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First Sunday of Advent

November 30, 2009

Reading from the book Advent from A to Z.

First Sunday of Advent

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After reading from the book Advent from A to Z he blew out the candle on this first Sunday of Advent. We were able to get branches from a pine tree at my sister’s today and created an advent wreath with real pine branches. It was just like the one my parents made for us when I was a little girl. As my son read from the children’s Advent book I took a small piece of the pine branch and broke it in half and breathed in the pine scent. It is a wonderful smell.

For a few years of my childhood the pines in our 10 acres of land were the perfect size and we sold Christmas trees were folks could come and cut down their own tree. I remember it so well.
Please take a moment to look at this gallery of wonderful
First Sunday of Advent photos from other Flickr members.…

I was also able to get a little thrift store shopping  in this weekend and came home with 3 placemats for 29 cents each! I can’t wait to set a table with them.

The quilting was done in red thread. It really is spectacular looking. The only thing I regret is I wasn’t able to get a 4th one.

Oh well, I will use them when just the 3 of us are here. Which with our older son in college that is most of the time now.

29 cents each…..can you believe it! Yeah!

Happy 1st Sunday of Advent everyone.  From our house to yours.


Vintage Spider Web Quilt rocking chair cushion

November 22, 2009

Vintage Spider Web Quilt rocking chair cushion

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I joined my first block exchange on Flickr and I am so excited! This is a very old spiderweb quilt remnant of my Aunt Kay’s. It is on the rocking chair that is in her bedroom. The chair and this chair back cushion belonged to her Mother, Grandma Martha.  Kay is not an Aunt by blood. She is an Aunt by devotion. She has lived with my family since I was about 10 years old. She helped with everything….the meals,  bills,  gardening, updates to the house! Everything and anything that has to do with life.  I am convinced without her my Mommy would not be with us today. She makes certain my Mom gets the rest she needs, makes certain she takes her medication on time, does all the driving…..need I say more!

TS Sept 2009 032 This picture is a bit blurry but it shows what the stitching looks like on the back side of the quilt. They are in black thread and it gives a great affect to the quilt!

You little instigator!

November 21, 2009

I wish these were mine!

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Did your parents ever scold you saying these words? “You little instigator!”

I have to believe they were said to me at some point in my life. Last night I had two women that I have never met before come to my home. They are my neighbors from one block over. I decided 3 weeks ago it was time to put out an email blitz to the crime watch network we have for our neighborhood and just send a blanketed invite. One for Nov 20th and a second for Dec 11th. I received two comfirmations for the 20th and 5 confirmations for the 11th. I called a retired woman friend of mine and she and her husband came over as well. I hadn’t seen her since my birthday when Carol and I went out together to novelty shops, Trader Joes (which I had never been to), to a beading store, stamping store, consignment craft and art shop, the General store (which sells every nicky nacky item you could ever NOT need!) and to a wholesale type liquor store.

Last night I met Sharon and Janet and they met my friend Carol and her husband Bill. We, in my book, had a wonderful time. We each shared stories of family, occupation, life events and as the evening progressed we laughed and simply enjoyed each other.  At the close of the evening one woman said she would like to have folks to her house sometime as well….yes! That was my hope. I was really wanting us to open up and really get to know the people we live around. On Dec 11th we will meet again at my house and then in January I think it will be at the next house and in Feb maybe by that time a 3rd person will open up to the idea.

I love to meet new people which is why I am drawn to Flickr and to blogging. I don’t just love it……I thrive and get energized by it. I think the beauty in life is savoring the differences and the specialness that we all possess. My older son came home for just a moment last night and I introduced him. When he walked out of the room the first comment was, “What a fine young man”. Wow, that feels good. I know it already, but it felt great to share that with someone else and have them acknowledge it. He is a fine young man and I want to yell it out to the whole world. I am so proud of my children. Believe me it has been a struggle at times. The teen years had their challenges and I will go through them again with our second son, but we survived it amd will survive it again. (I hope!)

My sister called twice while the guests were here. Silly. She hasn’t called all week and then twice in one night. Nothing to report just checking in. We live an hour and a half from each other so we see each other probably twice a month or so.  I talked to my older brother last weekend which is a rarity. He tends to keep to himself some….more busy than anything else. He has built a fortune over his adult life and is losing much of it with the economy. We are hoping it all doesn’t disappear. I have a younger brother too. Younger….which means retired from the military. We each have a different concept of young!!!

Last Home Gopher Game of the Season!

November 15, 2009

Last Home Gopher Game of the Season!

