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String Pieced Heart

February 26, 2017

Every February for a long long long long time I bring out my string heart quilt and work on it. This year is no exception.


We tried 3 times to put the quilt up over the gutters on the front of the house and it kept falling down. Then Master H tried to get it to hang from the tree but the wind was not cooperating. So he held on to it. I was getting a bit of a chill so we did not work on perfection!


I always like to see a picture of the quilt I am working on. It gives me another perspective of the colors and the direction I have chosen to go. I am starting to add lighter blocks to make the red heart float on a lighter background. The center of the lighter blocks is pink and then surrounded by creams and whites with touches of reds and pinks here and there to add sparkle.



Here is the momma sparkle. I love him to the moon and back! We went to parent teacher conferences on Thursday and saw 4 of his 7 teachers and all 4 teachers announced he was getting an A. They also said they wished they had more students like him that it would make teaching even more enjoyable. Not just one teacher said this. All four of them did. Yesterday he pulled up his grades on the computer for the other 3 classes. Two more As and one B+. That’s our boy and this is my proud momma moment!

String Heart

January 16, 2017

Those that have battled cancer may remember these days. 6 treatments left out of 33 total!  Counting down. Trying not to sleep this day away.  MLK thinking of you today.


I move between my ironing board downstairs and the sewing machine in a side room and the hallway. That is my exercise for the day.



I reworked two corners so eventually the red heart will float in a sea of white, cream and touches on pink.

I seem to be focusing on hearts this weekend. img_0162

A glimpse through the office door.


Ready to sew onto the quilt. Row eight complete!


And row nine in the making!


Happy sewing!