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Jan’s Quilts “Sunday’s Best”

February 23, 2013

Jan’s Quilts 100 “Sunday’s Best”

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My inspiration for the quilt in my previous post is from Jan.

3822036594_7ba8e3f060_bPhoto taken June 23 2009 by the Tuesday quilt group to document Jan’s quilts

I like that Jan put small buttons and other embellishments on some of the women. I also like the simplicity of her quilting design on the alternate blocks. Jan used the same fabric on her background blocks. I am going with a scrappier look.

IMG_0338Jan also used the same black for the body color and I am using as many shades as I can find. More like all the family members in my family.

3822036636_c90e3819af_bHere is the label on Jan’s quilt. She names this quilt “Sunday Best” Jan named every quilt she ever made.  See more buttons on the green dress in the above picture. Jan’s signature for her quilts was her strip bindings.

Sunday Best

When I made this quilt I saw little girls

all dressed up in their very best for Sunday

School. The pattern is a variation of the

old TIN MAN block. My inspiration was

an antique quilt top I saw at Houston many

years ago. The owner was gracious enough to

let me photograph it.

Janice 2005

The label above says SOLD FOR $9000.00 Houston Quilt Show 1999.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter Jan died the women in our Tuesday Quilters group were able to select a few of her quilt items.  I wrote a post on it back at that time. In going through some of the fabrics I selected I came across some of Jan’s orphan blocks from this quilt. They are just slightly smaller than my block size.

7956869100_1ca86b3e6d_bPhoto taken Sept 8 2012

I could put a coping strip around Jan’s block to bring her block up to the size of mine or I could use it on my label on the back of my quilt.

It’s all about memories today isn’t it.

Memory Quilt Block

February 23, 2013

Memory Quilt Block

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On Monday, President’s Day, there was no school. My son and I walked around a path on the ice on the lake. Just as we were finishing our walk an eagle soared above us and circled above our heads and  then to the north side of the lake. They take my breath away.

IMG_0304   IMG_0306Today fresh snow…

and a quiet morning…IMG_0305

It’s Susan and Wades birthdays today. My children’s grandma Susan died of breast cancer in 1994 after a 13 year battle. Her daughter Sharon found out she had colon cancer 4 months later and died in 1999. Cancer is a terrible thing. Today I cut a piece of fabric from a shirt of Susan’s I had in storage. I made it into a quilt block and added it to a Black Folk Art quilt. The block with the zebra on it was from the pillowcase that was on Sharon’s bed in SFO with matching sheets. I kept the pillowcase knowing I wanted to use the fabric. I made that block a few years ago.




100 percent cotton fabric

perfect for a quilt!


Flowers for February

February 22, 2013

AAB leftovers again round two

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AAB leftovers again round one Roccagal






















I did it!

Add A Border block 2nd round

February 17, 2013

A completed 12 1/2″ Add A Border block 2nd round

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A completed 12 1/2″ Add A Border block 2nd round. I have been in the Add A Border group for over a year. I am not the most active member in completing blocks and getting them mailed back but I thoroughly enjoy this group. I rarely miss a week where I peruse the photos on Flickr of members creations. This is the block I worked on this month. I have a bin of batiks to pull from. I haven’t worked in Batiks for quite a while.

The original block was named Pastel Stripe Batik and was made by Celestejohnson2008
I wanted to get the 1st round block to 6 1/2 from 5 1/2 so I was a bit daring and added two strips to the center of the block. I hope people in the AAB group don’t mind because I am pleased with the design of the 2nd round block. The only thing is I don’t have much for pastel batiks. I did get a bit of almost every batik fabric I have though. I hope all members are OK with my adapting the original block to so I could end up with the 12 inch finished block.

IMG_0128  Here is the original 5 1/2 in unfinished block  IMG_0180and below is the adapted block.


January Pyrex Snowfall

February 1, 2013

January Pyrex Snowfall

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January is noted to be the coldest month of the year in Minnesota. It was certainly cold today. I took our son to school and it was 2 degrees. When I went to pick him up at 330p it was 5 degrees. The warmest it got all day.

IMG_0051There are a few fish houses on the lake in front of our house. Yesterday I watched 3 trucks pull up in front and within seconds the fishermen had taken a fourwheeler off the trailer behind one vehicle and pulled a popup fishhouse off the trailer and out onto the lake. In less than 5 minutes they were set up and fishing. They fished for a few hours and within minutes they had loaded up and were heading out. I wondered if they were with the Clean Water Act or the city testing the water but none of the vehicles had signage on them. I would think they would have to if they were there on business. I was right they were just fishing. My Mr. came home and asked the men how the fishing was and they said they only got one fish. He told them there were fish in the lake and they replied that was what they had heard. I have never seen anything like their setup before.  These guys should hire themselves out to the city or government water control agencies because they certainly know how to set up and take down!

IMG_0102I had fun putting my January display together. I have 10 Pyrex dishes in this display and one Fire King cup and one Hazel Atlas bowl. I almost purchased a vintage turquoise vase today at the thrift store but I noticed that is had a slight chip on the rim. The painted flower on it is so pretty. Do I dare buy it for a display piece?


Here is the Fire King cup. I got it at a church rummage sale where I purchased an entire box of misc. for 25 cents. The color is perfect for this display. I am not collecting Fire King as well. Pyrex is enough.