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Vintage Hawaiian Quilt in the garden

October 28, 2008

Vintage Hawaiian Quilt in the garden

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Purchased in Hawaii at a garage sale. We had our first snow flakes on Sunday…’s enough to make anyone want to bring out a bit of Hawaii. It is only October and I can’t believe how cold it is already. I photographed this quilt early this spring and added to Flickr. I love the vintage Hawaiian fabrics. I believe this is a Tumbling Blocks pattern.  I am a garage sale fanatic and I was so excited to come upon a sale in Mauii. My mother and I had seen a number of beautiful quilts while touring around. One was in a coffee shop on the back wall. We photographed each other in front of the quilt. If I can find it…..I will add it at some time. We made the trip in March of 1995. At that time there were no quilt shops that I know of in Mauii. I think you can find quite a few nowadays.

Fish Square

This quilt is perfect for me. I love vintage. I like it when a fabric has history. I am certain this quilt is made of women’s dresses and clothing items. One of the fabrics has a fish on it.


There is another fabric that has part of a chameleon. Many of the fabrics are pictures of plants.


I think my mother shook her head when I purchased this. I knew I had found a one of a kind. If I close my eyes I can see someone sewing listening to wonderful Hawaiian music.  I can hear and feel the breeze through an open window. There are children playing outside. The smell of the ocean is in the air.  It is warm now, but the woman behind the sewing machine knows there will be rains and cool breezes that will call for a warm quilt to throw over the shoulders.



Of course at the time of this post this quilt is now in Minnesota and we are

getting ready for snow!  These photos are in my backyard where I transplanted some grapevines

from my Mother’s garden into mine. I want to train the vines to go up and arch over for a tunnel

to walk under. I most likely will put brick in this dirt area because it is impossible to get grass to grow.

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