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5th Grade Track and Field Day

May 16, 2013

5th Grade Track and Field Day

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It is absolutely a perfect day for track and field. My son ran the hurdles, the 200, and a relay. Up to this point he has really just been in team sports. He’s played football, basketball and soccer.
I enjoy all of these sports. I personally was in swimming, gymnastics and track. In all of these 3 sports there is a team but mainly I was competing individually. I loved the relays in both swimming and in track.


The students had so much fun!

IMG_2281  I like that the relays were 2 boys and 2 girls.

My son took 1st in both of his heats. I think he took a 2nd , 3rd and a 4th overall. There is a district meet at one of the high schools next week. The students will get their ribbons next Monday.

It was so good for them to get out of the building and outside today.


Playing amongst the tulips

May 15, 2013

Playing amongst the tulips

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IMG_2261The tulips were prime this morning.

IMG_2247I saw this butterfly flitting around but upon closer look it is two butterflies

the one on the left is stuck to the one on the right.

Now it may be a reproductive thing…I don’t know.

IMG_2258I do know this third one came around and was somewhat aggressive toward the other two.

IMG_2260I did some weeding and removal of old leaves from last year while I watched them all dance.

My first reach into the lilies to pull some dead leaves and a toad jumps scaring the daylights out of me.

It happens every year. I wonder if it is the same toad! I tried to get a picture but he was so frightened I felt sorry for the guy and let him be.

IMG_2262The Forsythia is flowering as well.

There is a lot of yellow out front at this time.

IMG_2263By the time I had finished weeding and cutting dandelions (200 plus) out of the yard

I could tell the tulips were struggling from the heat.

I was too in fact!

IMG_2264Dad’s birdhouses stayed out all winter.

There are six hydrangea plants along this row.

Only one looks like it may not have survived.

IMG_2265By 4pm it was 99 degrees outside and the tulips had wilted completely.

The petals haven’t dropped but by morning I would imagine they will be on the ground.


IMG_2267I walked down to the lake.

My youngster biked home from school by himself today. I had to keep myself from jumping on the bike to meet him half way.

He did it just fine. We then went to an orientation at his school for middle school next year and then biked over to the middle school for an open house and demonstrations from the different programs going on at the school throughout the year.

There was also a small talent show. We knew a lot of students and parents from the other 9 elementary schools that will feed into this middle school. We talked to a neighbor for quite a while and then we biked home. It was about a 20 minute bike ride and it was dark by the time we reached home. Our next door neighbors were out watching the moon rise over the lake with their children. We chatted with them for a while.

It has been such a nice day even with the wilting of the tulips.

Happy Mother’s Day Our trip to the Zoo

May 12, 2013

Happy Mother’s Day

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On Friday my son and I went to the zoo.  I posted two posts back on our time in the conservatory. I would now like to share the Japanese Garden.

IMG_2160Here is a Bonsai  Maple Tree. The leaves were as perfect as anything can get.

IMG_2161There were trees inside the building.




IMG_2165Outside there were these wooden counters of trees lining two sides of an alcove.


Beautifully shaped in perfect sunshine



IMG_2167 IMG_2168  * * * * * * * He is the light of my life  * * * * * * * * * * * * *   Bridges are an important element of a Japanese Garden along with water, plants, stones, paths and ornaments.












Tuesday Night’s Quilt Show and Share

May 11, 2013

Melva’s Basket Quilt – Show and Share Tuesday night

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I promised a post on the quilt show and tell from Tuesday. It was a fun evening.  There were 10 out of the 12 of us there. That rarely happens that so many of us can make it. It makes for a really nice evening.


IMG_2062   IMG_2064

IMG_2067Melva liked my Spiderweb so she started one of her own. She is using multiple black fabrics in the center kite area.

IMG_2068Lydia had blocks from Jan and the fabric too. She put this quilt together in her honor. Jan died of breast cancer and each of us has fabric, blocks and quilts of hers. She lives on through us.

IMG_2069  Some of the gals just went on a weekend retreat so they got a lot of projects worked on.


IMG_2070 This quilt of Lydia’s really is one of my favorites. Polka dots galore!


IMG_2074    IMG_2076

IMG_2078     IMG_2079

IMG_2080  Luv this background fabric.


