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Tulip Quilt / Happy Spring Everyone

March 29, 2009

Tulip Quilt / Happy Spring Everyone

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One of the earlier quilts I made. It is now hanging in my dining room. If you notice the top row has 30 squares and the bottom has 29. It’s just how is was in those days when I didn’t have an accurate 1/4 inch seam allowance!

The binding is open still on the bottom to put a label on the quilt. I have the book I made this quilt from. It is the first quilt book I ever purchased. I still like many of the quilts in the book.  I’ll find it and add it.

It was a busy day today. I did a major cleaning of my son’s room. Swept the ceiling, wiped down the walls, swept and moped the floor, and wiped down the baseboards. The bookshelf in his room still needs organizing and dusting. The toys also need to be sorted and stored.

There are two shelves on the wall and I took everything off and wiped down the shelves and took a vacuum cleaner to the stuffed animals. I have a small chair collection on the top shelf and I wiped them down as well. I put all the teddy bears in storage until late fall. I believe in rotating toys and stuffed animals to keep up the interest.

We went thrifting yesterday and found a great deal on a pair of rollerblades for the young one. Size 2-3 perfect for him. They only cost $2.49  and they had knee pads as well for .49

I also found two egg cups for Easter.  We saw two at an antique shop on Thursday and they were $24.00 each. That is probably why I am not seeing them at the thrift this year. I also found a beautiful cross stitched Easter egg for the Egg tree for only 29cents. It is soooo cute!

I was pleased to find 3 puppets for my puppet collection for .69 to 1.69 each.

I wanted to buy some little stuffed rabbits but I already have so many. We did find a black and purple monkey for Jane and gave it to her for her birthday along with the Harry Potter figures. We like everything quilte quite a bit. There’s a freudean slip for you.

I took a break from the bedroom and got a chili going in the crock pot for dinner. I then  trimmed the crab apple tree out front and took the branches and put in two containers. One for inside the house and one for outside on the deck. I put together an Easter Egg Tree with lights and painted eggs. It is shining in the front window this evening. I put the branches in water in a plastic juice container and weighted it down with a rock. I then wrapped it with a towel for thickness and put it inside a crock pot.

I then took everything out of my car and my younger son vacuumed it out for me. I have the floor mats soaking in the laundry tub to clean. Tomorrow I will take soap and water to the car and it will have a wonderful spring cleaning as well.

By this time my older son and one of his roommates from college  stopped in at home for an hour or so on their way to another friends house.  The university he goes to is 2 hours away, but…his girlfriend was on springbreak this past week and he was on springbreak the week before so they haven’t seen each other in two weeks. I had a feeling we might be seeing him this weekend. She goes to the university here is town.

I ache from head to toe. I soaked in the tub and started a Danielle Steele novel. Good Woman. My older son gave it to me for Christmas and I haven’t read it yet.

It is story time for the young one and I am going to read a little. Not one speck of sewing done today. I did unpack a wonderful small wall quilt that I will post tomorrow.

Thrift Haul

March 27, 2009

Thrift Haul

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I got an invite for a new group pool today so I went around the house and collect my most recent thrift purchases. I don’t think any of them have been photographed yet.

So here goes and attempt at a list…

House shaped shadow box

House shelving unit for Owl collection

Owl Bell I received from my younger son for Christmas…via myself of course!

Blue and yellow floral print to accent my blue glass, bowl and plate collection.

CM scrapbbo0k supplies

– 3 ring binder

– large sheet protectors

– Wilderness packette

Misc. scrapbook supplies

– plastic page case/holder

– scrapbook I put this years Christmas cards and addresses in.


– two doilies

– lady linen table runner

– vintage embroidered linen

Sewing supplies

– thimble

– needles

– thread

– Embroidery kit

Books and Mags

– 2 HP books and figures (already photographed)

– one on making pillows

– one Engebrite book

– one mag

Miniature Chair

Plant stand with squirrel theme

Two tier tin plant holder

Bird House Kit


2 Beer Steins

String Piece Diamond Quilt

March 11, 2009

String piece quilting has always fascinated me even back in the late 70s early 80s!

