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Bird houses my dad made.

April 30, 2011

Bird houses my dad made.

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I set these on the ground in my front yard on Easter. There are two more that need to hang. There was a pile of birdhouses stacked up outside in front of the garage at my dad’s house when we started cleaning. Birdhouses of every shape and size.

I was just surfing favorites and came across this photo from ohmisterfinch and starting writing a comment and realized it was becoming just too long…

“First time to your blog today. Beautiful work. I especially like the moth made from the umbrella fabric. I saw a moth that had fern type leaves on it too. MMmmmm just wonderful. I now have a moldy childrens book that had fallen on my storage room floor over the winter and never picked up. I have looked at it for weeks and do not want to throw it away. The bird house my father made is outside and the shingles have fallen off the top. He died of Pageats disease just almost 3 months ago. I am still processing his death with baby steps. I have to say the book is calling to go on top of his birdhouse. Thanks for this image. These stair look like the stairs in his house we just put up for sale.”

Stairway to heaven.

Please take some time to look at his website.

and to go to his etsy site.