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OCD: Obsessive–compulsive disorder

April 18, 2010

OCD: Obsessive–compulsive disorder

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This quilt is just like me!
All over the place!
My day today…
up at 730a
came downstairs on the computer too see what was new on Flickr, check my mail, and read a little.
Jude, Is offering online classes now and oh goodness would I like to take one.

My Mr said yesterday we got a lot done and we did.
I wanted to take our son to the district pine wood derby but……..
when my Mr woke up and checked the mail his paycheck did not come in from the temp agency. It “should” have been here yesterday! Of course he had already written checks that were going to bounce…
I checked online and moved money around and wrote him a check from my account and sent him off to the bank…..
my savings for my birthday vacation to the Galapagos dwindles this week from over 700USD to 56.00 and we have a reunion in San Diego that we ****Must**** go to. I feel very strongly about it.
Once back and after a strong coffee…
He cleaned the gutters
He finished power spraying the deck
He repaired the front cement steps (the best he can with limited experience)
It was so beautiful I wanted to be outside so I….
pulled dandilions from the front yard…about 50 of them.
Went and got a bag to put over my hand and took out itch week. I break out from roots of some plants.
we cleared off the deck so Mr could finish spraying.
I took a moment to get the young one outside and finished up a game of
Worddrop – a new game we started the night before and hadn’t finished.
The sun was beautiful and warm.
The little one has been running a fever off and on all week and very congested.
His brother called and has reinjured a quad muscle and had to go to therapy.
I told him I wanted him home for a while (he lives in his own apartment at school) so Dad took him to therapy and brought him home. We made a big dinner and sat together as a family. We haven’t all been together at home for some time.
I edged the sidewalk. I started edging the front flower bed. I weeded the hosta beds on each side of the front walk
Needless to say my body aches everywhere….
At night the little one and I cuddled and watched “Jafar” an Aladdin movie from our bed. The movie drove me crazy with the scratchy yelling manner of the bird. I forced myself to spend this time with the little one but believe me…… that bird was driving me crazy. I also have anxiety to force myself to lay there when I know I could “should” be doing a million things. But….. this time with our little one is a treasure.
I got his nails cut too…..which is a chore in itself!!! I guess I did get something accomplished.
It is beautiful outside again today and the deck will get stained….
first my Mr only got one can of stain….I advised we will need two! The stain was discounted from 25.00 down to 7.50. He said the other can that was discounted was more of a red tone than a brown….I said go get it. We will mix them together. (He’s using his SEARs cc) Not the best idea but we can get something done.

Six hours later the deck is finished. The color is satisfactory. The frame around the sliding glass door need to get done but that will wait for another day. My manager called me at home today and needs me to come in 2 hours early in the morning to handle chaos from the volcanic activities in Iceland.  They need volunteers to stay until 10p tomorrow night. I won’t be able to stay that long with my commitment to boy scouts.

3 loads of laundry have been processed today.  The floor of my son’s room was swept and mopped. The laundry and clothing in his room has been put away. I turned the light on on my sewing maching and pinned a piece together but then was called away.. after my thread dropped into my coffee!

So I was thinking. I started taking things out of one room then walked into another, put all the mess from the floor onto the bed and started sorting, then had to walk to the kitchen and started a load of dishes and then walked downstairs and moved laundry to a bin and wash into the dryer. Took the laundry upstairs and folded in the sunshine from the diningroom table, finished the dishes while the mopped bedroom floor dried, back to the laundry then the 6 hours staining the deck and a run to the grocery store and now…..the little one goes in the bath so he can read for an hour before lights out.

My body hurts from all the yard work and staining and going up and down the stairs. It will be a break to sit at my desk at work tomorrow and not have to move for 11hours! Yeah right. I start turning to stone the longer I sit there.

I counted the socks today before putting them away. 11 pair for the young one, 10 pair for the daddy and 3 pair for mom….. when I don’t stop myself I count them every time I fold another pair together. It is a compulsion.

I sometime sew and then catch myself counting and recounting the number of blocks or inches I have sewn.

