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New Years Day Surprise

January 2, 2013

New Years Day Surprise

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My iPad made a bell sounds and I looked Skype notice from Matthias. There I was with my hair pulled up to the top of my head like Susie Who in my Pjs still at 2pm! I screamed to the rest of the household Matthias wants to Skype! Total pandemonium occurred. I ran to the bathroom and wet my hair grabbed the blow dryer and did a quick dry and threw the basics of some makeup on. My MR grabbed sweatshirts and we all threw them on and plopped down in front of the Christmas tree with the lights on. We had a wonderful chat. Soooooooo Fun!

Some of the stars on this tree were purchased in Germany when I went for the Christmas markets a few years ago. The day after I spoke to Matthias I was admiring my tree and looked at the coffee table and it occurred to me how wonderful it is to have a remembrance of that amazing trip right there in front of me.  Matthias had asked if I still quilt and I was able to show him this wall hanging that I have under the metal tree. The next time we Skype we will have Erna with him so we can visit with her as well. They will be skiing for a good part of January so I will “patiently” (ha) wait for their return.