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Spring Thrifting

March 11, 2013


It was a thrifting day today. The table is filled with finds from last week and today.


I think the picture is scrunched because I loaded it in full size. Click to see large view.

I found a 2nd black Pyrex piece today.


Barbed Wire and Yellow Split Casserole Dishes

It is called Barbed Wire and goes great with the Compass piece I found last week.


I now have two black Pyrex pieces!

The yellow dish above I saw at a Flower shop. I was not going to buy but then I saw a red slash through it and it was 50 percent off. I paid only$3.25.

They both are split casserole dishes.

Neither of them had lids. I do though have some from other pieces I can use.

The blue butterfly tablecloth I already had. I pulled it out to cover the card table but as you can see it is not large enough! I love the soft pastel colors though. I am so ready for soft colors of Spring.



It even came with a darning needle.

The spools of thread I got last week and the darning threads I picked up today.

((((((((((((Painted Easter Eggs Are So Fabulous!))))))))))))))))


I really like these decorated Easter eggs.

They all came in one big bag. I usually pick one up here and there.

The price was less than two dollars for the entire lot.

IMG_0758I have had an Easter tree since I lived in Germany and my family there had one.  See those cute little carrots! I am not certain what I am going to do with them. I’ll have to get creative.

IMG_0759   The stationary products will be Easter presents that will be going out in the mail

I have also been purchasing the Harry Potter books when I can find them at a decent price. I saw them at Unique 2-3 weeks ago and they wanted $4.99. I thought that was ridiculous for a thrift store. I found book 5 today for $1.99. Much better.

IMG_0760     IMG_0775

Now I only need 3 more. Books 2,6,and 7 then I will have the entire set.


IMG_0761  The cup is going in my son’s Easter basket. The Sock Money and Elephant  kit will be in mine. Have you ever seen a sock elephant before?

IMG_0755I found some great fabric and linen pieces that will be stored in my vintage suitcase collection. The third case is empty…but not for long.

I need to figure out how to take the musty smell out of the case. I think I will fill it will dryer sheets… although we haven’t been using them in a while.

IMG_0770   I could not pass up another bonnet pot holder. Not for 29 cents. IMG_0764Both of these sunflower linens I was thinking of adding to my Sunflower quilt. The top white stitched piece has a small hole in it just above the right flower.


I saw a wool grey sweater yesterday at the thrift for $4.99 that would have made some fantastic wool crafts. I am hoping it will still be there when that color price tag is on sale. Each week is a new color.


The felted bird will get packed away until next Christmas.
It is really really really cute!!!

IMG_0767          IMG_0774So I am ready to start decorating for Easter. I found a few gift cards. This one here is for Grandpa H.

My Easter tree is going to look so pretty. I saw the cutest paper mache miniature baskets today. I can’t buy everything though. I spent less than $15.00 today. If you note on the top photo I got a pair of Nike summer sandals for my son. All last summer I wished he had had some. He had grown out of his from the season before.

I love thrifting.


January Pyrex Snowfall

February 1, 2013

January Pyrex Snowfall

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January is noted to be the coldest month of the year in Minnesota. It was certainly cold today. I took our son to school and it was 2 degrees. When I went to pick him up at 330p it was 5 degrees. The warmest it got all day.

IMG_0051There are a few fish houses on the lake in front of our house. Yesterday I watched 3 trucks pull up in front and within seconds the fishermen had taken a fourwheeler off the trailer behind one vehicle and pulled a popup fishhouse off the trailer and out onto the lake. In less than 5 minutes they were set up and fishing. They fished for a few hours and within minutes they had loaded up and were heading out. I wondered if they were with the Clean Water Act or the city testing the water but none of the vehicles had signage on them. I would think they would have to if they were there on business. I was right they were just fishing. My Mr. came home and asked the men how the fishing was and they said they only got one fish. He told them there were fish in the lake and they replied that was what they had heard. I have never seen anything like their setup before.  These guys should hire themselves out to the city or government water control agencies because they certainly know how to set up and take down!