When I read a book I sometime count the number of pages I have read and the number I have to read before finishing that chapter.

I have difficulty reading the newspaper because I want to cut out articles that fascinate me and tuck them away for later.

When I sweep the floors I tend to sift through the dustpan to make certain I don’t toss a treasure. I tend to put the dirt into a separate paper bag and am fascinated by how much is collected in a days time.

I don’t finish many quilt projects I start so I cherish the process and sometimes make a game out of how many different projects can I work on in one weekend…..and of course I have to count them. (I like this soft pastel piece and especially how the black dances in and around the pastel green and yellow and then to top it off the pretty purple flowers.)

I am just realizing this about myself.  I love Flickr because I can bounce from galleries to favorites to groups to blogging to whatever I fancy.  (This soft pastel piece of fabric could be the basis for an entire quilt. I love the color combinations)   Hmmmmmmm.  It is no wonder I drive my MR nuts some times!

I purchsed this quilt in order to use the fabric to repair some vintage quilts I have that are in desparate need of repair. For 10.00 I thought this was a great deal. Purchased in Sept 2009 with this Pink Star quilt.

The center block is  pastel bow fabrics with this weird mix of florals.  The fabrics independently are very nice but I don’t understand how they are put together.

This top is really in rough shape. There are units that seem to have been made at different times and then sewn together.   There are large pieces of fabric that would work nicely for repairing other works. I have had this for over a year and have not taken it apart. We’ll see what happens.


Halloween at my sister’s.

October 31, 2009

Halloween at my sister’s.

Originally uploaded by Q_uilted T_hrifted

This is a shot of inside the trailer behind the tractor.View the hayride here.

We are at my sister’s today to go trick or treating on a haywagon behind a tractor. My sister has been having this gathering for over 6 years now. It is a great time because so many friends and relatives come that we only see one time a year.

My GREATniece Elysia

On the drive here I stopped at a few two antique stores and two quilt shops. I picked up 4 fat quarters of white on white and one bundle of sunflower fabric. YES, for my sunflower quilt. I also purchased a Sun Bonnet Sue quilt that was $32.00 on sale for $20.00. There are 3 blocks that have mold spots on them. I could try replacing the muslin fabric on the blocks or I could reduce the quilt down to a crib quilt size and replace the 3 blocks with the mold. The quilt is currently 4 blocks across and 5 blocks down.

Sunbonnet Sue

You can read more about the quilt if you click on the photo and go over to Flickr.

Sunbonnet Sue Quilt

I love this. My nephew just took this photo on his cell phone. Sent it to my yahoo and then we downloaded onto this site. It’s amazing what you can do these days. The video of my GREATniece was done the same way.

This is my nephew. He is also my Godson and the oldest of 10 nieces and nephews. He has his 3rd child on the way. Tomorrow we will celebrate his son’s 9th birthday. His son is a year older than mine…..funny how that works. Pat made the link piece under the chestplate. He has been working on it for a few years and finished it today. It is made of thousands of metal links that he put together with a pliers.  It weighs over 30 lbs. It is really a cool piece.

Vintage Star Quilt

September 12, 2009

Vintage Star Quilt

Originally uploaded by Q_uilted T_hrifted

This is the before picture. It was just very mildly quilted with a loose stitch. It was not difficult to take it apart. My sister and I were at the cabin last week with our families and my Mommy!!!  Mom scared me with how frail she seemed. She is 81 years old and has slowed down so much these past few years. I get to see her again today at a family reunion on her side. It is near the cities and will be fun because we usually go UP NORTH for most events. This time everyone is coming to a suburb near the cities. We will be at a lake and have sooooooooooo much fun!

Last weekend was wonderful. The week before I met my sister half way between our homes and picked up mom for my son’s preseason football game with the Minnesota Gophers…….Mom had a blast. He played in about every 7th play. He mainly was special teams on the kick offs and kick returns….he is the runner who goes lightning fast down the field. The fourth quarter he played some defense. The next day at practice the head coach asked….. who’s this guy? while they were watching films. They called out my son’s name and he said. “This is what we want to see”. It was great praise because Kyle is a transfer student and walk on to the team. He took the risk to go from D2 to a D1 team. He has to redshirt this year so that game has to hold him over until next year.