Similar blocks two different settings.





IMG_2097Can you believe this!!!

IMG_2099IMG_2100Vintage quilt.

IMG_2101and before the night was over a peak into the guest bedroom to see another wonderful vintage quilt.

Jean got this one for $10.00! Aaaack, I can’t believe it! I love it!!!!

Block #10 Butterflies

May 11, 2013

Block #10 Butterflies

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It has been one of those glorious Spring days! We have waited a long time for a day like today!

IMG_2130The sun was shining so brightly and my son had today off school so after finishing my yellow block for my current quilt project we headed to the zoo!


IMG_2132My son could not quite grasp the concept of what I was trying to do but he cooperated. I thought the conservatory looked like a desk bell.

IMG_2136I wanted him to waive but of course he has to be James Bond!

IMG_2139Even the birds are colorful today… and yellow!

IMG_2142The entrance.


     IMG_2145   I always love seeing this rush plant. We had them down by the river growing up as a child. I went down there recently and there are still some there growing wild.


This picture show the kind of day we had today. The fragrance in this room was enough to make anyone dance!

IMG_2147     IMG_2148

IMG_2149     IMG_2150

IMG_2151   IMG_2155


Orange Tree


IMG_2190    It’s only fitting I added some bright pink just like the flowers we saw today!


and some butterflies…

IMG_2192    IMG_2191

IMG_2195The sun is setting on this wonderful day.

Orange Chair block #9 and Black Bicycle block #8

May 10, 2013

Orange Chair block #9

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I was hoping to get some yellow blocks done today but the orange really drew me to it. I am tired tonight and it took every ounce of energy I have to get this block done. I also worked on mom’s Many Trips Around the World quilt. I would like to make some progress on it before Mother’s Day on Sunday.

IMG_2108I pulled a bin out of storage this morning

IMG_2107I was very excited to see more text fabric!

IMG_2116I started working on a yellow block

IMG_2117and then started setting down some orange fabrics.

IMG_2124pretty soon the orange was making more progress than the yellow

and I was able to add a chair from the newly found text fabric.

IMG_2118The chair was the first thing to jump out at me!

See my Chair Galleries on Flickr.

Chair Luv I, Luv II, Luv III, Luv IV, Luv V

I am making some progress on the yellow block as well.


I should be able to finish it tomorrow.

IMG_2126I am very pleased with how the orange turned out.

IMG_1957A few days ago I started a black block and had this great bicycle fabric of Jan’s


I can’t wait to get better lighting to take a picture of the whole family together!

I have wonderful photos from our Tuesday Quilter’s gathering that I will share in my next post.

A Rainy Snowy Day in May

May 4, 2013

Purple block #7 on a rainy-snowy day in May

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Purple block #7


I have a hard time using large scale print. When I look at a block it is all I see. I did read that a scrappy quilt needs the variation in size of print. If I space them around the quilt hopefully it will not be all I see.

I like the blue with the purple. I just made a doll quilt in these two colors.


The purple and blue is a leftover block from the quilt. I just set it in and and really like the leaf fabric with the cream background.





IMG_1947       The little flower fabric is one of my favorites. I have them in the flowerbed in my backyard and I really enjoy when they flower. This is also a leftover block from the doll quilt.

The fabric with the grasses reminds me of the rushes and cat tails we have out in front of the lake. I just had little itsy bits of this fabric and I love that it found a place in this quilt.


I like that I have been able to use my polka dot fabrics in this project and it is working. It gives the piece the playfulness that it needs.

I had a nice blend of lights and darks in purple. I really don’t have that much purple in my stash but I found enough to make a second block and not have it be all the same fabrics. MORE Happy Scrappiness!!!!

Full view - hanging from window

Here it the doll quilt I made last month using the purple and blue fabrics.


Yellow runs the diagonal of the block
Block #6 Blue Skies!


Block #6 Blue Skies is the upper right corner block of the quilt


Polka dot and kitty happiness!


I have been able to use a number of the kitty fabrics I have. I like that they are small scale because these little blocks are 1 inch finished.


Kitties in the green block


kitties in the brown block


I shot this photo last night before the purple block was finished. I will need to work on some yellow ones today or tomorrow but first I am jumping over the my AAB block so I can try to get them in the mail.