A bag of scrapsscraps

We’ve had a sick house since two weeks ago and not much energy to do anything. I dumped out a bag of scraps and sorted them by color.

I have this diamond String Piece quilt I started back in the 70s. It moves around my studio.

I make a square here and there and the quilt is slowly evolving.

I got the idea from a picture in a magazine.  It was a fashion magazine with the quilt hanging in the background. I know I cut it out and it is in a 3 ring binder some where. When I find it I will scan it in the computer and add it to the post. This is where the quilt is at …. as of March 2009.

A year or so ago I decided to square
off one side and the bottom of the
quilt so I had a direction to work in.
I did not know about foundation
piecing at the time so the earlier
diamonds do not have fabric
behind them. The newer ones that I
am doing are on a cloth foundation.
I find that worn out pillow cases are
so thin and soft they are perfect for
this.  I like the idea of using what is


A String piece diamond quilt is a great way to use up small scraps of fabric.  I don’t want too many rules in this quilt. imga0779

Gingham fabric was some of the first fabrics I ever worked with. Note the red and blue fabrics above are typical and from the 70s when this quilt was started.


I started by

using a

plain white

sheet for

the  background.

I have made diamonds that represent other quilt projects I have made over the years. You will see an example of this below.

Here is another diamond that is definitely one of the first I made.

For a while in the mid to late 80s I lived with my father.

I have a sister from his second marriage/divorce that is 17 years
younger than I am. She was living with
her mother at the time.
There was a bag of scrap fabric in the
basement of my dad’s house.
He had made Tori a doll house and
her mom had given her a bag of scraps
to make doll clothes with.
I used some of those scraps for these
diamonds. The little piece of yellow on
the end was the cutest piece with hearts
on it. I didn’t think of fussy cutting
at that time otherwise I would have
had a string with a better view of
the hearts.


It’s been a tough couple years. Our younger son was born a premie. He came home from the hospital in September 2001  weighing 3lb 6ox. He was so little.

I had developed HELLP syndrome and became allergic to the fetus. I was going into a coma and they had to take him quickly (within 20 minutes of getting to the hospital). Luckily he was healthy other than needing to develop more. It took a week for him to get the oxygen tubes off and they just blew air from the machine in front of his face….so many memories.

He came home and of course could not go straight into a daycare…like my older son. 3 weeks old and I was back to work. With the younger one he needed to have a shot for the Respiratory Virus through the winter. I guess premies are more suseptible to get the virus than other babies. I stayed home almost a year.

It’s funny because he started crawling at 11 months and two weeks later I had a neighbor who ran an in home daycare start taking care of him. Within another two weeks he was walking. All he needed was to see those other toddlers moving around and off he went.  When I think back to when his older brother was that age….started walking when he was 9 months old. He did everything early, fast and well. He still does.

I worked for a year. During that time my Mr lost his job through outsourcing of his department to another country. There was a lot of that going on in 2002-2005.


Took a few months for him to land a new job. Unfortunately that one lasted about a year due to downsizing.  Then a few months until another job.  A company was developing a night shift crisis line.  That lasted 6 months.  Oh my goodness. Now we are in a recession with unemployment worse than it has ever been.

This is what my Mr does when he takes a break from the job search process.  Takes shots of birds eating in the back yard.


He also has named the squirrel that frequently raids the bird seed Chester.

Chester I have rarely purchased quilt fabric in bulk. 2-3 yards at one time. I really have not made a complete
quilt out of brand new fabric. Luckily I like scrap quilts. So now in my life when I can not justify
purchasing large amounts of fabric I am using up the bags of scraps that I have. I also do have my quilt

group on every other Tuesday. They know I love working with 1 1/2 in strips of fabric and will

occasionally bring me a bag of their cut offs/left overs.  A few of them only buy enough fabric for the
project they are working on and use it completely getting rid of any remaining fabric. They do not
start a new project until they have completely finished the first. Most of them then send their completed
quilt tops off to a machine quilter to have the quilting done. I believe it is a minimum $100.oo to send
a quilt to have machine quilted. That won’t be in my budget for some time. I also have a number of quilt
tops that are finished but need to be quilted.  I’m in no hurry. I hope I will be around for awhile.