Back to quilting! We met at an antique store and went in and looked around. I came upon this pink quilt. I am not much for pink but it fascinated me. It had lumps and bumps all over the inside! I was anxious to take it apart. I love to research old quilts!!!


This is what I found! The wool batting balled up inside. Some of it was stuck to the stitches. The quilt was just so very lighly quilted in loose stitch one time around the stars. My mind keeps saying to me “quilt this in red thread”!

Red Star Delight!I think red stitches just accent these stars so well! As you can see there is some work that has to be done on this quilt. There is even some sun damage on one side in the pink background……and emboidered poem in the area maybe………

IMGA0177 IMGA0175

I can’t explain to you how excited I get at these discoveries. At one time this was one big sheet of batting. Maybe it was even home made batting.

IMGA0172It seems there is always one fabric that causes problems in a quilt. This star is probably in the best shape and my favorite of all of them.

IMGA0174Note how this star used two different green fabrics. Ginghams, florals, polka dots …..I would say made in the 60s. What do you think?

The two layers are seperated now. I have loads and loads of batting. In fact I just purchased a roll of batting at the thrift….and more thread….and a small loom….and a bag of fabric with some finished yo yos inside….and another quilt top!!!

IMGA0178This one is very crudely made and I am in desperate need of some vintage fabric to repair some of my other quilts. This one will do the trick. I will post close ups in my next post and photograph it as best I can before I take it apart. The center block has baby fabrics….a definite baby theme going on and then all of a sudden shirtings, ginghams, vintage print fabrics….it’s off the chart!

I am off to get ready for a family reunion today. Our cam-recorder is in the shop getting repaired before the warranty expires. The side view screen hasn’t worked for a long time! I know there will be plenty of cameras. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Comment if you stop by. Love to hear from you. T

Quilts on Flickr

July 18, 2009

String Pieced Tulip

Originally uploaded by Q_uilted T_hrifted

Quilt photos I have had on Flickr. When you don’t have a pro account you can have 3 sets of photos. I have Family, CQR and Quilts.

Under the Quilt set I started to list the hyperlinks to photos that have fallen off my current photostream due to the 200 limit.

I have recently started to go back and put a TAG QuTh on all of my photos. I can then do a search for QuTh and almost all of the photos are mine.

I just realized recently that under the SET listing I can put a comment and post a picture under the comment section. I have started adding pics of dropped off photos to this section as well.

Under CQR – Crazy Quilting Revisited. I have put in comments with photos of my Sunflower quilt and inspirations.

Here is the list of Quilt photos that have been on Flickr. I go back to the SET every so often and put in ( 30 ) the number of views of the photo.

I then add the photo to the Group 100 Views and so forth when it has enough views. It’s a little game I play.

I do not have a pro account so most of my photos have fallen off due to the 200 photo limit. My most viewed quilt photos.
over 300 views
Snowball Quilt (394)
<a href=”″></a&gt;
2nd most viewed picture Bargello (316)
<a href=””></a&gt;

Over 200 views
The Tuesday Quilt Group I belong to.(231)
<a href=””></a&gt;
Vintage Hawaiian Quilt from dresses (283)
<a href=””></a&gt;

Sunflower (226)
<a href=””></a&gt;
over 100 views
Tied Utility Quilt 16APR09 (140)
<a href=””></a&gt;

Elysia’s Baptismal Red Heart quilt (137)
<a href=””>…</a&gt;

Sunbonnet Sam (128)
<a href=””></a&gt;
Approaching 100 views:
Grandma Martha’s Quilt (101)
<a href=””></a&gt;
Spider Web Mini Quilt (61)
<a href=””></a&gt;