Block #5

May 2, 2013

Time to Fish  Block #5

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I am really enjoying making this quilt top! I had a majority of this laid out last night but reworked almost the entire thing this morning after I cut out the fish word fabric.  Last night I finished block #4. I took some quick pics but they are dark. I set the two yellows next to each other and realized the one had gone overboard with the brightness!





Garage Sale fabrics picked up last week

There was too much yellow in this block. I took a few of the really bright yellow blocks out and I will add them to another one.  I am swimming in fabric everywhere in my living room. It drives my Mr crazy!!!


IMG_1811Notice the polka dots! I tried to add as many dot fabrics as I could find!


As I was working on this second yellow block I set it along side the red one and worked on running some red into the yellow and lining up some of the blue so the diagonal ran into the next block.  On the next green block I did not do this. I worked in a different area and focused on having the disappearing nine patch. The dark blocks will read as a nine patch from a distance. The yellow blocks will not. This way there will be a diagonal running through the entire quilt. You will see it better as the quilt gets larger.


Block #4 Complete!
The block to the left of this one is red and the block to the right will be blue.

Time to Fish Block #5




IMG_1896       To me these fabrics look like fish bubbles!





Inspired by this quilt!

Happy May Day

May 1, 2013

Happy May Day

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IMG_1813     IMG_1814

Plant a Seed – Feed a Bird


My version of a May Day basket.[GML2A1] When I was in girl scouts and a little girl we made May Day baskets and took them to the nursing home and handed them out.  I will never forget the experience.

It was the only time I have ever seen someone with hydrocephalus or “water on the brain”. We sang songs to all the residents and walked around and chatted with people. I remember all the smiles on their faces like it was yesterday.




Yesterday I wrote about the box of linens my aunt gave to me. They were her mother’s. This was at one time a lovely curtain. I suppose in a kitchen. Unfortunately something burned a hole through it and there are stains on it.

I am not certain what I will do with it yet. It is lovely as a backdrop for photos. GML1


I thrifted this pretty little plate a few weeks ago. Any time I see a quilt motif on something I am bound to get it!


My lilies outside are cold. It is raining and then a moment later it snows a bit and then it rains again. I could see my breath when I walked outside this morning.


I haven’t pulled the weeds away because I heard it was supposed to snow again and be in the 40s for about 3 days.

IMG_1822       IMG_1826


This small applique pillow belonged to my friend Jan.


One of Martha’s aprons. I love the vintage fabric!

When I woke up this morning I was thinking of taking pictures of the many baskets I have. Baskets like the one above with the quilted kitty in it.


I then thought I would go through some of my quilt books and take pictures of basket quilts. I bought this book for only $1.99. It is one of my favorites. The quilt ideas are fantastic!

IMG_1829When I saw this pink basket quilt it dawned on me I do have a vintage flower quilt. I would say they are either in flower pots or in flower baskets!


I thought this linen piece of Grandma Martha’s looked like fruit. L2 The name of the pink quilt is Fruit Baskets.


Flower Quilt


IMG_1868      IMG_1873


I like the outside border on this quilt. I looked at all the flower blocks and only a few even had pots/baskets that had any fabric remaining.


The fabric is pretty intact on the pots on the lower right side of the quilt.
This is the area with the least wear and tear. Literally!


IMG_1871   I like this block because the center circle wore off and you can still see the true colors of the original fabric. note the difference between the petal area that was exposed to the elements and the part that was under the circle.


I would like to make some basket quilts.


Martha’s Embroidery Work
This is the 3rd piece I pulled out of the box.



Sunflowers Linen #4

There are some buds appearing on the plants outside.


The forsythia in my front yard.


There are three peony plants




This was two days ago. Do you see the little rascal! He has been chewing on my tulips. He is just to the left of the bench.


Once they open it is going to be glorious out front!


In the back the lilac bushes look like this. I spent part of my weekend cleaning out under the bushes. They run the entire lengths of the back yard so I only got about half done! I don’t get much help in this area!

IMG_1766  I had put my metal shelf with soil outside for 2-3 days but had to bring it back in last night.

The lettuce is starting to take off. I am going to try and transplant it into the planter boxes and have them up on the deck railing like last year….to keep the little critters from eating it all!


