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Farm Quilt repair

March 8, 2009

Farm Quilt repair

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I was able to seam rip this square out while driving up north for my great niece’s baptism.  I took some time to take some of the strips out so I can reuse them in the new block. imga0940

This is a very worn quilt but I am determined to get a little more mileage out of it. Plus I am intrigued by taking it apart and putting it together.

imga0942 These two blocks show where a thick binding was and how the fabric has faded.


I have to make a new foundation to put these strips back on.


This is the back side where the foundation has worn completely away.

imga0946 imga0947

The quilt is warm? When it is all together.



Our bedroom….

March 3, 2009

Our bedroom….

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The monkey was an “I gotta have” at the thrift a few years ago. He hangs out between our room and my son’s rooms.

The Log Cabin quilt below is on our bed right now. It is usually underneath the bedspread. We put in on a few months ago when the temperatures dropped so low. The quilt is so warm. In fact some times it is too warm. It is also shredded and has holes all over it. This quilt was not loved. It was abused. It came from an old abondoned farm house.  A few critters chewed on it something fierce. I acquired it a few years back from a family member who had washed it numerous times and realized it could not be used in its current state. Well we use it… least while the temperatures are so cold.  My Mr would die if he knew I put this on the internet.

The back side shirting foundationsThis is the back side of the quilt. I find it incredibly fascinating.  The foundations are shirtings. There is no batting. What is/was the back is what looks like two old hospital blankets.

the worst side of the quiltThis huge hole goes through the entire quilt. I intend on ripping the entire block out and using as much of the old pieces and rebuilding it. I have the perfect pink stripe shirt that I “should” never wear again. (my Mr would be happy to hear that come from my lips) It will be perfect for this quilt.

It is a log cabin design. My first thought was string piecing but there are logs that go around a center block. The quilt is them tufted through the center of that block.

Utility Quilt

This is the better side.

Since I had the camera out I figured I’d photograph our most recent thrift book purchases. We hope to some day own every book by these two authors.

Ezra Jack Keats and Eric Carle.

I wrote about the Eric Carle collection a few months ago.

imga0805 Eric Carle Dragon

My recent reading has been Emilie Richards books with a quilting theme in the Shanandoah valley.

My reading

I was just on vacation and just about finished one book and realized my arm was getting sore from holding the book so far away from my body so I could see the words. Before I started the second one it was a trip to the store to purchase a 3 pack of 1.25 reading glasses. What a difference. I even used them yesterday for a while as I sewed.

littlest bunny ever

I have been yearning for Spring. I spent time over the weekend looking at Easter quilts online. There are some nice quilts. I put a few in my favorites.

I remembered this little bunny I purchased at the thrift either last year or the year before. It is so perfect in every way. I took this photo and when I saw it thought….maybe someone would read my palm while they looked at this photo. How long of a life do you think I will have. I am not even going to go there.


Although I just read about Biorythms and it seems pretty fascinating to me.