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Over Dad’s right shoulder is our older son with the team. Wow, it’s hard to believe the home season is over. Our son was a Red Shirt this year. He met with the head coach Wednesday and was told if he keeps up the good work he has a good chance at starting next year. It would be a dream come true for all of us. They could have used his S*P*I*R*I*T out on the field today because it was a tough game. Oh my we missed a lot of passes. The scoring on both sides was by field goals and a defensive interception by the gopher for a touch down. The offensive line did not score one touchdown. Ouch! It was cold out there. I could have used 3rd pair of socks!




We saw the game from a very different spot this week. We were up on the second floor behind the band area under the large screen. It gave us this great view of the city. Luckily I remembered my glasses this week. I didn’t have them last week but then we were a lot closer.


Last week we were given tickets at the 50 yard line in the front row….handicap section….but great seats! The weather was the best you could ever have for a football game! The pre-game had two parachuters drop onto the field just as we were finishing the Star Spangled Banner. Then during half time they swore in  4 women and 3 men as new recruits to the Army. We were right there in front watching the entire thing. It was so great! We lost and it was a tough loss for the team. It still was fun. We went over to our son’s apartment after the game the sat around and discussed the game and school. He is maturing every day.

Today at the game I called a niece that was there in the student section and we met up with her for hugs and to talk. She is a freshman this year. She said school is lot harder than she ever thought it would be. Wow, she was just a little girl hiding behind her Mommy not too long ago.


IMGA0284Someone had a really great time at the game. The highlight was the tatoos to the face. A quick second is the fact he got to bring his DS along. He played it constantly until the battery ran out!


Goldy the Gopher on one side and the Gopher helmet on the other.

We didn’t have the camera with us last week. I’m glad we brought it today!


I saw some pretty nice tied fleece blankets today. I would like to get some fabric and make some for Christmas gifts. We hope to have two more years of Gopher football. I already mapped out the 5 away games for next year. Three of them go through the Chicago area where my half sister lives and my niece. (The older sister to the one I saw today.)

If our older son get’s a starting spot or even second string he should get a scholarship for next year. It sure would be nice. He has worked really hard this season and has had such a positive attitude. I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it has been to red shirt a year after playing two years. He has always wanted to be out there…..every play if possible. In high school he played….defense…offense…and special teams on the kicks and kick returns….he did it all!


November 9, 2009


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Slow and steady, steady and slow, that’s the way I always go! The Hare and the Tortoise!

It was August 29th when I took this photo!

Photo quote:

I just finished sewing row 6 together and now working on finishing row 7. The quilt was up from the floor since last post and went back down again this morning. Each time the blocks go to a different area. Many are sewn together I just don’t have the rows completed. Such a process…an enjoyable process at that!

Sunday Nov 8th….can it be it has been 9 weeks since I have laid this quilt out?!?! I had to take a block out of row 5 and cut it down to the correct size, I then had to take two blocks out of row 6. I did this 4 days ago while my son did his homework. He likes it if I sit at the table with him while he does his math and sentences. I spent the day today cleaning his room! I brought in a desk from the garage and cleaned it. I spent hours in his room!

Now a few minutes for me. I was able to sew the sixth row onto the quilt. Now I am looking over row 7 and of course have to rip out a few blocks before I can sew the row on. It never pays to try and hurry!

I guess I could get the little guy going on his homework and sit and rip while he studies!

Yesterday was a football day! It was great weather to be outside at the new stadium. I was exhausted though when I got home.

I took some quiet time to log the Daneille Steel books I have.  My Mom reads them and I like them as well. She gives them to me after she is done with them. I had so many that after awhile I challenged myself to see if I could collect and read them all.

String Diamonds

November 4, 2009


String Diamonds

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Once I find where I put this quilt I will be able to add these blocks to it.

Stayed home with my little one today. I called the school and asked to speak to the nurse. There were two confirmed cases of H1N1 in my son’s classroom on Friday. I would say with a fever of 104 degrees Sunday evening my little one has been fighting a big bug. The good thing is her is better today. He still is not moving as much but he is better. No medicine today at all and the fever stayed down. The nurse said he has to have a temp below 100 without medication for 24 hours before he can return to school. He just asked me if he can work on his homework so I think he is getting ready at least psychologically for school.

I was so scared though I slept in his bed with him last night. He lifted his head about 1am and said. “Mom I really need to get this right.” I asked him what and he said “I really need to get this right”. I asked him if he needed to go to the bathroom and he got up went into the bathroom and proceeded to get the wall wet. I can tell you he didn’t get something right. I had some cleaning to do!

