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November 9, 2009


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Slow and steady, steady and slow, that’s the way I always go! The Hare and the Tortoise!

It was August 29th when I took this photo!

Photo quote:

I just finished sewing row 6 together and now working on finishing row 7. The quilt was up from the floor since last post and went back down again this morning. Each time the blocks go to a different area. Many are sewn together I just don’t have the rows completed. Such a process…an enjoyable process at that!

Sunday Nov 8th….can it be it has been 9 weeks since I have laid this quilt out?!?! I had to take a block out of row 5 and cut it down to the correct size, I then had to take two blocks out of row 6. I did this 4 days ago while my son did his homework. He likes it if I sit at the table with him while he does his math and sentences. I spent the day today cleaning his room! I brought in a desk from the garage and cleaned it. I spent hours in his room!

Now a few minutes for me. I was able to sew the sixth row onto the quilt. Now I am looking over row 7 and of course have to rip out a few blocks before I can sew the row on. It never pays to try and hurry!

I guess I could get the little guy going on his homework and sit and rip while he studies!

Yesterday was a football day! It was great weather to be outside at the new stadium. I was exhausted though when I got home.

I took some quiet time to log the Daneille Steel books I have.  My Mom reads them and I like them as well. She gives them to me after she is done with them. I had so many that after awhile I challenged myself to see if I could collect and read them all.