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November 28, 2021

The Kawandi’s final stitches

Butterfly fabric in a minty green is perfect for this project. I did these little quarter inch strips and I am pleased at how it allows for the green to stand out.

Five or nine.

This corner gave me some issues.

The center panel is an old shirt and the block is wider than it is long. It took a bit to guestimate the distance and I needed it right since I sewed down the sides first and then it was 3 more rotations before I sewed down the top and bottom.

The excitement of reaching the center panel kept me stitching and stitching! Sore fingers and all!

Just a few more rotations!

Trees were planted late fall.

My Kawandi is finished with the final step being to add the Phula (4 flowers) on the corners. They were made by folding a square of my focal fabric in half twice and I attached on the back of the corners with a tie of the green center embroidery floss.

I had hoped to have this completed by my birthday on October 10th but the final stitches were worked on during that time and the Phula were added on October 13, 2021. I consider this a birthday present to myself.



November 23, 2021

Doing some driving seems to be part of the plan. I don’t mind when we can watch a sunset like this. Even with power lines and streetlights the beauty shines through.