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You little instigator!

November 21, 2009

I wish these were mine!

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Did your parents ever scold you saying these words? “You little instigator!”

I have to believe they were said to me at some point in my life. Last night I had two women that I have never met before come to my home. They are my neighbors from one block over. I decided 3 weeks ago it was time to put out an email blitz to the crime watch network we have for our neighborhood and just send a blanketed invite. One for Nov 20th and a second for Dec 11th. I received two comfirmations for the 20th and 5 confirmations for the 11th. I called a retired woman friend of mine and she and her husband came over as well. I hadn’t seen her since my birthday when Carol and I went out together to novelty shops, Trader Joes (which I had never been to), to a beading store, stamping store, consignment craft and art shop, the General store (which sells every nicky nacky item you could ever NOT need!) and to a wholesale type liquor store.

Last night I met Sharon and Janet and they met my friend Carol and her husband Bill. We, in my book, had a wonderful time. We each shared stories of family, occupation, life events and as the evening progressed we laughed and simply enjoyed each other.  At the close of the evening one woman said she would like to have folks to her house sometime as well….yes! That was my hope. I was really wanting us to open up and really get to know the people we live around. On Dec 11th we will meet again at my house and then in January I think it will be at the next house and in Feb maybe by that time a 3rd person will open up to the idea.

I love to meet new people which is why I am drawn to Flickr and to blogging. I don’t just love it……I thrive and get energized by it. I think the beauty in life is savoring the differences and the specialness that we all possess. My older son came home for just a moment last night and I introduced him. When he walked out of the room the first comment was, “What a fine young man”. Wow, that feels good. I know it already, but it felt great to share that with someone else and have them acknowledge it. He is a fine young man and I want to yell it out to the whole world. I am so proud of my children. Believe me it has been a struggle at times. The teen years had their challenges and I will go through them again with our second son, but we survived it amd will survive it again. (I hope!)

My sister called twice while the guests were here. Silly. She hasn’t called all week and then twice in one night. Nothing to report just checking in. We live an hour and a half from each other so we see each other probably twice a month or so.  I talked to my older brother last weekend which is a rarity. He tends to keep to himself some….more busy than anything else. He has built a fortune over his adult life and is losing much of it with the economy. We are hoping it all doesn’t disappear. I have a younger brother too. Younger….which means retired from the military. We each have a different concept of young!!!