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Happy New Year 2016

January 2, 2016

IMG_4124I have spent the last few days organizing my quilt room. I usually sew in the TV room but I tend to then take over one entire section of the room. My Mr has set up his weight bench and it ends up getting covered with fabric. New Years day I woke up and cleared the room of all fabric and put the sewing machine back in my quilt room.
My 2015 project started with an exchange of 4 patch blocks with the women in my Tuesday Quilt Group!
Here is where the project is at today.


4-Patch Exchange

July 12, 2015

I had misplaced my bag of 4-patches. I knew they were around somewhere! I found them in the corner of the bedroom on the MAN side of the room buried under a sleep apnea machine and supplies (which never gets used – and should!!!!!) I got to playing this morning immediately with a layout. The quilt is supposed to be finished for a quilt shop show/display in November.IMG_3040

I quickly went into layout mode this morning. I was thinking if I made the alternate block white I could use up some of the white fabrics I have. I don’t think there is enough contrast. I think I will make a trip to the quilt store and get some gray fabric for a  layout like Deb Bear’s inspiration quilt I fell in love with the moment I laid eyes on it.  Deb blogged about her quilt here.


I drafted the butterfly block and made a few blocks. A few weeks later I was making another butterfly block and I realized I missed putting the light fabric in the bottom corners.

6 hours of dilly dallying

On April 15th I had completed my set of 4 patches and was anxious for the big exchange.

A proud moment

Finishing the way I started

January 17, 2015

This project is going to come to an end soon. I played all week with the design boards. Last night I tried to sew and sat there staring five times as long as sewing. This morning I looked at the last boards with fresh eyes.

This is my original fabric.

The block above this one is green. I am working to blend some of the green into the alternate block below it.


I cut into another one of those vintage fabric scraps I have had for a lifetime.


The squirrel was disigned for a blue square but didn’t make it.


This will be a brown block when finished.


Another yellow and cream background block.


I am thinking the final darker block with be pink. Seriously I do not have many pinks in my stash!


Here is my attempt to find more pinks! Invasion of the mancave again. You have no idea what goes on inside my head when I do this because my man hates hates hates a mess! This is part of my creative process! Ha. He is used to it. He told me last night he is inviting his dad over to watch a game today. That is his nice way of saying “please pick up this space”. It works.

Today I hope to put away Christmas. It is time for the tree to come down. I enjoy the lights so much and my decorations I find it hard to take it down. Those pinks though will go in my string heart quilt as well. It is time for hearts which will motivate me to get the tree down. Enjoy the day!

Attacking My Scraps

January 11, 2015

The year 2014 I focused on     my Scrap Attack quilt kept my attention. I was able to get the top sewn together and set it on my son’s bed and came up with this photo…

35 blocks sewn together

To my surprise it made explore and in the first day had over 6,000 views and 48 favorites. If I had know that I would have cleared off the stand next to my son’s bed! Ha!!!!

I decided it will be best to add another vertical row on the right side of the quilt.
This week each day I took 5 minutes to cut a few 1 1/2 inch squares and set them on my design board. (A piece of Styrofoam that I can easily stick pins into)

Those of you who quilt will know how often we move pieces around to get it just right.


This is my version of just right!


I have had this little scrap of green fabric with the couple under an umbrella. I have had it for years – over 40 years. This week I cut it in half, squared it up and put it in this quilt. I didn’t realize until after I took the photo that it is two couples. Mary Poppins in one picture and her twin sister in the other!


See! The one on the bottom left would be me. A little wider, softer, fuller!


With January being the coldest month of the year and the holiday season just over I added a few metallic pieces and a few snowflakes. I am anxious to work on my String Heart quilt and have pulled out the fabrics so the heart fabric was perfect for this block and helps to motivate me for my Valentine project. I have ongoing projects for just about every season or month of the year. I like to work on a project while in the season or looking forward to the season.


