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Thrift Haul January 2011

January 26, 2011

Thrift Haul

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I just couldn’t help myself. Life has been so stressful. I can get

some relief by just

wandering the aisles of the local thrift looking for treasures. I found some!

I got this amazing tulip quilt for just $7.99

I don’t see one thing wrong with the quilt…not one!

I also picked up that huge purple fleece blanket. The white backing fleece is absolutely spotless! I paid 7.99 for it and I am going to cut it in half and tie off the one side on both pieces and make two lap blankets. My sister in law loves purple and one will go to her for next Christmas and the other to a niece.

All the label says is needs edge sewing. I can do that!

It will be Here is the scale of the tulips. (more…)

Let me introduce you to my dad and my younger sister.

January 23, 2011


Let me introduce you to my dad and my younger sister.

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She came in town from Chicago….just before the hair cut!

Step one to get into the chair and be comfortable.

More hair came off than was left on his head.

Just about done.

And we are done.

Time to relax.

Time for me to relax too.

He isn’t angry or upset…we are constantly dealing with pain….and there isn’t much these days to smile about.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

January 2, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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It’s a NEW YEAR!

This time of year always brings in a time of reflection along with a renewed energy to making my future brighter.
I had a few big goals this past year and didn’t really accomplish them but I made progress toward them.
#1 goal was to get organized.
That didn’t happen like I envision it! I keep trying. In fact it seems at Christmas time I take out the boxes to decorate and never seem to get the containers put away. The boxes are getting heavier for me too. I have taken over my older son’s room and literally can not walk into it at this time.
#2 was to go to the Galapagos Islands for my 50th.It will happen but I have to plan more. Planning is a big part of the enjoyment. I was determined to have a nice birthday this year and you know what…
I went out for pizza with family and it was just a perfect day. It really was enjoyable.

#3 Was to complete one quilt project. It was a small one but I did it! The Patriotic Table Runner is complete! I don’t believe I had it done for the 4th of July so I adjusted my thinking to have it done so I could put it under by mom’s ceramic santa. Ta Daa! Done!

#4  My first online Bee. I joined the Spider Web Bee and have had a blast doing it. Inspiration came from here.  Realistically I knew I wouldn’t get all the blocks in on time. I just hoped to not be a disappointment to other members. My life gets so crazy at times. First I looked at the projects of other members and made a gallery of fabrics in their project that would work in my quilt.  Here are the blocks I received! Here are the color choices and fabrics that other members decided on for their Spiderwebs. The next step is to decide on how I want to quilt it! There are so many options!

The Bee really was perfect for me. One member ended up dropping out due to a move and job search. One member had a baby and left the Bee. (We surprised her with a baby Spider web top).  My colors were off a bit but …hopefully she will use them some how. Currently, I am finishing November blocks ( they just need the 4 segments sewn together)  and just received the fabric for December. We are going into January as a make up month. This was my kind of Bee because we have had to be adaptable……that is me…..adapting constantly.

My most enjoyable moments of 2010

Watching our older son play football this season has been the utmost highlight for me. He has one more year to play and boy are we looking forward to it!

I had 3 family reunions this year. We flew to San Diego and oh my goodness we had so much fun with family at the zoo and then a family gathering at Jovita’s house.

We were the hosts for my dad’s side of the family a week later at a park in our home town. I guess I never put a photo in Flickr. I just added one today.

My brother hosted my mom’s side of the family at his house.  

Getting more exercize is always important. I had an hour lunch at work over the summer and used that time to walk to a park while I would put some of the ties in the table runner above.  Once to the park I would do a pull-up at the monkey bars. In my athletic days (I did win an award this year) I could do all kinds of them. I even won an Army pull up contest at the state fair one year for doing the most. It’s is scary to me how much upper body strength is lost.

Disappointments of 2010-

#1 The economy. My Mr has been unable to get a full-time job. He has been working through a temp agency.

#2 The failing health of my parents. I am at that time in my life… is tough.

Goals for 2011…

#1 Get finances in order. I have a major goal and once completed my reward to myself will be my first lap top computer!  I  was thinking at one time to go back to school for my masters. I have so much stress in my life right now I can not even imagine adding studying to the list. Maybe though…one class to get started…maybe!

#2 My goal was to complete a quilt project last year my goal this year is to start some of those new projects I think about… I really don’t care if I ever finish them. I just want to start…

A – a quilt made from clothes. I have been setting aside clothes with stripes!

B- cut  up some sweaters that have holes in them. I have to start a sweater blanket!

C- start a T-shirt quilt!  I need to learn how to strengthen the shirt.

D- I want to felt some wool old clothes I have to make a quilt.

E- I have so many scraps….bins and bins of them. I have to start a few scrap quilts!

Sorry in advance to all the quilt shops out there. My focus this year is to go back to what is around…Reuse…Repurpose…Thrift…

and with the economy the way it is it is the perfect time to do this.

I may not finish any quilt project this year but I hope to make progress on a few!!!

1- Babes Red and Black group quilt 2011.We haven’t done a group project since Jan passed away. This is a step in the healing process.

2- Spiderweb Bee rows sewn.

3- Sunflower quilt – finish up a few of the crazy quilt blocks I have started. At least 3 are in the works right now. Here is a good shot of what the quilt looked like last Feb.

4- Coin quilt also a calendar quilt for 1020

5- Trip around the world….make a few more squares

6- Scrappy Bargello – it is up on a design wall and strips are cut. All I need is time!!!

7- Jan’s Value Quilt.  This one was set aside for now. I am at the point of sewing some strips together. The layout is done.

8- Christmas Star quilt. I need to find some of the light fabric for the sides of the stars.

9- Valentines….scrappy heart quilt. The blue one needs machine quilting.  I want to finish a small lap quilt for Carol.

10- Easter Scrappy Eggs quilt needs the scallop border

11- Mary Ann’s grad quilt . I need to make the alternate blocks for the Triple Irish Chain

12- String Diamond  I made diamonds this last year as I was working on other projects. I now need to sew some of the diamonds together!

13- African Quilt   like Jan’s has become a memory quilt. If I get one block made this year I will accomplish more on this one than I did last year! I hope to get a dress or shirt of Aunt Carolyn’s and add it. 

14. Autumn Sampler Turkeys….I had hoped to make Turkey potholders for Thanksgiving….it didn’t happen. Some cutting done but no sewing.

I hear my name being called! Off to the meat packing….

venison and pork sausages are awaiting the making!

Taking a break

Here are the thrifted/antique quilts I acquired in 2010!

1- Sunbonnet Sam

2- Green Maple Leaf

I also administer two groups on Flickr

The Tied Quilts group has 88 member and 520 photos.

The Decorated Fireplace Mantels has 118 members and and 526 photos.