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Vintage Star Quilt

September 12, 2009

Vintage Star Quilt

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This is the before picture. It was just very mildly quilted with a loose stitch. It was not difficult to take it apart. My sister and I were at the cabin last week with our families and my Mommy!!!  Mom scared me with how frail she seemed. She is 81 years old and has slowed down so much these past few years. I get to see her again today at a family reunion on her side. It is near the cities and will be fun because we usually go UP NORTH for most events. This time everyone is coming to a suburb near the cities. We will be at a lake and have sooooooooooo much fun!

Last weekend was wonderful. The week before I met my sister half way between our homes and picked up mom for my son’s preseason football game with the Minnesota Gophers…….Mom had a blast. He played in about every 7th play. He mainly was special teams on the kick offs and kick returns….he is the runner who goes lightning fast down the field. The fourth quarter he played some defense. The next day at practice the head coach asked….. who’s this guy? while they were watching films. They called out my son’s name and he said. “This is what we want to see”. It was great praise because Kyle is a transfer student and walk on to the team. He took the risk to go from D2 to a D1 team. He has to redshirt this year so that game has to hold him over until next year.

Back to quilting! We met at an antique store and went in and looked around. I came upon this pink quilt. I am not much for pink but it fascinated me. It had lumps and bumps all over the inside! I was anxious to take it apart. I love to research old quilts!!!


This is what I found! The wool batting balled up inside. Some of it was stuck to the stitches. The quilt was just so very lighly quilted in loose stitch one time around the stars. My mind keeps saying to me “quilt this in red thread”!

Red Star Delight!I think red stitches just accent these stars so well! As you can see there is some work that has to be done on this quilt. There is even some sun damage on one side in the pink background……and emboidered poem in the area maybe………

IMGA0177 IMGA0175

I can’t explain to you how excited I get at these discoveries. At one time this was one big sheet of batting. Maybe it was even home made batting.

IMGA0172It seems there is always one fabric that causes problems in a quilt. This star is probably in the best shape and my favorite of all of them.

IMGA0174Note how this star used two different green fabrics. Ginghams, florals, polka dots …..I would say made in the 60s. What do you think?

The two layers are seperated now. I have loads and loads of batting. In fact I just purchased a roll of batting at the thrift….and more thread….and a small loom….and a bag of fabric with some finished yo yos inside….and another quilt top!!!

IMGA0178This one is very crudely made and I am in desperate need of some vintage fabric to repair some of my other quilts. This one will do the trick. I will post close ups in my next post and photograph it as best I can before I take it apart. The center block has baby fabrics….a definite baby theme going on and then all of a sudden shirtings, ginghams, vintage print fabrics….it’s off the chart!

I am off to get ready for a family reunion today. Our cam-recorder is in the shop getting repaired before the warranty expires. The side view screen hasn’t worked for a long time! I know there will be plenty of cameras. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Comment if you stop by. Love to hear from you. T