him. He has a gash over his right eye that should probably have stitches. It came apart last night. He has those type of sutcher bandaids on it now.


I’ve been working on this during my lunch break every day this week,

June 29, 2010

I’ve been working on this during my lunch break every day this week,

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I started placemats on Sunday to go with this table runner. I am doing a section that will be tied as well. Two placemats are set up for the ties. I used different background fabric. I think I have a bin of patriotic fabrics in storage that I need to dig out! I will then make sets of two with different backing. It is fun to work on a project with a patriotic feel to it. Table runner is done! I haven’t put a label on it though. I should at least embroider the date and my initials on the back.

We had one excited little brother!

June 26, 2010

We had one excited little brother!

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I came home from work today (Friday) to a house of hungry football players here to celebrate our son’s 21st birthday. Dad was busy cooking away on the BBQ a rack of ribs, brats and hamburgers! He whispered to me that the boys had been to the house most of the day and were being so good to our younger son. They were all playing video games with him and letting him hang out with them. He was having the time of his life. His older brother didn’t mind at all.
It’s pretty great when 5 twenty-one year olds will let a high energy 8 year old hang out with them. I quickly put a cake in the oven and by the time they were done eating we were ready for steaming hot birthday cake with frosting melting all over! I heard all kinds of “hmmm this is really good” as I smiled thinking…..there’s nothing like a freshly cooked cake right out of the oven.
As 9pm approached I quickly grabbed the camera before they took off for a celebration night! Be safe and keep an extra eye on our son. Happy birthday buddy bud. Mom loves you so very very much.

calendar pants

June 24, 2010

calendar pants 2

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I could really wear this! Happiness!

Like Father Like Son

June 24, 2010

Like Father Like Son

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I love this photo!

Summer is here…

June 23, 2010

What If….

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I wish for many things.
Happiness being the one that keeps slipping off the tips of my fingers…

Quilted Patchwork Wrap Skirt

June 10, 2010

Quilted Patchwork Wrap Skirt

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Came across this photo today. Wouldn’t a skirt like this be fun to wear!

Blogged about here and more photos here.


June 8, 2010


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Sheep pin cushion. I received a pin cushion like this one from quiltmaker geli and enjoy it so much. I started a gallery of sheep photos quilts and such. I now have a collection of 18 photos to complete the gallery. If you have a moment and enjoy sheep like I do take a look!

Mary Ann’s graduation quilt

June 7, 2010

Block 35 of 49

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Block 35 of 49! The rest are all designed and pinned to paper. They just need the rows and a few squares here and there to sew.

Bowtie Doll Quilt

June 3, 2010

Bowtie Doll Quilt

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I came across this quilt today while doing a search for Tied Quilts to invite into the Tied Quilt Flickr group I started a while back. As my son would say “I think this quilt is the bomb!” It is the greatest quilt I have seen in a while. I really like the idea of using shirtings and then the buttons with the ties. A soft fabric on the back side and a little larger and it would be the perfect couch throw. Hmmmm.

I would like to make one of these…I would call it a poncho