Search scrappy bargello to see some of the best quilts ever!
Dresden Plate published on Schmap (41)
<a href=””></a&gt;
Dresdan Full bed shot (77)
<a href=””></a&gt;
I enjoy the piecework of quilting and the process. I like to go to thrift stores and look for quilts, aprons, fabric, buttons, thread and vintage embroidered items.
Fishing Sunbonnet Sam (114)
<a href=””></a&gt;
I also enjoy going to antique stores and searching for quilts and vintage fabrics.
Tulip Bulb (30)
<a href=””></a&gt;
Vintage Butterfly quilts (57)
<a href=””></a&gt;
Vintage Tied Crazy Quilt (46)
<a href=””></a&gt;
Quilts I’ve made…
Patriotic Row by Row (20)
<a href=””></a&gt;
Triple Irish Chain Erica’s Grad Quilt (98)
<a href=””></a&gt;
Search Ericas Graduation Quilt to view more photos.
My sister has given me a few farm quilts.(58)
<a href=””></a&gt;
Satin Whole Cloth Quilt received as gift (37)
<a href=””></a&gt;
Some of my first quilts posted to Flickr
Ragged Red White Blue Star (55)
<a href=””></a&gt;
Scrappy heart in pink (19)
<a href=””></a&gt;
in blue… (32)
<a href=””></a&gt;
in red…. (137)
<a href=””></a&gt;

Polyester Utility quilt w owl (42)
<a href=””>…</a&gt;
Next to drop off
Isabel’s Pink Heart Quilt
<a href=””>…</a&gt;
String  Tulip (76)
<a href=””></a&gt;
Doll heart quilt (22)
<a href=””></a&gt;
Autumn Sampler (16)
<a href=””></a&gt;


I find it interesting when a photo all of a sudden has a large number of hits on it.

The Snow ball quilt top is the most popular at this time. It has quite a few Favorites on it. It is going to reach the 400 view mark pretty soon!

One of the only quilts I have actually finished , Patriotic Row by Row, only has 20 views. I wonder…..

I wanted a snapshot of where the photos are at a given time and that is why I posted this. I can go back a year from now and look at the history of the views.

Today Grandma Martha’s quilt reached the 100 view mark and I added to the group. Next in line is Erica’s Triple Irish Chain. It’s not the best photo in the world but ……. they don’t have to be professional……that is the beauty of Flickr. Everyday folks with everyday stories and photos. How beautiful is that!

String Pieced Tulip

May 18, 2009

String Pieced Tulip

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I just love these string pieced tulips. I have seen photos on some of Flickr as well. I fell in love with this quilt at an antique store.

You won’t believe it but there are strips of cream colored paint going along with quilt in various areas. I think someone was using it as a drop cloth! Really I do.

There are also stains here and there.


The worst damage came from a dog we used to have. Her name was Buttercup and we loved her dearly.

She was a cocker spanial and we got her as a puppy.

One day I came home from work and she must have gotten caught underneath because she chewed her way right through the center of the quilt.

This was already 10 years ago.  I was afraid she was going to be sick with all that batting in her tummy.

She was just as playful and happy as ever. Sometime I will do some repairs of this. Right now it reminds us of her.

She is no longer with us. It’s a long story. We certainly enjoyed her although she had chronic ear trouble. If you are ever considering a cocker make certain you have the time to keep their ears clean and properly cared for.

 I miss going for walks with her in the evening.  We went on wonderful walks with her. We went to obedience training as well. It was an interesting time in our life.


We most likely will never have a dog again.  Mainly because we love to travel and with the boys in sports we are hardly ever home.

I have thought about being a foster family on weekends for the Animal Shelter.  With a 7 year old in the house he would have fun running

a dog over the weekend and we all could get more exercize.  I did start teaching the Tiger Cub/ Boy Scouts how to his a tennis ball.

We have a court that has a wooden wall behind it and it is a perfect place for  the children to his the ball around.

Thanks for stopping by. If you want to see a photo of Buttercup stop by again. I will add photos to this post once I get them scanned into the computer.


Snowball Quilt

January 30, 2009

Snowball Quilt Waxahatchi #3

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Antique Quilt top purchased in Waxahatchi, Texas.