I tried to add fabrics that looked like rain. I hoped the vertical lines achieve that. See the snowballs. It will be 3 months before our snowfalls turn into rain! The dot fabrics…..raindrops or snowballs….take your pick!


I have an entire bin full of plaid fabrics. I pulled the bin out and grabbed a few to go in the next 5 blocks. It will help continue my Scrap Attack theme and keep this quilt as scrappy as can be. I have two other green blocks so I referred to them and added as many different fabrics as possible.


The last piece of fabric grabbed out of the scrap bin was the bright vine type fabric on the upper right. I auditioned at least 10 different fabrics to go with the hexagon pieces. I think this works great! Look at all these different shades of green. I love working with fabric.


more rain. The black dots on the white fabric has a raised surface. I wish I had more fabrics like this. I love texture. It is probably why I enjoy working with 1 1/2 in squares because of all the seams that give the quilt texture.

Block #5 -  Time for Fishing

Here is my block #5 made back in May 2013. I gave it the title “Time For Fishing”.

#21 - Enjoying Winter but Dreaming of Spring

Block #21 made Feb 17, 2014 called “Enjoying Winter but Dreaming of Spring”

I could name this last green block the same thing.

Thank you again for stopping by to read my post. I look forward to a fabulous 2015 and to completing the quilt top.

Happy 2015 everyone!!!!

November 2nd Thrift Haul

November 15, 2014

I am always excited for Merry Thriftmas at Value Village.  I made it in the afternoon of the first day. My hope was to find a kneehugger but no luck. I put many many items into my cart and then before I went to the checkout I did take half of it out.

IMG_1087Merry Thriftmas

I am happy to have added another Santa Head candleholder to my collection.  He is hard to see in the above photo but he is in blue tones. This one is very different from the others that I have.

IMG_1084I think I need the one with the bald headed Santa but of course I did not purchase it because I wanted to check to see which ones I have already. It is no longer there but……… I know I will find one at some time!
IMG_1085This piece did not come home with me because I have it already but a bowl did.
IMG_1086I kind of wish I would have purchased these three but I have two already. I am fortunate to have purchase one that still has the plastic lid to it. I have only seen the lid once and I grabbed it and quickly purchased it. The scientist who invented corningware glass died this week at 99 years of age.  <a href=”; rel=”nofollow”>…</a>
IMG_1088This container filled with bulbs was so sturdy. The bulbs are not my colors so I ended up not buying it but I thought about it because the box would have been a really nice storage container.
IMG_1089I like both of these so much but….


Pom Pom and Rick Rack LUV!

I just can’t buy everything. Thank goodness for taking pics. I do like collection ideas!!!! I can add pom poms to same dish  towels and rick rack is a favorite of mine!
My sister has given me so many Christmas fabrics I know I could to something like the Santa above.

Temptation - Both my Boys Names Start With K!

Temptation – Both my Boys Names Start With K!



Some day I will make some crazy quilted Christmas stockings like this one.



Christmas Calendars

***** I need to get mine out of storage so I am ready for December 1st!  I really do like these Calendars. I first was introduced to them while traveling in Germany.  I like the idea of counting the days ’til Christmas.



After spending quite a bit of time a one Value Village I headed over to another.

The second one I went to tends to have higher prices.

Opaque Dishes: I have an extensive collection of Pyrex along with a few pieces of Fire King. If the sugar bowl and creamer had been in another pattern I would have purchased them. I have the

Fire King Primrose (Pink and Red flowers)







I see so many of these solid opaque split servers. I have one already. There is no way I would have purchased this server for $4.49. I think I picked mine up for $1.69.


IMG_1102IMG_1103Again – the cups are  too expensive for my tastes.


IMG_1109IMG_1110The black marking is from Unique thrift stores. I purchased the at Value Village and paid even more than what it was prices for at Unique. I hope to have a Christmas tree at some time filled with photo frames. I also want to have a Valentines tree filled with red hearts. The center frame with work for both.

