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Happy May Day

May 1, 2013

Happy May Day

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Plant a Seed – Feed a Bird


My version of a May Day basket.[GML2A1] When I was in girl scouts and a little girl we made May Day baskets and took them to the nursing home and handed them out.  I will never forget the experience.

It was the only time I have ever seen someone with hydrocephalus or “water on the brain”. We sang songs to all the residents and walked around and chatted with people. I remember all the smiles on their faces like it was yesterday.




Yesterday I wrote about the box of linens my aunt gave to me. They were her mother’s. This was at one time a lovely curtain. I suppose in a kitchen. Unfortunately something burned a hole through it and there are stains on it.

I am not certain what I will do with it yet. It is lovely as a backdrop for photos. GML1


I thrifted this pretty little plate a few weeks ago. Any time I see a quilt motif on something I am bound to get it!


My lilies outside are cold. It is raining and then a moment later it snows a bit and then it rains again. I could see my breath when I walked outside this morning.


I haven’t pulled the weeds away because I heard it was supposed to snow again and be in the 40s for about 3 days.

IMG_1822       IMG_1826


This small applique pillow belonged to my friend Jan.


One of Martha’s aprons. I love the vintage fabric!

When I woke up this morning I was thinking of taking pictures of the many baskets I have. Baskets like the one above with the quilted kitty in it.


I then thought I would go through some of my quilt books and take pictures of basket quilts. I bought this book for only $1.99. It is one of my favorites. The quilt ideas are fantastic!

IMG_1829When I saw this pink basket quilt it dawned on me I do have a vintage flower quilt. I would say they are either in flower pots or in flower baskets!


I thought this linen piece of Grandma Martha’s looked like fruit. L2 The name of the pink quilt is Fruit Baskets.


Flower Quilt


IMG_1868      IMG_1873


I like the outside border on this quilt. I looked at all the flower blocks and only a few even had pots/baskets that had any fabric remaining.


The fabric is pretty intact on the pots on the lower right side of the quilt.
This is the area with the least wear and tear. Literally!


IMG_1871   I like this block because the center circle wore off and you can still see the true colors of the original fabric. note the difference between the petal area that was exposed to the elements and the part that was under the circle.


I would like to make some basket quilts.


Martha’s Embroidery Work
This is the 3rd piece I pulled out of the box.



Sunflowers Linen #4

There are some buds appearing on the plants outside.


The forsythia in my front yard.


There are three peony plants




This was two days ago. Do you see the little rascal! He has been chewing on my tulips. He is just to the left of the bench.


Once they open it is going to be glorious out front!


In the back the lilac bushes look like this. I spent part of my weekend cleaning out under the bushes. They run the entire lengths of the back yard so I only got about half done! I don’t get much help in this area!

IMG_1766  I had put my metal shelf with soil outside for 2-3 days but had to bring it back in last night.

The lettuce is starting to take off. I am going to try and transplant it into the planter boxes and have them up on the deck railing like last year….to keep the little critters from eating it all!


Basket Signature Quilt

Signature Basket Quilt click on photo to go to Flickr


Kitty pillow cover of Grandma Martha’s #5

Tonight as I was putting the box of linens away I counted

there are 106 different sets of linens. I’ve shown parts of about 10 of them here.


She loved linens almost as much I as do!

Lucky for me.

Thanks Kay for the wonderful gift.

and just to say…

Happy First Day of May Mrs May!