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April Thrift Haul

May 1, 2013

Quite a few things have come into the house the past two weeks

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I have managed to accumulate quite a few things. It motivated me to gather all the clothes our son has grown out of. He had three pair of snowpants that no longer fit him! I now have six bags and boxes of items. Two I took to the thrift store tonight.  Tomorrow I will try and sell some children’s clothes at Once Upon A Child. I will then make a large box for my niece’s girlfriend’s son who is a few years younger than mine.


This little box was only 39c. I like to decorate for Memorial day and the 4th of July. I have a large hat box that is circular I would like to try this paint and stencil technique on.


I picked up my second Pyrex Container.



Pyrex container and the Corelle dishes I picked up at a garage sale.


I stopped at Bibles For Missions thrift store and picked up this cool jug.
I want to hang it in one of my flower beds.


I picked up this single Correlle dish. It is the pattern that I acquired from my dad.

Pyrex canisters are now on my love list - 1 qt Store 'N' See container "Wildflowers"

IMG_1774  Last Thursday I stopped at a garage sale and picked up the Hermoine doll and accessories. She cost $2.00.



I also got an owl necklace for only 10c which is cool because I just gave another owl necklace that I really liked to my niece for her birthday two weekends ago. You can see part of my owl collection here.


I also picked up a small baggie of these fabrics.


It was for a dollar or less. I don’t have any of them in my stash. The yellow ones will go in my Sunflower quilt.


I went to a church rummage sale with my friend Carol and found the little wooden owl on the lower left corner. I think it was only a quarter. I then bought some red polka dot fabric that I didn’t really need but wanted to be supportive of my friend’s church.


IMG_1781    *



Carol gave me this plant last fall and it has started to take off with new growth in the last two weeks. She keeps hers outside on her deck in the summer.

So will I!

The young man in the photo is my older son. This is one of his high school graduation portraits. It is my favorite.

The blue bottle is part of a collection of blue glass items I have. I’ve been thinking of putting up a display by the front window in the livingroom so the sun will shine through them.

The table in the top photo also has two pillow covers in a blue on white print. They will either go out on the patio or end up on the couch upstairs.

IMG_1779   Whenever I see this Libby’s Gold Leaf glass I picked them up for my sister’s collection. I may just have to keep a few pieces for myself though.

I believe my mom got some pieces like this as wedding gifts back in the 50s.

My sister has so many pieces. She likes to buy off of Ebay. I only purchased a few quilts off Ebay over 10 years ago and it was not the best experience so I haven’t done it since.

I enjoy going to thrift stores so much that I really don’t need to purchase off Ebay.

Maybe some day I will sell a few things though!!!!!


IMG_1778The huge box that you see in the top picture is from my Aunt Kay. It is filled to the top with linens and aprons. I will dedicate an entire post to the wonderful items. We called her mom Grandma Martha even though she was not biologically our grandma.  Two of the aprons are laying on the top of the box! They are just fantastic colors!


30s fabric hotpad



I hope this DVD will motivate me.

There are a few other things on the table in the first photo.

Happy Birthday paper plates 39c

Cat Quilt book

A Spray bottle for ironing.

Two Monkey pillow cases.

A Monet pillow case that goes with my spring bedding.

The green glass bowl that goes with the plates I picked up last week. 99c

this could be a bowl or a flower vase

Yesterday I looked at some skirts for myself. I like spring time for purchasing some clothes for myself. I earned a $10.00 coupon for the thrift store when I took in two bags of donations tonight.

Since so much has come in this month I have six bags and boxes that need to go out!

loads and loads of stuff to go to the thrift store and to try and sell at OUC

The best part of the day was completing the third block to a quilt I am working on and setting up parts of the next seven blocks.

setting up the next seven blocks

Scrap buster - Block #3 Red - Clock

Please stop by this site for other wonderful thrifted items!

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