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The back of Leah’s Musical Quilt

September 6, 2012

The back of Leah’s Musical Quilt

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OK. This is how is looks right now. I have wanted to do something to personalize this for a couple years. Three weeks ago I needed something to occupy my mind and to cheer me up.

The nine-patches are the same size on the back as they are on the front. See blog post from yesterday to see the front of the quilt.  The strips are 6 1/2 unfinished. I started there.  I have 30+ ninepatches finished to go on the sides on the quilt and to finish the rows on the back.

I am not going to trim the sides until I have the entire back done and lay top and bottom together to see how they fit. This quilt is on a queen size bed in this picture. It will fit on a king as well by the time I am finished with it.

I have been wanting to try making free style letters for a long time. The first one I made is L and it is certainly the easiest.

The second letter wasn’t too bad. I just set the pieces alongside the L so they were about the same size.

This one was tougher and took more time. I told myself I was not going to redo any of the letters so I am going with this A.

Not difficult at all.

And then I sewed them together.


My niece Leah’s quilt top

September 6, 2012

My niece Leah’s quilt top

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I had to lay it out on the bed to get a feel for the dimensions. This portion of the top has been done for years. I am adding blocks to the sides so it has more drape.

The nine-patches are complete but not all of them are set in the black or white background. These blocks will alternate in sets of three. It looks really great when I lay them  out on the floor. I have to trim the blocks a little so they fit properly.  It’s all in the math but I am going to eyeball it and tweak it until it looks right. Ah, I may do a little division in the process to center everything.

About three weeks ago I worked on the pieced back to this quilt. I tried something new.  I have been working in strips of ninepatches between solid red fabric.  It looks good but I want to personalize it. More to come.