California Dreaming!

July 20, 2014


Loving the ocean!

IMG_6009This one came home with us.

IMG_6005This did not come home with us!!!

IMG_6019  IMG_6020

Taking a closer look….so beautiful.


Barefoot Earth Tales – Folk Art Tree Quilt

June 16, 2014

My son and I started this after reading a book called “Barefoot Earth Tales” a few years ago.
I pulled it out last week. I think the crab apple tree blossoming and the rains lately and all the green that is around has built up my desire to work on this.

A little diversion

We still have these trees to create out of fabric.

My son's designs for the trees.

I did make an album in Flickr with all the pics I have taken of this project so far.

I have also been putting together two galleries of trees that I think are so amazing from Flickr.

Gallery II 

and Gallery I

I divided out the Tree of Life photos I like and put them into their own Gallery. I would imagine most quilters have a life list of quilts they would like to make. The Tree of Life is on my list!


Thrifting Thursday

March 6, 2014

Thrifting Thursday

Originally uploaded by Q_uilted T_hrifted

I went to 3 thrift shops today. The first store I walked away with a few photos of DWD Pyrex and a tear in my eye. The second shop 5 items
Book Fire Star for our son 1.49
Correlle Dinner plates X4 at 49c each not shown
Lid for 043 for 49c
The Pink Egg cup 29c
Ceramic Egg 49c
the last store I was hoping the BFG was still there and it was 3.99 403
and the Old Orchard the same size and price.
I found my first ENGLAND Pyrex $4.99
The bird Egg cup 99c
The small black and white dish 39c
a Pink scrapbook 99c
File folder labels 29c
largest priced item a purse that zips closed and will fit my iPad $7.99
The Flamingo Pyrex I purchased a while back but just recently took out of the packaging and washed them up. I hope to make a table runner and get ready for a nice table setting for Spring!

February 24, 2014

Only two were hand stitched together

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Drawn to Different

January 17, 2014

sewed on June and July this week

Originally uploaded by Q_uilted T_hrifted

I have always been drawn to different, I feel a comfort level within different. I imagine it comes from way back. As far back as I can remember I have had hair that I feel is different than any one else. My parents situation was different than most. I found later my friends I gravitated to were experiencing similar situations but in very different ways,
Within this feeling of different I think I have protected my heart but it is a heart that has intense feeling. Both of my sons are this way. That intensity can cause quickness that has taken understanding to harness.
In this quilt it is made of the littlest of left over pieces, scatterings of here and there, I think they make a big statement. I have been thinking of putting a red border around the inner section and then continuing with the “coins” running around the perimeter.
When my older son was in school I feared the push to mold him into the norm would cause him to lose his amazing individuality, his spirit, his creativity. He survived. There has been scarring but he is moving forward and is being creative with his music while working for a company that takes care of (tries to protect) high need adults. It amazes me he is where he is. We have nurses and social workers in my family so I am not surprised. I wonder where life will take him.
I continue on this piece not knowing exactly where it is going, modifying the plan along the way, it evolves from the fabrics I have around me and the projects I am continually working on.
This past holiday season was difficult with my mom having a stroke and recovering well but also knowing things are now different. My best friend from high school’s son committed suicide two days before Christmas. I have always worried about my older son and know how strong the pull is in depression to find some kind of peace. For some it has come to this.
My brother died 30 years ago last Memorial weekend. It was in an accident but life was very messy. There was a festering of activity going on trying to find some kind of answer and not being able to get there and then the accident happened. It makes all other activity come to a screeching halt.
Then life moves on again and that feeling of different is intensified. The aging process puts an entirely knew dimension on it because our time here is ,,,, short… limited.
I push myself toward some kind of happiness within trying to make sense of it all. And not even that … sometimes it is just trying to get through one day within it all. Knowing it is limited and making the most of each day would really be the best thing to do… in my different kind of way.