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February 22, 2022


HQAL February 5

February 6, 2022
Kawandi II

Additional blog posts on my 2nd blog.

I will be stitching on my 2nd Kawandi. You can read about my first Kawandi in 5 posts I did from August to October.

Kawandi is the Siddi word for quilt. The Siddi people are African people that live in India.

I started the Kawandi by choosing a background fabric and putting together a bag of scraps from my 1st Kawandi and then other fabrics in the color scheme I am working with.

To begin with there is no batting until after a first round of fabrics is stitched down along the edge of the entire back fabric.

I grabbed my first fabric and turned over one edge and then stitched along that edge sewing it down. I am using 3 ply of embroidery floss.

The concept with Kawandi is to grab a scrap and use it. I did that more with my first one. This one I hope to be more pictorial. It represents the beauty I appreciated and enjoyed this past year.

I fold under two sides of the fabric in order to stitch down a corner.

Before starting the second round of stitches the batting is added. The Siddi use old clothing or a blanket or older quilt. I basted the batting down to hold it to the back.

I like the look of at least 3 new fabrics added per side. The second row I turn over one side and stitch the fabric down catching the edge of the batting under the stitches. I then grab a second fabric and turn under two edges and place that over the edge of the piece I just stitched down.

Starting the third rotation around the Kawandi

I am using different colors of embroidery floss. I am stopping here for today. Thank you for joining me.

Hand Quilt Along Links

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

Kathy, Margaret, Deb, Nanette, Sharon, Karrin, Daisy and Theresa

Saturday Thrift Day

February 6, 2022

I did a masked 40 minute dash thru the thrift store.

There was one piece of Pyrex a split dish verde for $14 with no lid. I already have with a lid so it stayed behind.

There were no storage containers which I like to get at the thrift stores.

No furniture this time but this particular shop has great furniture.

I looked through the minimal Valentines decor and found an enamel heart. $1.99 and it is beautiful and goes nicely with some of the other hearts I have collected.

The other items I got were

A bag of sunflower greeting cards. 49c

Beadwork planner book for junk journaling $1.49

The Happy Planner book $1.49

Recipe flip book $1.99 ready to be used! I could not have made it for that price.

Jute bag .99c to hold some treasures or fabric scraps. It is lined with plastic so it probably was around a plant.

Two mugs: The letter C .59c and a Butterfly.99c

Two beautiful scarves: a black and gray stripe .99c and orange circles $1.99

And the 1 yard of red fabric $1.99

Total with tax $15.99.

It was great entertainment.

The items I purchased will allow for further entertainment.

The fabric will go into numerous current projects.

I was able to get myself out of the house and the walking I did was good for me.

Note: I did another post today called Scrap Happy Aqua and Teal!

Scrap Happy Saturday’s Aqua and Teal

February 6, 2022

I don’t have a lot of teal but what I have I really like. It’s 2am Saturday night… no, it’s early Sunday morning. I want to join in the fun.

I may not have much for Teal fabric but I do have a lot of Turquoise Pyrex!

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.

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Minky and Lots of Love

February 3, 2022

When I purchased the backing minke fabric I had no idea it was so long and so wide. I do not want to see 1 inch of this fabric go to waste. It is absolutely amazing.

I have decided to add a row to the side and to the bottom. I already purchased more WORD fabric about a year ago.

Luckily I put the pattern in a safe place. I have a three ring binder labeled “current quilt projects”

The pattern is called Lots of Love for the Splendid Sampler by Melissa Corry. The finished block size 6″ x 6″.

It takes my brain a while to wrap itself around a pattern. I like to free piece or work with color with 1″ squares.

If you look at a past post under this catagory you can get some history on the blocks given to me by my quilt group and Flickr friends.

I do not have a lot of pink in my stash. A good friend Sharyn provided me pinks from her stash and also pulled some fabrics from our Quilting Babe sister Judy before many of her fabrics were donated to a few local quilt guilds.

Judy loved to do needlepoint as well as quilting. I am honored to have been given a small token of Judy’s handwork.

I loo

I have only found one fabric so far that is already in the quilt and when I turned the block over just above my pointed finger you can see where Judy wrote her name.

This is her full block.

… and I am off to complete the first of my new blocks.


ta ta for now