Sunday I found myself working with pink. Subconsciously maybe I am beginning to

think of Easter. In actuality it came from one of the piles I had sorted.

It was just there!


The diamonds don’t match up and I didn’t care or even think too much about it at that time.

Now I am using a foundation that should make precision better….but do I want that??? I was starting to worry that one side of the quilt would be a lot longer than the other.  I am hoping I can still correct this.


A pink diamond that was already in the quilt.


Signature Quilt

This diamond was made shortly after the Signature Block Wall Quilt I wrote about in a previous post.

I am back to working with what I have in the house. Which believe me is a lot. It is nice to have found Flickr and WordPress and can spend some time writing about the projects and do something that feels creative.

Farm Quilt repair

March 8, 2009

Farm Quilt repair

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I was able to seam rip this square out while driving up north for my great niece’s baptism.  I took some time to take some of the strips out so I can reuse them in the new block. imga0940

This is a very worn quilt but I am determined to get a little more mileage out of it. Plus I am intrigued by taking it apart and putting it together.

imga0942 These two blocks show where a thick binding was and how the fabric has faded.


I have to make a new foundation to put these strips back on.


This is the back side where the foundation has worn completely away.

imga0946 imga0947

The quilt is warm? When it is all together.


Our bedroom….

March 3, 2009

Our bedroom….

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The monkey was an “I gotta have” at the thrift a few years ago. He hangs out between our room and my son’s rooms.

The Log Cabin quilt below is on our bed right now. It is usually underneath the bedspread. We put in on a few months ago when the temperatures dropped so low. The quilt is so warm. In fact some times it is too warm. It is also shredded and has holes all over it. This quilt was not loved. It was abused. It came from an old abondoned farm house.  A few critters chewed on it something fierce. I acquired it a few years back from a family member who had washed it numerous times and realized it could not be used in its current state. Well we use it… least while the temperatures are so cold.  My Mr would die if he knew I put this on the internet.

The back side shirting foundationsThis is the back side of the quilt. I find it incredibly fascinating.  The foundations are shirtings. There is no batting. What is/was the back is what looks like two old hospital blankets.

the worst side of the quiltThis huge hole goes through the entire quilt. I intend on ripping the entire block out and using as much of the old pieces and rebuilding it. I have the perfect pink stripe shirt that I “should” never wear again. (my Mr would be happy to hear that come from my lips) It will be perfect for this quilt.

It is a log cabin design. My first thought was string piecing but there are logs that go around a center block. The quilt is them tufted through the center of that block.

Utility Quilt

This is the better side.

Since I had the camera out I figured I’d photograph our most recent thrift book purchases. We hope to some day own every book by these two authors.

Ezra Jack Keats and Eric Carle.

I wrote about the Eric Carle collection a few months ago.

imga0805 Eric Carle Dragon

My recent reading has been Emilie Richards books with a quilting theme in the Shanandoah valley.

My reading

I was just on vacation and just about finished one book and realized my arm was getting sore from holding the book so far away from my body so I could see the words. Before I started the second one it was a trip to the store to purchase a 3 pack of 1.25 reading glasses. What a difference. I even used them yesterday for a while as I sewed.

littlest bunny ever

I have been yearning for Spring. I spent time over the weekend looking at Easter quilts online. There are some nice quilts. I put a few in my favorites.

I remembered this little bunny I purchased at the thrift either last year or the year before. It is so perfect in every way. I took this photo and when I saw it thought….maybe someone would read my palm while they looked at this photo. How long of a life do you think I will have. I am not even going to go there.


Although I just read about Biorythms and it seems pretty fascinating to me.