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Found a Quilt Treasure

February 14, 2016

Thrifted Quilt Blocks

It is not often I see quilts anymore at the thrift stores I go to.
I got amazingly lucky this month.
So do you think I could find a green to coordinate with the other iris blocks?

I don’t think the tan plaid was with this project. It may be from the same quilter. It was not in the case that had all the blocks on it. I think it does go well with the color of the background fabric.


I think this quilter wanted to do a quilt as you go pattern but did not realize the front of the blocks get sewn from the back side. What they did was sew all 4 pieces of fabric along with the battingĀ  from the front. I will need to take all of this apart.

Neighbor's Iris.

I love irises and look forward to making progress on this quilt and have it out when the irises bloom.
Beautiful morning and now the rains

This quilt could use two more blocks but I am not the best machine embroiderer even though I have a Bernina machine that has all kinds of stitch designs.
This iris would be my model for another block.
Riverbank Iris transplant