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Pyrex Collection

October 23, 2011

August Thrift purchase

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My Pyrex collection keeps growing!

3 new pieces of Pyrex – and none of them are patterns I already had….oh goodness!
Gold Acorn casserole 043 1 1/2 QT -Gold Snowflake 404 4QT 23 – Homestead

Pink Butterprint

Turquoise Butterprint

Butterfly Gold is the pattern I have the most of.  My sister has the plates. I am going to ask her is she would like these pieces. I don’t know if she will. I know she uses the plates as her daily settings.

I just purchased the butter tub recently and could not figure out why it had the wide brim.  I recently saw pics added to the Pyrex Love Flickr group that shows the lid. I don’t have it but it sure would be nice.

I have two different styles of the cups.

One is called Butterfly Gold mug (D-handle) it is the one to the right.

The cup on the left has no design to it but has the nicest opaque hue.

I really like the way the light catches the cup and bounces off.


I picked up the chicken scratch samples at the same time as these two cups. I really like them.



Old Orchard

The Federal Eagle bowl is the one in the photo with the single eagle on it.  My brother Kevin had an eagle chain that he wore all the time. After he died my mom wore it for years. We have a war memorial near our home that was renovated this year. The new flag pole now has an eagle on the top and it has uplighting at night time. It looks great when we drive by.  It was wild this summer when they had the dedication ceremony a live eagle was flying overhead just as 3 Blue Angel planes flew over. It was one of those things that happen that you stand there in disbelief.  Majestic and awesome.

The Early American collection is by far my favorite. I especially like the kitty on the while bowl.

The Town and Country design is really sweet because it is a stitchwork pattern.

Blue Doily Casserole Dish = to the right and

Daisy Casserole Dish to the left.

The Daisy dish is the only one so far that I have purchased at an antique store. All the other dishes have been purchased at my local thrift stores.  The golden yellow bowl above I think came from my Mr’s family along with the Town and Country divided casserole dish.