It is too cold to even make a snowball. Not just too cold today. It’s been too cold the entire month. I heard a few years back of people using a spray bottle to make the snow wet enough to stick. If this weather continues that may have to be the method we use.

You can NOT go through winter in Minnesota without building a snowfamily and/or snowfort and/or snowballs. A good snowball in the face is the best. That’s when the snow melts and the water trickles under your turtleneck and down your neck and on to your back. Winter is not complete until you have experienced this at least once a season!!!

I L-O-V-E winter. That is why I live here. I am so excited to get the coldest month of the year behind us! ONE MORE DAY!!!


This quilt top was such a great find. Sometimes you see the same fabrics appear in numerous quilts but this one has such unique ones. It makes it very special.

Here is one for Jude. She is creating a new quilt called COMA this year and doing a lot of study with dots.


I like fabrics that are directional with lines. The first here is sewn together kitty wompus (sp?) the second is planned and forms an X

snowball-blueTwo more pleasing blocks. The colors are spectacular! red-stripes1

This quilt has a lot of stripe and plaid fabrics ! It’s great.


I have to say this is just about my MOST FAVORITE-EST fabric ever…..Safety Pins!!!

In my retirement I will have plenty of tops to quilt to keep me busy!

Merry Christmas Everyone!/Dresden Plate

December 25, 2008


I woke up this morning with a very nice memo…

Schmap: Houston Photo Short-list

  Hi Theresa,I am writing to let you know that one of your photos has been short-listed for inclusion in the sixth edition of our Schmap Houston Guide, to be published mid-January this link will take you to a page where you can:
i) See which of your photos has been short-listed.
ii) Submit or withdraw your photo from our final selection phase.
iii) Learn how we credit photos in our Schmap Guides.
iv) Browse online or download the fifth edition of our Schmap Houston Guide.While we offer no payment for publication, many photographers are pleased to submit their photos, as Schmap Guides give their work recognition and wide exposure, and are free of charge to readers. Photos are published at a maximum width of 150 pixels, are clearly attributed, and link to high-resolution originals at Flickr.Our submission deadline is Tuesday, December 30. If you happen to be reading this message after this date, please still click on the link above (our Schmap Guides are updated frequently – photos submitted after this deadline will be considered for later releases).Best regards,Emma Williams,
Managing Editor, Schmap Guides

Has anyone heard of this company and have any words of wisdom as far as giving permission for them to use my photo below.


It is a very nice photo. I love seeing the back side of an antique quilt.
There is such a story in each stitch  and possibly in each fabric.

We had Christmas brunch with a sister-in-law and her two daughters. Mara is doing a report on Oprah Winfrey and she said that her Grandmother made dresses out of potato sacks. These fabrics could easily be feed sack fabrics….or a potato sack fabric. I explained to her how women chose the grain and potato sacks often by the fabrics that pleased them or were needed for a dress or apron they were sewing.  That most likely would have been the 30s or 40s. Here is a little history and pattern on the Dresden Plate.

      When I was young in the 60s I remember the potato sacks were gunny sacks made of burlap they would hold 100 pounds of potatoes.  We used them for gunny sack races at birthday parties and family reunions!

Waxahatchi Quilt Top #1

Full shot of Dresden Plate purchased at a quilt shop in Waxahatchi, TX while attending the Houston International Quilt Festival a few years ago.  I purchased four antique quilts during the trip.  Three of them including this one are tops. The fourth is a full finished quilt.

Originally uploaded by Q_uilted T_hrifted

Strolling Around After Houston International Quilt Fest

November 21, 2008

I just love the shade of red in this quilt……it is fantastic!

Waxahatchi Quilt #2 Tulip Bulb – I think

I didn’t get to go this year so I pulled out some of the quilt tops I purchased in Texas after the show at Antique stores in the area. I am still excited that I took a little extra cash to make these purchases.