Basket Signature Quilt

Signature Basket Quilt click on photo to go to Flickr


Kitty pillow cover of Grandma Martha’s #5

Tonight as I was putting the box of linens away I counted

there are 106 different sets of linens. I’ve shown parts of about 10 of them here.


She loved linens almost as much I as do!

Lucky for me.

Thanks Kay for the wonderful gift.

and just to say…

Happy First Day of May Mrs May!

April Thrift Haul

May 1, 2013

Quite a few things have come into the house the past two weeks

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I have managed to accumulate quite a few things. It motivated me to gather all the clothes our son has grown out of. He had three pair of snowpants that no longer fit him! I now have six bags and boxes of items. Two I took to the thrift store tonight.  Tomorrow I will try and sell some children’s clothes at Once Upon A Child. I will then make a large box for my niece’s girlfriend’s son who is a few years younger than mine.


This little box was only 39c. I like to decorate for Memorial day and the 4th of July. I have a large hat box that is circular I would like to try this paint and stencil technique on.


I picked up my second Pyrex Container.



Pyrex container and the Corelle dishes I picked up at a garage sale.


I stopped at Bibles For Missions thrift store and picked up this cool jug.
I want to hang it in one of my flower beds.


I picked up this single Correlle dish. It is the pattern that I acquired from my dad.

Pyrex canisters are now on my love list - 1 qt Store 'N' See container "Wildflowers"

IMG_1774  Last Thursday I stopped at a garage sale and picked up the Hermoine doll and accessories. She cost $2.00.



I also got an owl necklace for only 10c which is cool because I just gave another owl necklace that I really liked to my niece for her birthday two weekends ago. You can see part of my owl collection here.


I also picked up a small baggie of these fabrics.


It was for a dollar or less. I don’t have any of them in my stash. The yellow ones will go in my Sunflower quilt.


I went to a church rummage sale with my friend Carol and found the little wooden owl on the lower left corner. I think it was only a quarter. I then bought some red polka dot fabric that I didn’t really need but wanted to be supportive of my friend’s church.


IMG_1781    *



Carol gave me this plant last fall and it has started to take off with new growth in the last two weeks. She keeps hers outside on her deck in the summer.

So will I!

The young man in the photo is my older son. This is one of his high school graduation portraits. It is my favorite.

The blue bottle is part of a collection of blue glass items I have. I’ve been thinking of putting up a display by the front window in the livingroom so the sun will shine through them.

The table in the top photo also has two pillow covers in a blue on white print. They will either go out on the patio or end up on the couch upstairs.

IMG_1779   Whenever I see this Libby’s Gold Leaf glass I picked them up for my sister’s collection. I may just have to keep a few pieces for myself though.

I believe my mom got some pieces like this as wedding gifts back in the 50s.

My sister has so many pieces. She likes to buy off of Ebay. I only purchased a few quilts off Ebay over 10 years ago and it was not the best experience so I haven’t done it since.

I enjoy going to thrift stores so much that I really don’t need to purchase off Ebay.

Maybe some day I will sell a few things though!!!!!


IMG_1778The huge box that you see in the top picture is from my Aunt Kay. It is filled to the top with linens and aprons. I will dedicate an entire post to the wonderful items. We called her mom Grandma Martha even though she was not biologically our grandma.  Two of the aprons are laying on the top of the box! They are just fantastic colors!


30s fabric hotpad



I hope this DVD will motivate me.

There are a few other things on the table in the first photo.

Happy Birthday paper plates 39c

Cat Quilt book

A Spray bottle for ironing.

Two Monkey pillow cases.

A Monet pillow case that goes with my spring bedding.

The green glass bowl that goes with the plates I picked up last week. 99c

this could be a bowl or a flower vase

Yesterday I looked at some skirts for myself. I like spring time for purchasing some clothes for myself. I earned a $10.00 coupon for the thrift store when I took in two bags of donations tonight.

Since so much has come in this month I have six bags and boxes that need to go out!

loads and loads of stuff to go to the thrift store and to try and sell at OUC

The best part of the day was completing the third block to a quilt I am working on and setting up parts of the next seven blocks.

setting up the next seven blocks

Scrap buster - Block #3 Red - Clock

Please stop by this site for other wonderful thrifted items!

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