I am so glad my son is feeling better today. My heart goes out to all the families who have lost little ones with the H1N1 virus. This little guy came home at 3lbs 6oz. I stayed at home that entire first year. If he was born right now and he was going through this I could have lost him. It is a serious matter.

IMGA0266 IMGA0267


My friend Carol gave me little little witch so today I made a diamond for my sting piece quilt in honor of the little kitchen witch. I just happen to have the same fabric that her hat is made out of in my stash!

IMGA0269 IMGA0270

I did quickly sew two rows onto my Patriotic table runner. The 4-patches were done they just needed to be sewn together and onto the piece. I didn’t get this done for the 4th of July so I hope to have a little patriotic Christmas display this year. Do you think it is possible?

Off to quilting tonight. My hope was to sew a few rows onto the Half Square Triangle quilt. I made it down one row and the squares no longer lined up. I have to do some ripping. I got the blocks from Susie. We are at her house tonight. He Mom, Jan, died 6 months ago and Susie back into the house and has renovated it. She is the sole survivor in the family. Tonight is dedicated to Jan. Six months have gone by already. How does that happen?

Home with a sick child day…

November 2, 2009

Jan’s Quilts 47

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I’ll be busy today being Mommy to a very sick child as soon as he wakes up.

We need a little sunshine in the form of a quilt today because I have one little guy who is running a very high fever. He’s still sleeping in our bed after climbing in at 1a.
It was one of those nights were he tip toes in the room and his shirt is soaking wet from the fever breaking. We changed it and let him climb in with us. Sometimes it’s the only way you get any sleep.

Daddy and I had a cup of coffee this morning before he was off to work. I went to feel the little one’s head and it is hot again.  Oh yeah…I suppose I better go call the school. Good thing I remembered! 🙂 You get so caught up in the moment.


School was called and you know what she said “give us a call back if he get’s diagnosed with something”. I remember when my older son was in elementary school they sent a note home to advise us when someone had chickenpox in the classroom. I haven’t seen anything like that this year. An automated message did call before the school year started to let us know the children would be washing their hands when they came in the building each day and asked us to have them wash their hands immediately upon coming home. Our son does this each day without even being asked to. He immediately goes to the bathroom and washes his hands…..with soap. They apparently are getting the message across. At least to one child!

He has eaten a corner of toast and taken a spoonful of Ibuprofen. He is tucked in bed watching Ch 2.  We are going to do a crafting project today if he feels well enough. A load of dishes are soaking in the sink. One section of counter top is cleaned off! How is it things get so out of control? I have to plan the boy scouts night tonight. Dad may be staying home with a sick child while mom is out scouting! Off to finish the dishes!!!!

Of course I called Grandma too. To let her know her Grandson is sick. She is in the middle of a home perm. She said it saves her 50 bucks. She’s right!

Lunchtime of Campbells chicken noodle  soup and peanut butter crackers and then a game of Junior Monopoly. Mommy won and that didn’t go over too well.


A little pouting so off to bed to read a story.

The Last Of The Wizards by Rona Jaffe.


Here is the row I did on an exchange quilt

November 2, 2009

Here is the row I did on an exchange quilt

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I am home and it feels good. I just spent two days with my family and I am familied out. When our oldest son was little  Daddy would come home from work and I would occassionally pass the child and say “I am so babied out!” Well tonight I am familied out and a bit stressed because my youngest spiked a fever at around 6pm tonight 99.8 and by 7p it was up to 104. Not good. He slept the 1 1/2hrs  it takes to get home laying down in the back seat of the car. He went straight to bed after a bit of children’s medicin.

My mother is just starting to feel better after two weeks with a bronchial infection. Now she was just in the same room as my son the past two evening.  Ahhhh. Drives me crazy to think she could get sick again.

My sister’s two younger ones are usually always sick and of course this weekend they were healthy. So now if they get sick it is my fault! And her two grandchildren were there….ahhhh two more who could also get sick….

I woke at 530a this morning and spent a few hours on the computer playing with Galleries on Flickr for the 1st time. I really enjoyed putting together clusters of interests I have.  I can now put photos in catagories of interest when I see something I really like.

But of course they all jumped on my case after a while for being on the computer. Even though everyone was watching the Viking beat the Packers in football. Yesterday the Gophers won too. We have had a great weekend of watching football. My Mr was at the game with his buddies and my older brother and wife were there too (up in one of the specialty rooms) If the Gophers win one of their next 3 games they’ll go to a bowl game.

I was able to hand sew on a few blocks for my diamond quilt. I’ll try to post photos this week. I did about 10 blocks last weekend. They are all hand sewn. It’s nice to have a hand project to work on.

Off to bed….may have to stay home with a sick child in the morning…….we’ll see.