Originally uploaded by Q_uilted T_hrifted

Waxahatchi Quilt #2 Tulip Bulb – I think…
The second quilt top I purchased in Waxahatchi Texas. The red is so deep and strong in this quilt. The blocks are sewn together with black thread? I think that is strange… stranger yet is that it looks like one seam is machine sewn and the next is hand sewn.


I do think that the black stitching around the applique looks wonderful. I don’t even want to quilt this because it is so interesting to analyze the back of the quilt.


I do not see this pattern very often.


Here is a repair that was made prior to my purchase. I would say it is a little on the rough side but certainly keeps the hole from getting any larger.

Do you think a little mouse got at this one?


A bit of a pucker on this one…..

Two layers of fabric were quilted under this hole.








Close Up

One Block Mended


Waxahatchi Quilt Top

Waxahatchi Blu Daisy

Waxahatchi Blue

Pretty yellow

Waxahatchi Texas Antique store purchase

I really don’t know the formal name of this pattern.

Can you name this pattern?

This is one of my favorite blocks – polka dots

Tulip Bulb ?

The villian of quilts ….. mice…..

Waxahatchi Quilt





Snowball Quilt Waxahatchi #3

September 3, 2008

This was a major quilt purchase I made while attending the Houston International Quilt Festival a few years back. I purchased 3 quilt tops while traveling around the area. I made a stop at an antique store in Waxahatchi, Texas.

This quilt top was such a great find. Sometimes you see the same fabrics appear in numerous quilts but this one has such unique ones. It makes it very special. In my retirement I will have plenty of tops to quilt to keep me busy!

This photo is my most viewed photo on  Flickr 2427 views with 10 favorites and 14 comments.

I found it on Pinterest too. Most likely the reason for so many views.

In all my years of looking at quilts in books, magazines, online, I have never come across a snowball quilt made in this exact manner.

Snowball Quilt Waxahatchi #3

Originally uploaded by Q_uilted T_hrifted


Snowball Quilt Waxahatchi -stripes

Polka Dots

Snowball Quilt Waxahatchi-polka dots

I think hand stitching this pattern would be the easiest. Can you imagine manipulating those curves on a sewing machine?

Purple Roses….. Vintage fabric at it’s best

Snowball Quilt Waxahatchi-roses

Pretty blue – this is the best blue ever!

Snowball Quilt Waxahatchi-blue

Black and green stripes

Snowball Quilt Waxahatchi-more stripes

The stripes come together to form an X

Snowball Quilt Waxahatchi-stripes

Safety pin fabric – the best

Snowball Quilt Waxahatchi

Snowball Quilt Waxahatchi


blogged Jan 30, 2009

Sunbonnet Sam

September 2, 2008

purchased at an antique store in northern Minnesota.

These are some of my favorite blocks

I love this quilt. It is probably the maximum my budget has ever allowed me to pay for a quilt. It was an “I gotta have!” I have passed up many a quilt at antique stores due to the price….now that I have been in Flickr I think I will carry a camera and see if I will be allowed to photograph the quilts that I see and that I am drawn to but can’t afford. I have to draw the line somewhere…but a photo…just one little photo to preserve the memory!

there is history in this quilt…to me it means this quilt NEEDED to be used and the user sewed up the layers in order to keep the back from fraying any more. It was being utilized even in its beauty. A lot of work went into making this top….a lot. This is a “Should I, Would I, Could I”. Should I take the stitches out? Would I even think of removing the back and replacing it with stronger fabric? Could I find that large of a piece of replacement backing of the same vintage? This will remain just the way it is at this time. I have many other projects I am working on. I enjoy it just the way it is!

I really like this cat fabric.

The back of this quilt is shredding. The previous owner machine sewed through all layers to prevent the back from shredding even more.

In need of repair.


Price Tag is still on the quilt

Originally uploaded by Q_uilted T_hrifted

Price Tag is still on the quilt

I like how many ties are in this quilt. Many tied quilts have just one tie in each corner. This one has 4 ties on each side of the block. The blue ties coordinate very well with the  blue borders. I think originally this quilt had no machine sewing on it.