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Happy May Day every day of May

May 30, 2017


May has been a special month for me since I met my good friend Carol May.

Carol May

Carol’s birthday is in May and one year she was so bugged that her husband did not celebrate  her birthday that she vowed to make every day in May a Carol May day.


Carol is going to be putting her house up for sale. It is that time in her life.



This is her back yard. It looks like a park.

We sit up on her deck on the 2nd floor drinking coffee and watching the birds at the feeder. Carol loves her coffee just about as much as a nice glass of wine in the evening.

Happy 29th day of May miss May.


Last summer we had to take the boat in 4 times to finally get it working properly after 8 years in the garage with engine trouble.


I was born to be on the water.

IMG_0720When I  have both of my sons with me I feel pure happiness. Look how they both have that left eye squint. They are as different as night and day but brothers thru and thru.


The end of a wonderful evening.


Our crabapple tree brought so much joy this month and walking under it to the front door was a sensory delight.



the May Day Parade was a highlight for me but I will do a separate post but I do have to show you this great t-shirt.


My nightly routine has started to include the Golden Girls. I am starting to feel like a Golden Girl these days. This guy just chuckled when I snapped his photo. It was super cute! I kept walking but we both had a good laugh.



It is always a wonderful evening when your parents, grandpa and your Godmother come to see your concert. Family LUV!


 My niece Emily and  Caleb’s wedding in my mom’s backyard overlooking the Mississippi.

It was an absolutely beautiful day.

With a wedding comes a quilt.

I am on a deadline to get this quilt done before Caleb comes home from boot camp.


and I am hoping to do a little sewing outside in our new gazebo.


Happy Month of May (Carol May)