IMG_0102I had fun putting my January display together. I have 10 Pyrex dishes in this display and one Fire King cup and one Hazel Atlas bowl. I almost purchased a vintage turquoise vase today at the thrift store but I noticed that is had a slight chip on the rim. The painted flower on it is so pretty. Do I dare buy it for a display piece?


Here is the Fire King cup. I got it at a church rummage sale where I purchased an entire box of misc. for 25 cents. The color is perfect for this display. I am not collecting Fire King as well. Pyrex is enough.



January 28, 2013

Picked up framed miniature quilt today for $1.99

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Picked up the framed miniature quilt today for $1.99. It is hand quilted. You can see the stitches in the photo below.

Hand stitching

The fabrics have a 1970s look to them. I am certain I have some of the pink plaid in my stash. I am not a big pink person but I did go and pull my pink Pyrex out of storage. The pie pan was already on the piano.


When I started collecting Pyrex the Pink Butterprint was one of the first pieces I found at a thrift store. They are very difficult to find. It must have been beginners luck!

I haven’t been thrifting in a long time. I was sick with the flu last week. I had a fever, sore throat, fluid on lungs, coughing and then currently am dealing with fever blisters. Needless to say I am tired of being sick and need a little cheering up. These two little guys and 99 cents each did the trick! I love them.

Thrifted Sheep

They go well with the sheep I have already.IMG_0061


I got a new camera for Christmas so I played around a little with shooting pictures of these guys.

IMG_0067IMG_0071I went to a few different thrift stores to see what I could find and to just get myself out of the house for a little bit. I couldn’t find any Pyrex at all. At least not in the area where it usually is. In the display shelves toward the front of the store on the bottom I came across the Pyrex dish in the cradle with the etched lid. It was for $6.99 which is on the higher end of the prices I usually pay. I thought since I have been so sick and haven’t been out of the house in an entire week I’d say I deserved it.  It is a beauty. I found out on the Pyrex Love Flickr group that the lid can also be used as a pie plate. It makes sense.

IMG_0064I am very pleased with my finds.

IMG_0047With pretty work like this on the cradle handle it just brightens my day.

Pyrex Collection

October 23, 2011

August Thrift purchase

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My Pyrex collection keeps growing!

3 new pieces of Pyrex – and none of them are patterns I already had….oh goodness!
Gold Acorn casserole 043 1 1/2 QT -Gold Snowflake 404 4QT 23 – Homestead

Pink Butterprint

Turquoise Butterprint

Butterfly Gold is the pattern I have the most of.  My sister has the plates. I am going to ask her is she would like these pieces. I don’t know if she will. I know she uses the plates as her daily settings.

I just purchased the butter tub recently and could not figure out why it had the wide brim.  I recently saw pics added to the Pyrex Love Flickr group that shows the lid. I don’t have it but it sure would be nice.

I have two different styles of the cups.

One is called Butterfly Gold mug (D-handle) it is the one to the right.

The cup on the left has no design to it but has the nicest opaque hue.

I really like the way the light catches the cup and bounces off.


I picked up the chicken scratch samples at the same time as these two cups. I really like them.



Old Orchard

The Federal Eagle bowl is the one in the photo with the single eagle on it.  My brother Kevin had an eagle chain that he wore all the time. After he died my mom wore it for years. We have a war memorial near our home that was renovated this year. The new flag pole now has an eagle on the top and it has uplighting at night time. It looks great when we drive by.  It was wild this summer when they had the dedication ceremony a live eagle was flying overhead just as 3 Blue Angel planes flew over. It was one of those things that happen that you stand there in disbelief.  Majestic and awesome.

The Early American collection is by far my favorite. I especially like the kitty on the while bowl.

The Town and Country design is really sweet because it is a stitchwork pattern.

Blue Doily Casserole Dish = to the right and

Daisy Casserole Dish to the left.

The Daisy dish is the only one so far that I have purchased at an antique store. All the other dishes have been purchased at my local thrift stores.  The golden yellow bowl above I think came from my Mr’s family along with the Town and Country divided casserole dish.