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Projects I worked on in 2012

December 30, 2012

Projects I worked on in 2012

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I did it. I made a mosaic at Big Huge Labs via Flickr Toys. These are the projects I have worked on off and on throughout the year…and previous years for that matter.

The Spiderweb quilt top was finished in the last few months. I love this quilt so much. It is a lot of fun to work on it. I have the backing fabric already and want to make a row of spiderwebs to add to the back. I was thinking of doing it in 3 different sizes and even drafted the templates. We’ll see what happens.

The Trip Around the World quilt I would have liked to have finished for my mom for Christmas. I threw my back out on the  19th and that put a slow down on everything in my life. I have all the pieces cut and ready to finish but still am setting in the blocks by hand. It’s coming along. I am thinking of flannel for the back so she can have it as a lap quilt in her lounge chair.

The Grandmother’s Flower Garden block. I picked these pieces up at the thrift store. I have never really  paper pieced and hand sewn pieces together so this was a first for me. I have a quilt that needs repair but the hexagon size is not the same. I did borrow a ruler from Sharyn in my quilt group and will work with it.

The Scrappy Bargello is hanging in my laundry room and I cut pieces for it as I work on other projects. I took it outside this summer for a photo shoot and made some progress on it. It was so fun to see it outside in the day light.

The Nine-Patch String piece is our Tuesday Quilters project for 2012. I love how it is coming together.

The Musical Ninepatch is for my niece Leah. I need to sew the sides on the front. I am almost done with the pieces back. If I set aside a few days I would have the two sides done.

The Sunflower quilt is my design and my pride and joy. I started this as a Crazy Quilt Revisited project with Jude Hill. I am alternating crazy quilt blocks with 49 patches.

Rosie the Robot is part of the Add A Border Group and was so fun to do.

String Pieced diamonds was started back in the 70s. I do a diamond here and there. This will be a life long project. I have more diamonds to sew together but other projects always come first.

Coin quilt/Calendar quilt uses up itty bitty pieces. I will blog more about this in a separate post. It will be a journal of quilts projects and fabrics when it is finished.

Ileene’s heart quilt was started this year. She and I work on it together. One of these days we will get it finished.

The Ragged Egg quilt made some progress this year. The blocks were finished and this year I sewed on the sashing strips. I want to put a scalloped border around this one. I most likely will not pick it up again until it gets closer to Easter.

Red and Blue quilt is something I have wanted to do for a while and this year I just got it started. Just Do It. I will continue when the mood hits me.

Sunflower quilt. This block had the petals pinned to it for years. I took some time this year to sew the petals on and get the pins off the thing. I LOOOOVVVVEEEEEEE how it turned out.

Low Volume quilt was started this year. I like the idea of having all soft colors.

Christmas Star is a table runner for my sister in Chicago. I am almost done. Almost! I need to find my metallic thread. If I know where is was it would be done (Organization)

Mary Ann’s Triple Irish Chain did not make it into this collage. I have worked on it off and on this year. It is a constant work in progress because I keep cutting 1 1/2 inch

strips and blocks as I work on other projects.


Anna Williams Inspired Quilt

January 1, 2010

big job to quilt all this!

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I really like this quilt. I am working on one somewhat similar. I just came across this this morning but who knows maybe I’ve seen it before. I think you would enjoy Katie’s entire set of photos she has on this project. I know I do. Especially the one that shows the back of the quilt.

I added one of the photos to a gallery I have of the best scrap quilts ever. It’s actually the second gallery because I hit the 18 photo limit on the first.

Here’s this link to the first

In fact now that I think about it. I read this article about Anna Williams and I am certain I started my quilt shortly after reading it.

I love every quilt I see of hers.


This is how far I got from October 4th to December 13th. It’s always a slow go process for me!

This is one of my current projects. I have been working on it off and on for a couple months now. I am fascinated by the coin quilts I see on Flickr. This one is all itsy bitsy scraps left over from cutting the 1 1/2 inch squares for my Triple Irish Chain. I had all these little scraps and couldn’t throw them away. Now they are the beginnings of a new quilt. I have seen the calendar quilts on Flickr too and thought what if I do a row each month. Well ….I may still keep adding to this in 2010 and incorporate that idea into this quilt. I would like it to be a crib size quilt when finished. I am just going to square it off and bind. It will have a true scrap quilt feel to it. Here is one of the quilts that inspired this project by crazymomquilts.

Here is a birthday coin quilt by Hillary Lang from 2005. 243 people call this one a favorite!
A month ago I found the 2009 Coin Quilt piece-along group. It is just like me to join the last month of the 2009 year! I am certain though that all the quilts I have seen on Flickr throughout this last year influenced my starting this project!

Here is my coin quilt back when I first started it.


This photo is fun to look at in Flickr because I was able to put a tag on the different items in the photo.  I like this feature and have enjoyed it in other photos I have seen do it.

Breakfast is ready. Have a wonderful 1st day of the NEW YEAR!

Note: spent some time today puttiing 64 uncatagoried blog posts into Catagories. One step toward becoming more organized!

Coin Quilt

December 17, 2009

Coin Quilt

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This is my current project. I have been working on it off and on for a couple months now. I am fascinated by the coin quilts I see on Flickr. This one is all itsy bitsy scraps left over from cutting the 1 1/2 inch squares for my Triple Irish Chain.

Instead of listing when I finish quilts I should just list when I start them! It seems I start a new one every month.  We have been horribly sick with the H1N1 virus. This is our second time around. The first time it was only our son. This time it his all 3 of us at home. Our older son did come home on Saturday for 20 minutes to pick up one of the cars and I am hoping that wasn’t long enough to pick up the virus. At that time only our younger son had it. By Monday morning my Mr and by Monday evening I was violently ill. Ill like I have never been in my entire life. The only things worse are childbirth and I have to say streph is more painful. This one is just embarrassingly grotesquely sickeningly horrible! I am drained of energy. I had to go to work today to keep my job. They don’t allow you out sick 3 days without hospitalization or filing for FMLA. I ate an apple at 11a  and thought the pains going through my stomach were going to do me in.  At 2p I tried to drink half a glass of water only to get bubbles running all over my stomach. Tonight I was able to eat a pancake.  I’m going to bed. Exhausted. Nice reading ….. maybe at least I can read this a year from now and be healthy and grateful. I am grateful it isn’t Christmas eve or morning. That would be worse!

My son and I did get a project done for school tonight while cooking dinner. It is a snowman that we decorated with even itsier bitsier bits of fabric….smaller than the ones used in the quilt above. I’ll photo it and add when I feel a bit better. It has button eyes too and 3 red buttons on the front. It turned out really cute and will go on the wall at school.

P.S. I spoke to the Assist Principal today at school and the Principal is out with H1N1 today……. it sounds like the exact same symptoms as ours. GROSS!