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My favorite color ever!

August 15, 2013

My favorite color ever!

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It’s been a summer of changes for me. I started a new job in May and it has been a challenging process. I have come to the decision I will need to make another change. The job is finally becoming easier but there are too many compromises. I feel there is minimal integrity by this company and many of it’s employees. I am on the phone all day and over and over again I am told I am the nicest person they have ever spoken to in all the time they have done business with this company. What does that say? To me it says loud and clear I am not a good fit here. The journey begins now to find a new job. I must find something that I feel fits my personality and my moral values. It saddens me that a company such as this exists and that instead of the company challenging itself to better it’s image and give it’s customer honest and compassionate service it compromises for the sake of transitional sales retained and revenue retention. I don’t fit here. Say a prayer because I need to make a change soon before it drives me crazy.